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Top 10 Oktoberfest Celebrations Around the World
With Oktoberfest 2021 in Munich canceled for another year thanks to COVID-19, we got to thinking about alternatives. Here are 10 amazing Oktoberfest celebrations from around the world.
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2021 Hong Kong Family-Friendly and Kid-Friendly Attractions
Hong Kong, also known as the “Pearl of the Orient”, is a very distinctive city. The city is very prosperous and culturally rich, highlighting both tradition and forward thinking. There are many business districts on both sides of Victoria Harbour, a favorite of tourists looking for a rich shopping experience, while the Star Ferry running across the harbor between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island has been operating for over a hundred years. Hong Kong is also home to the first Disneyland in China, countless delicious eateries and a unique tea shop culture. The city is like a sediment of history being slowly carried forward by the currents of time. Hong Kong films were once a characteristic calling card of the city during their heyday, telling countless stories unique to the Hong Kong cityscape.
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10 One Day Tour in Hong Kong in April
Hong Kong has long been a gateway to China and other parts of Asia. The city’s location at the mouth of the Pearl River has helped Hong Kong become a major center for commerce, trade, and manufacturing. When factories started to leave in search of cheaper labor on the mainland, Hong Kong responded by developing into Asia’s premier financial center. Through it all, Hong Kong has maintained a remarkable identity and culture. It is a fabulous destination that offers visitors a wealth of options. From luxury shopping and fine dining to pristine natural parks, Hong Kong remains Asia’s gateway city. Come along as we explore the top-1o things to do in Hong Kong for 2019.
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Hong Kong: let’s start our journey with instagrammable hotels!
Twenty One Whitfield Why choose: an absolutely gorgeous glass room! The hotel is located at No. 21 Whitfield Road. In Hong Kong where space is a huge commodity, this hotel is moderately priced and is best known for its seaview rooms! The hotel is simply designed with white being its primary colour. There are also glass walls which are totally picture-ready for everyone. It’s definitely a hotspot for everyone who wants to take Instagram photos. You’ll find lots of influencers visiting here already. At night you get to see the Victoria Harbour
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The Eight Most Beautiful Offshore Islands in Hong Kong, The First Choice for Short Tours
There are many offshore islands in Hong Kong which are far away from the noisy downtown area. On these islands, people can relax, breathe fresh air, experience authentic fishing village customs, and participate in various water sports. It is the first choice for locals to spend their weekends.
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Recommended 10 Best Restaurants in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a famous food holy land. There are various kinds of Cantonese food. In addition to classic Cantonese food, there is Hong Kong morning tea, porridge, noodles, rice, seafood and other snacks. Here we recommend 10 most popular Hong Kong style restaurants. Don't Miss Hong Kong!
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Visit These Hotels in Hong Kong and Mingle With the Stars
Visit These Hotels in Hong Kong and Mingle With the Stars
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The Hongkong Homestay Strategy: Sleep in the Prosperous Nathan Road
The Hongkong homestay strategy: sleep in the prosperous Nathan Road
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Extravagant Airport Lounges and How to Get Into Them
Air travel was once the preserve of an elite few. Images of spacious cabins staffed by elegant stewardesses ricochet around the web, periodically going viral in connection with some modern travel horror story. The most iconic photo though, the one featuring a late-1960s Pan-Am 747 with seemingly endless legroom and creature comforts? It’s a notorious fake. True, air travel was moderately more comfortable during the golden years. However, flying was expensive, available only to a select few, and painfully slow. Over time, mass-market air travel has largely democratized flying. Unfortunately, airlines have responded by cramming in ever more seats while simultaneously reducing benefits and services.
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Shopping Spree at Hong Kong International Airport
Hong Kong International Airport is a good shopping location and is frequented by the masses due to the high quality of its goods and its wide variety of brands. In addition, the duty-free stores in the airport sell a wide range of products, making it a great shopping location for the whole family. Both adults and children can find what they're looking for. It is an absolute holy land for shopping.
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Chimelong Safari Park Guide: Facts and Useful Information
Are you an animal lover and also love to go to places where they stay? Then Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park is the perfect destination to enjoy the flawless beauty of Mother Nature.It is one of the most important counterparts of the Chimelong Tourist Resort. It is Guangzhou's only national 5A grade scenic spot tourism resort. It has an expanse of a massive 1,333,340 square miles making it one of the biggest natural parks in China.
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The Best Places to Try Famous Hong Kong Desserts
Hong Kong has a fair share of traditional desserts, which are even sold in stores across the globe. The following recommended most-popular and time-honored Hong Kong dessert stores are a must for anyone with a sweet tooth!
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7 Must-Visit Places for A Hong Kong Family Tour
Disney Opens the Door to a Fairy-Tale World Hong Kong’s Disneyland is the smallest Disneyland in the world, containing seven theme parks, of which "Grizzly Gulch" and "Mystic Point" are unique to Hong Kong. The amusement rides and fireworks display at the park offer tourists of all ages the purest of happiness in this fairy-tale world. In addition to the distinctive parks and recreational programs, many restaurants in Hong Kong Disneyland offer a wide range of meals including Chinese food, western food, snacks, vegetarian meals, fast food, and halal food to satisfy everyone's taste buds. Each park has its own department store, offering exquisite Disney products.
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With Tens of Thousands of Visitors, Just Why is this Internet Celebrity Street So Popular?
Chunxi Road, Chengdu Not to be missed: Chunxi Road in Chengdu is a super popular Internet celebrity gathering spot. This gorgeous commercial street has a sense of “everyone bustling about enjoying the great scenery” and is home to Chengdu’s stylish advertisements. The street draws in a huge number of attractive guys and gorgeous women from all over China who come to visit this “Internet celebrity gathering spot.”
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What You Must Know before Visiting Chimelong Paradise Guangzhou
Does Hong Kong come to your mind when you think of the ultimate amusement park in Asia; and Disneyland is what you can think of? Well there is more to be offered in Asia and this bargain comes all the way from Mainland China. Guangzhou is a proud home to Chimelong Paradise, a one of its kind amusement parks in the Panyu District of Guangzhou. Stretching over an area of 1,333,340 square meters, it is a national AAAAA scenic area in China. It has a daily capacity of 50,000 tourists and has gradually increased its footfall since its opening on April 7th, 2006.
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Where Should You Go for the Most Festive Atmosphere at New Year's?
The Most Romantic Place for New Year's – Taipei Every 31st December, the eyes of the whole world are drawn to Taipei, a place CNN once named as one of the world's ten most unique cities to spend New Year's in. If you find yourself in Taipei to ring in the new year, there's nothing more festive than watching the spectacularly colourful fireworks display and catching the star-studded open-air concert!
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My Hong Kong Vacation: Hong Kong Hotels Recommendation
1. New Elegance Guest Hosue This hotel is relatively new, and has modern decor. Its interior decoration is relatively good among all Hong Kong hotels. You can see that it is professionally designed. It looks similar to the hotels we see in Hong Kong TV series. When I walk inside, I feel like I am a famous Hong Kong actor, and cannot help but pose for a camera.
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Best View Of Hong Kong Skyline From Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak is the tallest point on the island of Hong Kong and gives visitors a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city. Victoria Peak was a popular place for the British administrators to live since due to its altitude. At 1800 feet above seawater, the peak provides weather that is not humid and a chance to escape the mosquitoes buzzing at sea level. The area was so coveted that until 1947 only European residents could live there. Victoria Peak continues to be an exclusive neighbourhood with only the elite calling it home. Mansions here can go into the millions of dollars, which means that the area has not been overdeveloped. There is a lot of greenery that one can enjoy here while taking in the spectacular views.
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Most Beautiful Skyline in Hong Kong
One of the things the greatest cities in the world have in common is awe-inspiring skylines and Hong Kong Skyline has one of the best with the natural Victoria Peak and its spread of high rises. This sprawling urban jungle has a skyline dominated by skyscrapers that have been the backdrop of some of the coolest scenes in blockbuster movies. The skyline not only shows the city’s development in modern history but also how well it blends with the natural environment. Hong Kong has about 300 buildings that are over 150m tall and about 60 buildings that are over 200m tall making it a city with one of the highest numbers of skyscrapers in the world.
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Best Bar Street in Hong Kong: Lan Kwai Fong
Situated smack in between Wyndham Street and the famous D’Aguilar Street of Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong has evolved into the economic and financial center of the city. Famed across the world for its lively nightlife and vibrant atmosphere, the street has also won multiple awards for its dining scene. Over eighty restaurants and bars are spread out through this L-shaped narrow lane, making it the most well-known bar street in the island.
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Top 8 Local Markets in Hong Kong You Must Visit
While retail department stores offer everything most people want, when you’re in Hong kong the markets are a must-visit to get your fix of some shopping therapy and experience some of the most vibrant market places in the world. While also being home to some amazing restaurants, Hong kong’s street market culture is an experience in itself. Cheap electronics, clothes, fashion accessories, unique souvenirs, toys, and even seafood, you name it and you find it.
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What to Do at Hong Kong Temple Street Night Market
Located in the Northern region of Italy, Florence is the capital city of Tuscany, home to over one million residents in the metropolitan. The city has been described as the art capital by many travel blogs and trusted magazines which cannot be denied since it hosts numerous world heritage sites such as the Duomo. Florence has produced gems of artists including Leonardo Da Vinci. It is also the first city in all of Europe to have paved streets. Food, culture, history and bustling nightlife make the city attractive and worth a visit.
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Make the Most of the Magic Day in Hong Kong Disneyland
Enjoy a trip to this kingdom of magical adventures with your family in Hong Kong Disneyland, the perfect getaway for a fun-filled family trip. This is where one’s childhood vivid imagination of a magical land comes back to life. Located in an enchanting island of Lantau, Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the biggest and the finest Disney theme park in Asia, attracting tourists from all over the world. It is also located next to the Ocean Park Hong Kong, which is one of Asia’s best theme parks and one of the most visited theme parks in the world.
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The Best Things You Shouldn’t Miss at Disneyland
As the undisputed granddaddy of theme parks, Disneyland Resort has been leading the way since 1955, inviting visitors to spend the day in the ultimate land of make-believe. What's the spotlights you cannot miss in these Disneyland parks?
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Where to Experience Chinese New Year
Towards the end of January, a palpable excitement takes hold in places like China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations are a time of great joy and precipitate the world’s largest annual human migration. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people leave major cities to return home to smaller villages or provincial towns. The journey is joyous as people fill all manner of transport, eager to return home to see parents and children. Lunar New Year is central to Chinese cultural life, yet what are the holiday’s major characteristics? Where can you go to experience the festivities for yourself? This short primer will provide some answers to these questions and should, by the end, have you anxiously awaiting your own Red Packet!
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Hong Kong: A Great Golden Week Destination
Hong Kong has long been a gateway into China and other parts of Asia. British explorers marveled at the natural beauty and protection offered by Victoria Harbour. The city’s location at the mouth of the Pearl River has helped Hong Kong become a major center for commerce, trade, and manufacturing. When factories started to leave the city in search of cheaper labor on the mainland, Hong Kong responded by developing into Asia’s premier financial center. Through it all, Hong Kong has maintained a remarkable identity and culture. It is a fabulous destination that offers visitors a wealth of options. From luxury shopping and fine dining to pristine natural parks, Hong Kong remains Asia’s gateway city.
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