What You Must Know before Visiting Chimelong Paradise Guangzhou

Nov 8, 2019


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Does Hong Kong come to your mind when you think of the ultimate amusement park in Asia; and Disneyland is what you can think of? Well there is more to be offered in Asia and this bargain comes all the way from Mainland China. Guangzhou is a proud home to Chimelong Paradise, a one of its kind amusement parks in the Panyu District of Guangzhou. Stretching over an area of 1,333,340 square meters, it is a national AAAAA scenic area in China. It has a daily capacity of 50,000 tourists and has gradually increased its footfall since its opening on April 7th, 2006.

Chimelong Paradise is the perfect destination for you and your family as the place promises to give you the best time through its fun pact activities. Be it the amazing amusement rides you can hop on, or the mind boggling parades, or the stunt shows and performances you could watch, it has everything to give you and your family the thrill. If you are looking for something more toned down and slow, you could always be a part of the ecological leisure Chimelong Paradise offers. The specialty shops and special catering offered in the premises will do the rest to lengthen your visit at this magnificent place.

Chimelong Paradise offers 70 rides and this makes the park the largest in China. These extraordinary rides have been designed and brought from all over the world, and notable amusement park equipment companies based in countries like Switzerland, Netherlands, the United States, Germany, etc. have been a part of the project. Some of the themed areas where rides offered here are

1.Whirlwind Island (also known as Xuanfeng Island): This Island has all the motor rides as well as some slides like the U-shaped Slide,Bumper Car,Golden Cup, Hurricane Flying Chair, Music boat etc. You could start the day with these rides by sliding and riding. Kids would definitely enjoy this Island as the rides are made in such a way that the kids could be left unsupervised. The bumper car for example allows the kids of any age or adults bump cars without harming themselves. The U-shaped ride is also the only U skate board in the continent. Apart from being the perfect mixture of roller coaster and jumping machine, it has a giant magnet, also known as a horseshoe magnet in its machinery. So, hop on to experience a 360-degree turn which would make you feel like sitting in a giant catapult and being thrown in the sky. The ride is worth giving a visit. The Hurricane flying chair could also be visited if you would like to experience some flying and swinging at the same time.

2. Scream Zone: This zone could leave you screaming as this area has the most exciting rides including the 10 Inversion Roller Coaster , Motorbike Launch Coaster, Hammer Giant, and many more. The specialty of this zone is the 10 Inversion Roller Coasters. Even if you had the chance of ridding several other roller coasters, this ride would definitely leave your jaws dropping before it takes that scream out of you. The ten ring roller coaster has also been listed in the Guinness Book of world record and Chimelong Paradise lets you challenge this member of world records which is not only 850 m in length, but also has the most rolling rings in the world. It will let you take a dive into the ground cavern or spiral up to the sky, giving you the most exhilarating experience. You have to get over the concentric inertia force, which would be created by continuous whirls and maneuvering through several loops, making you feel anxious as to what would be the next turn in the ride.

What You Must Know before Visiting Chimelong Paradise Guangzhou

3. Happy kingdom: This zone has the largest indoor constant-temperature amusement playground for the kids in China. This zone will surely take anyone back to their fairy-tale days as this area has all the fairy lit activities, full of innocence and pleasure. Any children from 8 months old to 13 years old could surely have a pleasant time here. Children could play here safely, be comfortable and have all the fun while their parents can enjoy their family time out with their children. This zone could even get you to crave for some cotton candy and re-live the child inside for the moment. This place has some of the rides like Convoy, Flying Tiger, Helicopter Tower, Double-deck Carousel, Jumping Around, Junior Jet, Samba Balloon, Fire Truck, North Pole, Sky Bicycle, Skater, Crazy Bus, Sky Drop, Sun & Moon Wheel and Jumping Tower.

4. Kid’s land: This zone too caters to the children and has a lot of rides which are fun and the innocence involved in designing the rides would definitely put a smile on the face of kids. It has many wonderful rides like Ball Shooting, Bravery Fire Fighting, Rotating Honeybee, Flying Saucer, Turtle Paradise, Noah's Ark, Canoe River, Mini Tug, Kids Climbing Vehicle, Small Swing, Circus Train and 12 Horse Carousel. There are plenty of rides for the kids to give them the experience and fun. The parents could also accompany them in some of the activities and be a player with them in some of them.

What You Must Know before Visiting Chimelong Paradise Guangzhou

1.Rainbow Bay: Ever wondered what would feellike to ride a Frisbee? You don’t have to wonder anymore because this themed zone has a Giant Frisbee for you to ride on. If the giant Frisbee is not enough for you, we have the Dive Coaster, which is worth over two hundred million RMB and designed and manufactured by B&M, a world renowned company for amusement park ride supplies. Did you know that the design of Dive Coaster features one or more near-vertical drops that are 90 degrees to each other, which provide a moment of free-falling for the passengers? Got Goosebumps already? Well the experience is heightened by the unique trains that seat up to ten riders per row which gives allpassengers virtually the same experience all through the course of the ride. Another distinguishing feature of Dive Coasters is the holding brake at the top of the lift hill that stops the train momentarily as it enters the first drop. If you want to get suspended in mid-air with a view looking straight down, the ride is definitely for you. Ride this only if you want to have your heart beats up and are prepared for screaming like never before.

2.Water World: It is a hot day today? Would you love some splashes of water to cool down? Then how about heading over to the Water World of Chimelong Paradise!Chimelong Paradise is proud to have the largest patrolling theme park in China, and every detail is planned and curated to keep the carnival theme alive in this very ground.It consists of different theme formations and theme floats, where you could easily spot hundreds of men and women performing to give the best festive feeling of any kind. You will surely get involved with the parade when performers will splash water on you; rest assure that you are not going to go back dry. This themed zone celebrates the combination of quirky clothing with some cha-cha down your feet. Remember to just forget everything and just let your body move along with the beats once you step inside the carnival.

3.Phantom Zone: If you could cover all of the above in one day, you will still be left to visit the other items here in Chimelong Paradise like the world’s most advanced 4D Theater, Forest Temple, Alien Attack and many other exciting things in this zone. We also have the superior large pendulum, one of the most dazzling and interesting equipment in the world imported from Huss GmbH. It is also known to be “the world largest pendulum” and boast of a maximum speed 110 km/h and maximum of oscillation 240 degrees. The ride could lift you towards a height of 42 m, giving you a breath-taking moment of great view coupled with fear and breathlessness. There is also Flying Horse roller coaster for your family made by German Mark Rides, designed for both the children and the aged, breaking the taboo that roller coasters are only meant for adults. The whole family could hop on this ride and have the best times.

Chimelong Paradise hosts all sorts of performances from magic tricks, to songs and dances, to acrobatics, as well as having fancy car parades. It also organizes Lumberjack Show, a show where the North American Lumber Team gets the spotlight. There are over 200 performers from 20 countries and magic shows are regularly conducted in the Happy Theater. The children too have their share of fun here as the 4D theaters had screening of Ice age and all sorts of movies. It is recommended to check the schedule before you plan your trip so as to decide which show to watch.

1. Lumberjack Show: The show is wild and exciting. It could be funny at times and is known for the interesting effects it produces. The crazy performances such as wood sawing, axe throwing, wood climbing, wood engraving, wood trampling, and wood rolling, can make you experience the “old wild west” found in tales.

2. Countdown: There is also a special effects show called Countdown performed by the world’s top acrobatic stunts also known as “To live in this second, to die in next second”. It takes place in the Action Arena every day of the week. It has a set of 108 stunt actions, and you could have a 360° experience where there will be a mass show of stunts having several men gather to perform many acts of stunt. The climax would be a fighting scene between the good and the evil. You could almost feel like being inside a movie set.

Chimelong Paradise designs and techniques are ranked among the best in the planet. The uprightness roller coaster is considered as the top most roller coasters in the world while the 10-looped roller coaster has its name written in the Guinness Book of world records. The Motor roller coaster is the first of its kind in the east and the U-shaped slide board is considered the largest in Asia; it also hosts the world's largest water stunt show and an international cast of top stunt men and women work as a part of the crew. These rides could amaze and thrill the biggest thrill seekers and brave hearts. The indoor Children ride entertainment area is also the largest of its kind in China and the water themed area makes sure that you have all the fun while you get wet. Chimelong Paradise are for people of all ages be it young or old, individuals or families.

If you would love some shopping in between the rides for some memorabilia, you could always go to the white tiger street in the park. This street has a number of shops and you can find anything from beautiful presents for adults’liking to toys and games or even some soft toys. If you are hungry, you could also grab a bite or two with your family as the place also has a range of restaurants and street vendors selling all kinds of cuisine. So grab a Popsicle or ice-cream while you could find the next ride; dessert could also do the job if you have a sweet tooth.

If you are staying in Guangzhou, you could take the following routes:

.You could take the take the Hanxi Chimelong station Exit E, from there you will get the free shuttle bus.

.You could also take the Huijiang Station Exit C and in the same way take the free shuttle bus to Chimelong Paradise.

.From the East Railway Station, you could take Metro Line 3 which is in the North Part to Hanxi Chimelong Station and then get the shuttle bus from there.

.Alternatively from the Railway Station, you could take Metro Line 5 to Hanxi Chimelong Station and then board the bus for Chimelong Paradise.

Shuttle Bus departs at around 8:50am-10:00pm from the resort. The frequency is every 10- 15 minutes and it has the service of pick-ups and drop offs between Metro Station, Waterpark, Hotel, Circus (from the North Gate) and Safari (from South Gate, last departure is at 7:00pm).

.Chianlink bus to Guangzhou is available every day, which you can take and then board the free shuttle bus till GZ Chimelong Tourist Resort (available at 11:00am/3:00pm/6:00pm).

.You could take the ferry to Lianhuashan Port and then take the free shuttle bus to GZ Chimelong Tourist Resort ( available from 11:00am/3:00pm/6:00pm)

.There is also a ferry to Shunde Harbour which you could be ridden followed by boarding the free shuttle bus to GZ Chimelong Tourist Resort (available at 11:00am/3:00pm/6:00pm).

Chimelong Paradise remains opens all year around. The timing for visit starts from 09:30 a.m. till 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday while the timing for Sunday and Saturday is from 09:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. One can avail the night show tickets starting from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

.Food and drinks are not permitted to be taken inside the park.

.Child ticket: A child ticket holder needs to be between 100-150 cm tall.Children taller than 1.5m must have an adult ticket.

.Senior ticket: Senior Tickets are for 65 people and they must have an ID card to prove their age.

.There is provision for free admission for children under 100 cm tall if they are accompanied by a paying adult. It is limited to one child per adult.

.Please get hold of a map of the park and its attractions when you enter the area.

The full price for entry is RMB 200/person. For Senior citizens and children,the price is RMB 100/person

A visit to Chimelong Paradise is a must if you are staying in Guangzhou. Be it the amazing out of the rides you could enjoy, or the rides which has been in world records, Chimelong Paradise makes sure you experience the best in the market. It will definitely win your heart and laughter.

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