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Trip Moments

Slender West Lake
Slim West Lake new game, and Qianlong Ye drink a cup of tea

thin West Lake has several ways to play! ? Look at the garden, enjoy the architecture, boating on the lake, big food... In Yangzhou, in Slender West Lake, be sure to let yourself find a way to slow down, in order to appreciate the essence of the city.

Perhaps, this season, in the slim West Lake with cinnamon, you should look like an old tree, look for a tree, sip tea, empty yourself, sit for a while. Slender West Lake knows me. In the Guihua Hall in Linshui, there is a baked tea house full of interest, selling all kinds of tea and tea, suitable for sitting and taking a rest. The tea is in the very interesting Qianlong theme cup, and the cup says "Jun can't have no tea for a day." Hey, this is definitely a portrayal of the true temperament of the Emperor Qianlong in Yangzhou.

Osmanthus Hall, the north and south of the osmanthus tree, this season is fragrant, intoxicating! On the outer gallery column, there is a couplet: Lin Waizhong comes to know the temple far away, and the willows rest in the boat. In a word, the excellent location is here, the view is wide, and the Slender West Lake is close at hand.

When I went there, there were not many people in the roasting tea house. I ordered a cup of tea and sat quietly for a while. The waiter is a big sister, and there are not many words in his hands and feet. When we took pictures, she did not obstruct it. At first glance, it was the kind of Yangzhou people who were not slow.

1. Teahouse has Hanfu, you can change to take pictures, but it is estimated that there are few people.
2. There are four stunning dance performances every day. The impression is that it is 9:00 in the morning, one at 11:00, and two in the afternoon
3. The osmanthus hall is actually one of the 24 scenes of Slender West Lake. "Water cloud wins", no performance vision is also very good, suitable for overlooking
4. Slim West Lake tickets are different in the peak season, you can buy in advance, go to the check-in on the line
5. Slack West Lake snack street also Worth experience, good value for money (this specific opportunity to open a single write)
Slender West Lake
Slender West Lake, Yanzi Red Bridge painting
Slender West Lake is a symbol of Yangzhou's graceful and luxurious. It is also a must-see in Yangzhou. The beauty of Slender West Lake lies in twists and turns. It is like a slender and beautiful lady. It is characterized by skinny. The lake is wide and narrow, and the forests on both sides of the lake are sparse. The garden buildings are simple and colorful, and they stroll along the banks of the Slender West Lake. . From the heights, the pavilions and pavilions left by the ancients are rowd and sloppy, and the neat and sleek beauty is also the most shining aesthetic wisdom in Chinese classical architecture.
After the fireworks in March, there is no fascinating eye. At this time, the slim West Lake is full of pleasant green. In the morning, there was a heavy rain, and the slender West Lake, which was strolling in the rain, was covered with a mist of mist. The scenery of Jiangnan was born to be born of smoke and rain. "Yangzhou is good, the first is Hongqiao. Yangliu green is three feet of rain, cherry red is broken and Xiao is everywhere, and it is everywhere in Lancome." It has attracted many scholars and scholars to point out the mountains and poems. Hongqiao Green Willow, such a color contrast, is a rare bold color in Jiangnan garden design. The
lake heart of the Diaoyutai, originally used to play silk bamboo instruments, is now the postcard angle of Slender West Lake. The pavilions and trees in the distance between the high and the low, the surface of the Slender West Lake is broad and far-reaching, like a Chinese landscape painting with a freehand brushwork. Wuting Bridge is not only the symbol of Slender West Lake, but also a symbol of Yangzhou City. Wuting Bridge is also called the Lotus Bridge, because the entire bridge looks like a blooming lotus flower from the air. There are many angles on the east side of Wuting Bridge that are suitable for portraits and Wuting Bridge. Don't miss it.
[Practical information]
Slim West Lake fare during the off-season workday is only 30 yuan / person, compared to the previous three-digit fare
Shirley Zhu
Slender West Lake
If you compare the Slender West Lake to a graceful girl, then Wuting Bridge is the gorgeous belt of the girl. Wuting Bridge is not only the symbol of Slender West Lake, but also a symbol of Yangzhou City. It has a history of more than 200 years. On the Wuting Bridge, there are five wind pavilions with rich southern features. The tall and beautiful wind pavilion is like five lotus blossoms. There is a treasure roof on the pavilion, a ceiling in the pavilion, and a wind chime outside the pavilion. On the full moon night, each of the fifteen bridge holes under the Wuting Bridge contains a moon. Sitting west to the east, facing the open lake, whenever the moon rises, it stands by the bar, and the two moons in the sky meet each other. Walking through the blue-and-white bridge, this is another famous scenic spot in the scenic spot. The verse from Du Mus "Twenty-four Bridges, the moonlight night, where the jade people teach to blow Xiao", which bridge refers to the bridge in the end So far, there have been many opinions. Slowly paced from the bridge, no time is still a bit stunned, as if in an instant to move the stars, the scenery in front of the changes, and instantly passed to the night of singing and dancing. It was once a must-see for the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty when he was in the south of the Yangtze River. Today, the architectural sights such as Dahong Bridge, Diaoyutai, Baita and Xichuntai have left an inseparable story from the Qianlong Emperor. For thousands of years, countless scholars and literati have been lingering in here, poetry and painting, leaving a lot of ink treasures and stories, but also built many landscape buildings according to local conditions.

Here, you can enjoy the natural beauty along the river, or walk into the pavilions and pavilions to taste the poetry and paintings of the literati of the past dynasties. You can also take a boat and feel the Qianlong Emperor tour the lake. Happy mood.
Adam Yue