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5 Things to Know About the Cancun Underwater Museum
Among the more interesting attractions in the Mexican resort town of a Cancun is the famous Museo Subacuático de Arte, aka the Cancun Underwater Museum. Read on to learn about this amazing place.
TripBlogAug 12, 2021 6 61,969
11 of the World's Most Majestic Cathedrals
When fire tore through Notre-Dame Cathedral in the heart of Paris, centuries of history that had survived revolution, two world wars, and natural disasters was swept from existence. It was a reminder that our most precious constructions can vanish before our eyes. Here is a look at 11 of the world's most majestic cathedrals and why you shouldn't wait to see them.
TripBlogMay 8, 2021 6 3,114
Spring Break 2020: Top 20 Destinations in America
Spring is a joyous time. Lands cast off winter’s shadow and a remarkable flowering begins. In North America, spring heralds a curious annual migration. College students flock in large numbers from campuses across the cold north to more southerly latitudes. Buoyed by copious amounts of sunshine and (more often than not) alcohol, they shed their outer garments. Clad only in scant attire, they congregate in large numbers on beaches and in resorts. For roughly two weeks typically in mid- to late-March, the spectacle that is Spring Break unfolds in cities and towns from Cancun to Myrtle Beach. If you’re wondering how best to observe the varying levels of debauchery for yourself, we’ve put together this handy travel guide profiling 20 popular Spring Break destinations. Alongside perennial favorites we throw in several places you might not expect. We think you’ll enjoy this look at the top Spring Break destinations for 2020.
TripBlogJan 21, 2021 30 12,167
10 Most Charming Small Towns in US to Visit & Avoid Crowds
As a vacation destination, it isn’t just the big cities that score. Do you know that the small towns in the US from the Hudson River and wine country of California’s best small towns in the US, the Great Lakes, charming small towns of the Arizona desert and to the unique towns that are just waiting for you to discover them? In this article, we will lead you to go and find those nuggets in charming small towns which make very lovable and quality vacations. Let us now discover the top ten of these small towns in the US that are unrivalled in terms of their beauty, cuisines, infrastructure, list of activities, community spirit, traveller experiences and proximity to larger cities. Let’s start!
TripBlogMay 19, 2020 1 3,245
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Yachts, Clubbing, Sunsets, Whale Watching, Gastronomy and More!
There are many fun Things to do in Puerto Vallarta. Overlooking the expansive Pacific Ocean, Puerto Vallarta Mexico is one of the best beach destinations in North America. Located on the western coast of Mexico, this resort town is known for its laid back vibe, popular snack bars and quaint architecture.
TripBlogMar 31, 2020 0 1,416
Top 15 Cancun All-Inclusive Resorts, Mexico Vacation 2020
Cancun, a southeast city in Mexico is one of the most affordable and hottest holiday destination in the Western Hemisphere and for those planning for a vacation, here is a guide on the top 15 Cancun all-inclusive resorts to organize your vacation to make it your most enjoyable trip ever. Cancun offers a wide range of adventure and cultural activities, opportunities to explore and relax along stunning beaches, enjoy lovely hotel pools with gourmet cuisine and to finish of the day with party over night clubs. But the Cancun all-inclusive resorts also has lot to offer for families with children of all ages. A hit with families, Cancun attracts tourists who want exploration, feasting, nightspots and shopping all in one place which comes alive through the ocean and lagoon waterfronts.
TripBlogMar 31, 2020 0 13,654
Top 10 Things to Do in Playa del Carmen Mexico 2020
Playa del Carmen is a coastal resort town located in Mexico. It lies along the Carribean Sea in the municipality of Solidaridad, rested in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. This beautiful resort town is known for its coral reefs and palm-lined beautiful beaches. It is fast becoming very popular with tourists arriving here from around the world. With beautiful and pristine beaches, exciting water sports, stunning Mayan ruins, adventure parks and a tourist-friendly place for shopping and dining, it has something for everyone,be the one who is looking for adventures, or the one who would just like to rest and enjoy the beach sun. Places like the La Quinta Avenida, Playa del Carmen’s main street run parallel to the shoreline, is lined with shops, bars, restaurants, trinket shops to fulfil all your shopping and eating needs.
TripBlogMar 31, 2020 1 4,256
Puerto Vallarta: Romantic Trip & Restaurants
Puerto vallarta is a travellers’ delight with everything one can hope for during a vacation, from romantic beaches for the newlywed on a dream honeymoon to the Best restaurants in puerto vallarta for a gourmet. Puerto vallarta is enviably located in Mexico near the Bay on the Pacific Ocean with its calm blue waters on one side and a gorgeous landscape with mountains, rivers, cascades, and steeps on the other. The downtown, a cultural heritage, is the heart of Puerto vallarta. It is where the locals and tourists gather for fun-filled festivities and cultural activities.
TripBlogMar 3, 2020 1 1,567
Top-10 Budget Travel Destinations from US 2020
Budget travel could be fun if you got the right destination choices. We’ve scoured the globe looking for destinations where fun and excitement abound and where you won’t be asked to take out a second mortgage. From North America to Asia, Europe to Australia, we’ve come up with a list that will make even diehard globetrotters jealous. These are the top-10 budget-friendly travel destinations for 2020.
TripBlogMar 3, 2020 9 6,358
10 Most Beautiful World Heritage Sites: UNESCO Bucket List 2020
World Heritage Site and top historic destinations for you! The late Maya Angelou once remarked, “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” It is precisely this fascination with what came before that inspired us to look at the world’s most amazing historic destinations. Temples and monuments to grand empires feature prominently in our list, poignant reminders that no matter how much we think the world around us fixed and constant, time erases all in the end. See a list of unesco world heritage sites by country.
TripBlogFeb 25, 2020 9 12,383
Tulum Ruins: World Heritage Site You Cannot Miss in Cancun Mexico
Tulum Ruins is an awe-inspiring Mayan site which is different from other Mayan sites as the ruins are perched upon 39 feet cliffs, facing the Caribbean ocean. This picturesque place is not something you can miss while you are visiting Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Tulum is also known as the “place of dawning Sun” as it faces the east and has a perfect view of the rising Sun. In Mayan, Tulum also means “fence” and rightly so as it was built to be a seaport fortress surrounded by cliffs and walls, which provided protection from all sides from invasions. Since Tulum had access to both land and sea, it was a major trading center and a religious hub during the 11th and 16th centuries.
TripBlogFeb 25, 2020 0 5,996
Best International Travel Destinations for Those on a Budget
International travel often seems maddeningly out of reach. Friends seems to be constantly posting on social media about magnificent tropical vacations spent at lush island resorts. If you’ve even wondered (or fumed) how it was possible, there’s a secret you’re probably not aware of just yet. International travel need not be prohibitively expensive. With the right combination of airfare hunting and budget-friendly destinations, you too can have an incredible time abroad. We’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you and profiled these 20 international destinations we think offer great experiences without the corresponding risk you’ll need to refinance your home to afford them. These are our recommendations for the best international travel destinations for those on a budget.
Tripper-No1Jan 3, 2020 9 2,614
Best 9 Things To Do in Los Cabos Weekend
The eponymous archways, the rich ambrosial waves of the ocean, gentle coves, and some of Mexico’s favorite walks. Los Cabos is heaven on earth and much more. Hanging at the tip of the southern Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos is commonly known as the “Land’s End.” A pretty unique mixture of mountainous tracks, arid desert landscaped, and an enriched ocean. A Zion between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. There are endless things to in Los Cabos. A gaining tendency, Los Cabos has an everlasting effect on you. It’s balmy weather at night or the vantage points that overlook bliss. Marvels of Los Cabos include diving into the depths of the beautiful sea of Corte, swimming around beautiful coral reefs like an innate mermaid, Adventurous hikes and risqué sports, all pump adrenaline with such force.
TripBlogDec 11, 2019 0 610
A Comprehensive Guide to Xcaret Cancun
If you are a travel buff with an eye towards beauty and adventure, Xcaret Cancun is the perfect place for you. A national park providing you marvelous views of the Mayan jungle, Caribbean sea, and entertainment, Xcaret Cancun will leave you with unforgettable memories. Barely a car ride away from the city of Cancun, this ecological paradise is located near the river Maya. If you are thinking of making the trip, then down below is a comprehensive guide to everything that is there to see in the region of Xcaret.
TripBlogDec 9, 2019 0 8,391
5 Ways to Travel from Cancun to Tulum, Mexico
In the entire world, if anyone wishes to see the Magical Town, which has a unique area in terms of archeology is in Tulum, Mexico. Tulum itself means wall or fence or trench, depicting the thick wall which protects and encircles the entire town. This article intends to present some unique, salient details for traveling modes from Cancun to Tulum. Numerous modes of transport include both public and private transportation. For Tulum, the only airport is Cancun Airport. It is a straight drive from Cancun airport down the 307 Highway to Tulum. By car or bus time consumed is 1 hour 30 minutes to nearly 2 hours depending on climatic conditions and traffic on the roads. Considering both Cancun and Tulum are the mainland, travel by ferry from Cancun to Tulum is not the best idea.
Tripper-No1Nov 29, 2019 6 58,030
Awesome bucket list for Puerto Vallarta excursions you have to try
A resort town in Mexico along the Pacific Coast, Puerto Vallarta, is famous for its beaches, water sports and a vibrant nightlife and all the exciting Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta. The ornate Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe church, El Malecon beachside promenade, restaurants, bars and contemporary sculptures define this place. But it is not just about sitting by the pool or beach and getting tanned. In fact, there are so many other Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta that can make your holiday an even more adventurous.
TripBlogNov 29, 2019 1 3,352
Mexican Vacation: Things to Do in Playa del Carmen?
Playa del Carmen or playa, originally a small fishing town in Mexico has flourished into a boho-chic touristic destination with luxury hotels, restaurants, and boutiques. Located in Riviera Maya on the Caribbean coast of Mexico with soft white sand and crystal-clear waters, you can clearly see the colorful sea life.
TripBlogNov 22, 2019 0 2,241
Free and add-on activities in Xel-Ha Park Cancun
Xel-Ha Park is a theme park snuggled in a picturesque spot along the Riviera Maya. A popular tourist destination and a must-see place for all nature lovers, the park boasts sparkling water bodies that are home to several beautiful marine species.
TripBlogNov 22, 2019 0 3,907
The Ultimate Guide for Xel-ha Park, Cancun
Xel-ha park is a heavenly theme park which is in the heart of Riviera Maya. It promises for an action-packed day with your family with an unparalleled vista of Caribbean waters and caves, mysterious cenotes and picturesque blue lagoons. The natural aquarium is one of its kind with deep blue sea water mingling with fresh river water. Xel-ha park is a place where everyone can find something to engage oneself.
TripBlogNov 22, 2019 0 4,297
Why You Should Visit Mayan City of Tulum Once in Your Life Time
Tulum Mayan Ruins is the best place to visit once in a lifetime. The Mayan city is popular for its archaeological sites and artifacts. They depict not only the Mayan art and culture but also cultural diffusion of the earliest times in history. For learners and students of art, this place is best for an educational tour. A visit to this world heritage as declared by UNESCO will definitely be a memorable one.
TripBlogNov 22, 2019 12 3,393
Top Things to Do in Xplor Cancun
Planning a trip to Xplor? If so, then you are in for a treat. A tranquil region located in the very middle of a forest, Xplor Park has been delighting children and adults alike since it opened back in 1991. Enjoy numerous outdoor activities along with tons of adventure with safe, and modern equipment in Xplor Cancun.
TripBlogNov 22, 2019 0 4,337
LGBT Travel Ideas: Top 12 Gay Friendly Cities
Do you know that globally, 77 countries have anti-gay stances? These countries have declared homosexuality as an illegal and punishable offense. Out of 77 countries, 12 countries have death sentences on the list. That is why it is important for LGBT travelers to be safe and feel welcome to visit travel destinations with no fear of being caught up in the anti-gay movements. Should sexuality then be a factor in choosing travel ideas or destinations? There is no answer to this grey area where ethical and moral issues rule the roost. We try to present you with travel ideas of the top twelve cities that are LGBT friendly. Here we present the travel ideas from the gay perspective with things to do, places to visit, and destinations to make your vacation a safe trip.
TripBlogNov 12, 2019 1 12,100
City Tour of World Heritage Sites
Spain is a country with the most world heritage sites. Its capital, Madrid, is near to at least 5 towns that are renowned for their world heritage sites, like Segovia, Toledo, Avila. The rest are all spread out across Spain. If you want to go for an in-depth tour of Spain, a great thematic visit of “world heritage sites in Spain” could be a great idea. Here’s a few ideas!
TripBlogNov 7, 2019 0 1,671
Top 6 Places Every Foodie Must Try in Mexico
Mexican food is a world-famous hot food and is known for its hot, tangy, and spicy nature. Mexican cuisine is about 9000 years old and has emerged as it is today over the years of cultural infusion, cooking methods, tastes, and textures. It has been impacted by the multi-ethnic society that was prevalent during the Aztec Empire in Mexico. It has a mix of different native foods ingredients such as corn, maize, squash, tomatillos, tomatoes, agave, cacao, chili peppers, etc. Over the centuries, the local cuisines like those from Oaxaca, Yucatan Peninsula, and Veracruz to make it unique and legendary.
TripBlogOct 25, 2019 0 1,334
Adrenaline Crush: 6 Vacation destinations for adventure couples
The entire Life we are spending for our own good is very less, everybody would dream of having their life filled with memories, places to Visit, adventure, and happiness, and that’s how we learn and grow. One way of relaxing that has become more popular amongst the people of today is to take a vacation. However, vacation means a different meaning to different people. For some, its a chance to relax, while others might mean to leave their professional work for a while and have a lovely time with their couple.
TripBlogOct 21, 2019 0 2,132
10 best All-inclusive resorts for a getaway weekend in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Go for Puerto Vallarta Hotels and resorts, If you are planning a weekend getaway with your friends or family, then Puerto Vallarta Hotels and resorts in Mexico is a great destination that caters to all your needs and brings you an opportunity to explore one of the best cities in the world. It gets even better when you opt for the Best All-Inclusive Resorts as it offers you all the luxury at the best suitable prices.
TripBlogSep 23, 2019 0 2,338
Top 8 Puerto Vallarta Beaches for your next trip
Puerto vallarta beaches are always a fun place to unwind and enter a state of calmness. One of the best places to do that is the Pacific Ocean. Mexico is also one of the best places to get uninterrupted views of the magnificent Pacific with the many beach towns on its western coast. The Pacific is also home to some of the world's most popular beaches. One such place which sees tourists through every year is Puerto vallarta. Home to some of the great beaches and markets, it is the perfect place to spend your holidays in Puerto vallarta, if you're looking for a fun experience with friends and family.
TripBlogSep 23, 2019 0 825