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Experience The Hot Springs in Kyoto’s Most Beautiful Season
Must experience: Modern hot springs Located near Arashiyama Station, Kyoto Arashiyama Onsen Kadensho is a luxurious hot spring hotel full of authentic features of Kyoto. The decorations adopt Japanese tatami, and there are three kinds of high-end guest rooms to choose from: Kyoto house, Kyoto style and modern Kyoto style, all of which are elegant Japanese designs and integrate different degrees of modern sense. There are two large public baths and five private baths in the hotel. In autumn, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of autumn while soaking in the hot springs.
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Fukuoka Hot Springs: One Soak and You're Hooked
Yufuin Must-try: Volcanic Hot Springs Because of its backdrop against the “Mount Yufu Volcano”, Yufuin is known as one of Japan's most famous streets for hot springs. The hotel is located in the quiet Yufuin hillside.
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How Can You Miss the Popular Hotels in Honolulu?
Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort: Seaside Resort Hilton Resort, situated in the heart of Waikiki Beach, is one of the largest seaside resort in the world. It has 2860 rooms in 5 buildings, all with different styles. The interior decorations of the rooms combine traditional Hawaiian and modern style. From the private balcony, you can simultaneously enjoy the resort, gardens, urban landscape and seascape.
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Mount Fuji: The Undisputed King of Japan's Mountains
Mount Fuji, about 2.5 hours' drive from Tokyo, is not only the most well-known and tallest mountain in Japan, but also a well deserved symbol of Japan. In recent years, climbing Mount Fuji has become a major craze. In addition, you can go to Lake Kawaguchi and Oshino Hakkai to enjoy hot springs and experience the most exciting Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park.
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Hot Spring is the Perfect Match of Autumn, Let's Take a Hot Spring in Guangzhou
Hot Spring is the Perfect Match of Autumn, Let's take a hot spring in Guangzhou
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Singapore Hotels That Attract Famous Guests
Do not miss: the resort next to the Merlion Le Meridien Hotels & Imbiah MRT station across the street, overlooking the iconic Sentosa Merlion in Singapore, Universal Studios, S.E.A aquariums.
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This Autumn, Why Not Have a Hotspring Tour with Your Family
This autumn, why not have a hotspring tour with your family
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Let's Meet at the Weekend! Beijing Hot Spring Bath Holy Land
Let's meet at the weekend! Beijing Hot Spring Bath Holy Land
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In Chongqing, You have The Chance to Experience Hot Springs
Chongqing Tongjing Two Rivers Holiday Hotel Must see: Yongsha Spring and Pearl Spring Scenic Area are national AAAA scenic spots. There are 25 natural hot springs, which reach up to 62 degrees. There are many types of hot springs such as Yongsha Spring, Hanging Spring, Pearl Spring, and springs formed from geological phenomenon which continually flows. It is a must in the southwest. Eat delicious food amongst the beautiful scenery, empty out your anxieties, remove your troubling thoughts and purify your soul.
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It's Getting Cold! People of Wuhan, Please Pay Attention to This Hot Spring Guide
Chongyang Langkou Xiyue Boutique Holiday Apartment Not to be missed: Hot spring pools in the garden. Said to be the best hot springs in Wuhan. The open-air hot spring pools lie in the garden, giving the appearance of a landscape pool on first glance. The open-air hot spring pools are located in a mountain valley and sheltered by trees. There is no biting wind, even in winter. Each villa has is features one hot spring pool in a private garden to allow you to bathe at any time.
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A Comprehensive Guide to Xian's Hot Springs. Did You Get It?
Mei County—Taibai Mountain Phoenix Hot Springs Hotel Not to miss: The four-seasons landscape of Taibai Mountain, Taibai Mountain’s local, mountain hot spring comes from high-quality deep rock minerals, 2000 meters below the surface. The single-family hot spring villa is equipped with a large hot spring pool. The air is very fresh, and you can see the Taibai Mountain and the cableway on the mountain too. Soaking in the hot springs, watching the seasons change.
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The Top 10 Hot Springs in Hangzhou, Because You Deserve It!
Lin'an Zhelinyuan Guesthouse, 11 Xujia street Not to be missed: the all-transparent glass bathrooms gives you amazing views, the wells and the Wuyue ancient road are displayed, "11 Xujia street", with yellow mud walls in its original condition and is particularly eye-catching in many old houses. The thatched roof present in the cities architecture is a portal to the world of Xujia Street guesthouses. The all-transparent glass room viewing bathroom is especially worth mentioning. Take a second to imagine laying in the pine wood bath tub , soaking in the luxurious, this is the reason why Xujia No. 11 is highly cherished .
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Hokkaido is The Place to Soak Up The Hot Springs during The Snowy Season
Granvillage Toya Daiwa Ryokan Annex Not to be missed: Hot springs accompanied by fireworks at this Daiwa Annex located at Lake Toya. The fireworks are visible from guests’ lake view rooms. Only a 15-minute drive from Sairo Observatory Lookout Platform and only a 30-minute drive from Muroran Port, which makes travel very convenient. You can view beautiful fireworks from within the hotel. Guests most enjoy watching the fireworks while soaking in the hot springs~the romantic atmosphere is much enjoyed by couples.
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To Experience Authentic Japanese Life, The Special Accommodation in Nagoya Is Suitable for You
As a famous sightseeing city in Japan, Nagoya has many special hotels and guesthouses in a high cost performance ratio in addition to traditional hotels. Come and experience it.
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Top 10 Most Popular Hotels in Osaka
1. Hotel Nikko Osaka Recommendation reason: spectacular view from 31F lounge Just in front of the Hotel Nikko Fukuoka in Osaka is Midosuji Boulevard, and opposite the Daimaru Department Store It boasts direct access to the Shinsaibashi Subway Station, easy access to shopping areas, restaurants and the Dotonbori district. The hotel is only a 30-minute drive from Universal Studios Japan. The Don Quijote DONKI Store, MATSUMOTO KIYOSHI, Biccamera and 100-yen stores nearby will make you keep buying. In the hotel, never miss the Japanese restaurant Benkay and 31F lounge that serves Chinese and French cuisine with a view of the Osaka skyline. Serena serves a daily breakfast buffet with a range of homemade breads. Recommendation reason: first choice for shopping and sightseeing
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The Journey is Not Complete Until You Soak in The Hot Springs of These Tokyo Hotels
Hoshinoya Tokyo Must-see: Tokyo Open-air Hot Springs The Internet lauded "Bazaar of Fashion", starring the popular male actor Takeshi Kaneshiro, was filmed in this hotel. Each floor has an exclusive Lounge for everyone to read, rest, or have a drink. Beer, tea, and all kinds of snacks are included in the room bill. Soak in the open-air Tokyo hot springs, eat French cuisine underground - something that is only possible at this hotel!
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6 Hotels with Best Stunning Views in The World
A hotel room is not just a place where you return to at night and sleep off your tiring day. It is a destination and venue for important moments and decisions in your life besides leaving your memory with timeless stamps of the best views available in the present days. However, we all remember the time spent by-virtue of those memories and pictures we take physically and mentally. That’s why the view is so important. The visual memory and view can instantly be recalled and is integral to the ever-lasting impressions and memories formed. So, we decided to introduce you to the six best hotels with gorgeous views as we tell you about what the prices and facilities are and leave you with a few tips on how to choose the best rooms.
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