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Guangzhou Travel Guide: Plan Your Travel To Guangzhou
Guangzhou is nothing less than a glittering metropolis containing centuries-old temples and shimmering skyscrapers. Here you will discover a fusion of old as well as new China. The capital of Guangdong province, Guangzhou has a rich history, vibrant commence, and picturesque natural scenery, making it an unforgettable travel destination.
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A Guide to Holidays in China for 2021
A short guide with history and information on major Chinese holidays during 2021.
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Hot Spring is the Perfect Match of Autumn, Let's Take a Hot Spring in Guangzhou
Hot Spring is the Perfect Match of Autumn, Let's take a hot spring in Guangzhou
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Chimelong Safari Park Guide: Facts and Useful Information
Are you an animal lover and also love to go to places where they stay? Then Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park is the perfect destination to enjoy the flawless beauty of Mother Nature.It is one of the most important counterparts of the Chimelong Tourist Resort. It is Guangzhou's only national 5A grade scenic spot tourism resort. It has an expanse of a massive 1,333,340 square miles making it one of the biggest natural parks in China.
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We Also Recommended You Try The Charming Guangzhou Snack Bar
Most of the specialty snacks such as Zhusheng Noodles, Yibian, Wonton, and stews in Guangzhou are all concentrated in Xiguan, most of these dishes are traditional and delicious, though such dishes are gradually disappearing from the menus. When the traditional classic encounters the freshness of the exotic, then it creates a collision of unique tastes. Let's look at the various snacks in Guangzhou!
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8 Must-See Genuine Cantonese-Style Breakfast Teashop of Guangzhou
Cantonese-style breakfast tea not only refers to drinking tea, but also refers to enjoying a variety of refreshing snacks and desserts with exquisite tastes. "Boiling water for enjoyable tea, one cup and two pieces" is the saying about Guangzhou people. It means drinking tea is not only a form of breakfast, it is a traditional custom that is deeply hidden in the bones.
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10 Traditional Establishments for Classic Cantonese Foods
There are many Cantonese dining restaurants all over Guangzhou. Naturally, no two restaurants are ever identical in quality and taste. That said, the offerings by long-established Cantonese food spots will always be the pride of the Guangzhou people. This is the case for places of elegance as well as humbler-looking ones tucked away in hidden corners alike. This article will bring to you 10 traditional Cantonese establishments that will satisfy your cravings for authentic, classic cuisine!
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With Tens of Thousands of Visitors, Just Why is this Internet Celebrity Street So Popular?
Chunxi Road, Chengdu Not to be missed: Chunxi Road in Chengdu is a super popular Internet celebrity gathering spot. This gorgeous commercial street has a sense of “everyone bustling about enjoying the great scenery” and is home to Chengdu’s stylish advertisements. The street draws in a huge number of attractive guys and gorgeous women from all over China who come to visit this “Internet celebrity gathering spot.”
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10 Best Attractions in Guangzhou
There are invariable things to do in Guangzhou, without having to spend a fortune for pleasure and excitement. Guangzhou is a sprawling port city northwest of Hong Kong on the Pearl River. This port city boasts of avant-garde architecture, world-famous safari rides and some of the world’s most awe-inspiring museums. Guangzhou has always been a “trending” destination for travelers trotting all over the globe. It gives people a taste of its cultural complexity as well as its beautiful surroundings. A multi-faceted system of rapid bullet trains for expansive travel around china. The city itself makes Guangzhou a lucrative destination. Here are some things to do in Guangzhou and very interesting destinations that you must visit while you’re in Guangzhou.
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Top 20 Cantonese Cuisine in Guangzhou
Guangzhou also known as Canton, is a sprawling city. It is in the northwest of Hong Kong on the Pearl River which is best known for its Canton Fair, opera and Cantonese food. Guangzhou is a place full of beautiful natural parks and historical spots. It is also famous for shopping streets and centers which cater to almost all your shopping needs.
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What You Must Know before Visiting Chimelong Paradise Guangzhou
Does Hong Kong come to your mind when you think of the ultimate amusement park in Asia; and Disneyland is what you can think of? Well there is more to be offered in Asia and this bargain comes all the way from Mainland China. Guangzhou is a proud home to Chimelong Paradise, a one of its kind amusement parks in the Panyu District of Guangzhou. Stretching over an area of 1,333,340 square meters, it is a national AAAAA scenic area in China. It has a daily capacity of 50,000 tourists and has gradually increased its footfall since its opening on April 7th, 2006.
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Ultimate Practical Tips for Canton Tower
Rising to stand 462 meters tall is the Canton Tower that overlooks the Haizhu District. It is one of the well-known landmarks of Guangzhou. Canton Tower is also the highest TV tower in China and is the third highest in the world. The view that is seen from the top of the tower is spectacular and is a sight that is not to be missed during any trip taken to Guangzhou.
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