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Amazing Free Virtual Zoo Tour & Free Museums Online on Your Couch (updated July 2020)
Virtual Zoo tours, online museums and concerts are providing online live stream or other creative way to keep people companied in times of coronavirus. You will be surprised by what spectacular things you could enjoy just staying home.
TripBlogJul 16, 2020 12 19,966
Flights Cancellation & Airline Policies Amid the Ongoing Outbreak of COVID-19 (Update 06.22)
As COVID-19 continues to spread widely and impact additional regions, airlines face mounting challenges to their service schedules. Government-issued travel restrictions and significant drops in passenger numbers have led in some instances to large scale flight cancelations. In our ongoing efforts here at to provide travelers with information on the impact COVID-19 is having on global travel markets, we have put together this summary of how the world’s major airlines are coping.
TripBlogJun 22, 2020 8 34,216
Local Guide to Rome: Best Things to do in 2020
Rome—the Eternal City. A place where emperors walked, chariots raced, Popes sought influence and command. Rome is a city of cathedrals, monuments, fortune, and glory. A place where magnificent structures and high-modernism blend together. Trend-setting fashion graces display windows in the shadow of ancient ruins. The Italian capital has long captivated the imagination. Artists and poets flock here, pilgrims journey from faraway lands. The attraction of Rome is irresistible. In this travel guide we’ve distilled the best the city has to offer. We look at those places you absolutely must-see in order to be able to say you’ve truly been to Rome. From the Trevi Fountain to Villa Borghese, Castel Sant'Angelo to Palatine Hill, these are the top-10 best things to do in Rome for 2019.
TripBlogApr 7, 2020 0 1,070
COVID-19 Lockdown Policy and Tips for Travelers in Europe & U.K [Updated 24 March]
Europe and in particular Italy are facing significant health challenges. Authorities have responded with a series of travel restrictions and enhanced public health measures. While not as stringent as those issued by the Chinese government, the European regulations present a significant burden for those currently traveling or who intend to do so in the near future. In this short article, we will detail measures now in place in major European countries as well as offer some general recommendations for how travelers can stay safe while abroad.
TripBlogMar 24, 2020 0 2,278
Spring Break Italy: March, April Italy Trip Ideas
Spring break in Italy, an European country blessed with beautiful landscapes to see and mesmerize. The cities in Italy have unique cultures as well as culinary skills. It can be visited at any time of the year but if you consider planning a budget holiday along with good climate, Springtime will be the best. Spring brings a lot of positivity and liveliness as the country has ample attractive gardens which blossom during this season. Italians celebrate spring on a huge level. You'll be able to enjoy a lot of springtime festivals hosted throughout Italy. You can witness these splendid festivals wherever you are in Italy just the season being Spring!
TripBlogMar 2, 2020 0 835
10 Most Beautiful World Heritage Sites: UNESCO Bucket List 2020
World Heritage Site and top historic destinations for you! The late Maya Angelou once remarked, “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” It is precisely this fascination with what came before that inspired us to look at the world’s most amazing historic destinations. Temples and monuments to grand empires feature prominently in our list, poignant reminders that no matter how much we think the world around us fixed and constant, time erases all in the end. See a list of unesco world heritage sites by country.
TripBlogFeb 25, 2020 0 904
Festival in Italy
Italy is a happy and free country with various festivals. Each district has their own features in Italy, such as Carnival, the Venice Film Festival, Siena’s Horse Racing Festival, Milan Fashion Week, and the Milan Furniture Fair, etc.
TripBlogDec 27, 2019 0 527
You Can’t Just Pass By All Must-go Scenic Spots Hurriedly. You Should Also Experience The Unique Ways To Have Fun When You Come To Florence.
Italy is Europe's famous car and delicacy kingdom. The album introduces the fun events in Florence and surrounding Tuscany region, with cars and food as the theme.
TripBlogDec 27, 2019 0 167
Foodies, Forget The Pizza When You Are in Venice, You Are Guaranteed to Get Hooked After Having These Suggested Foods!
Venetian squid ink pasta: delicious "questionable cuisine" Squid ink pasta (Spaghetti Neri) is a unique delicacy of Venice. You have to try it when you are in Venice. Squid ink is added in the dough making process, which gives the black color to the finished pasta, which are very chewy and rich in protein. Although it looks like "questionable cuisine", it tastes great. The squid ink tastes very fresh with great texture but sometimes it can be slightly salty. Spaghetti Neri is commonly served on its own. If you look for complexity, we recommend you try lobster squid ink spaghetti. The bright red lobster pairs with dark green toward the black color tagliatelle. It is this bold contrast that makes people drool. With the additional ingredients of onions, lettuce, and radish. Squeeze some lemon juice evenly on the surface before eating, it tastes fresh without any fishy smell.
TripBlogDec 27, 2019 0 444
A Food Strategy for Florence
Bistecca alla Fiorentina Bistecca alla Fiorentina represents the Florence food and selects the famous Gianna beef in Tuscany as the food produce. It is cooked on a barbecue and only a few seasonings are added. It is baked till 30% or 50% meat is cooked through. The external layer is rather crispy after baking, but the inside is pink after cutting, with bloody water to guarantee the original taste and flavor to a maximum extent. The meat is very tender and smooth.
TripBlogDec 26, 2019 0 370
A Guide to Venice's Outer Islands
The scenery of the outer islands around Venice is also charming and features a variety of different styles, such as Lido Island, Burano Island, Murano Island, and Cemetery Island among others, the most famous of which are Burano Island and Murano Island. You can take the ferry from the wharf of Venice Railway Station or the wharf beside San Marco Square to get to Murano Island in half an hour. Typically, you can arrange to visit several outer islands in a half day or full day.
TripBlogDec 26, 2019 0 240
Venice: Romantic Experiences in the City of Water
Romantic Venice - experience firsthand why cultured youth flock to the City of Water for its unique scenery.
TripBlogDec 26, 2019 0 201
The Many Unusual Experiences on Offer in Milan
Santuario di San Bernardino alle Ossa: human skulls bone chapel || The church of S. Bernardino alle Ossa is not far from the cathedral and dates back to the 17th century. It has been named the original church of human bones. The church itself is of Baroque style, the shape and the main apse are very dignified and elegant. Its unique feature is the ossuary, built to house the bones of children who died in the plague.
TripBlogDec 25, 2019 0 483
There Are Many Top Tourist Locations in the Towns Around Venice, Including the Location of Romeo and Juliet's Love Story Which is Well Worth Visiting!
A place worth visiting near Venice for one day or a half is highly recommended for your photo album. You can get there using the Italian railway. You can choose a one-day tour to Verona, “the town of Juliet”, or a one-day tour to Padova and Vicenza. Alternatively, you can spend half to one day strolling around Treviso, a quiet and peaceful water town.
TripBlogDec 24, 2019 0 364
Foodies, Forget the Pizza in Venice, You are Guaranteed to Get Hooked to the Treats We are About to Suggest Here!
Foodies, forget the pizza in Venice, you are guaranteed to get hooked to the treats we are about to suggest here!
TripBlogDec 23, 2019 0 223
A 1 Day Tour Around Milan, Push these Places not to be Missed
There are many well-known places to visit around Milan, in addition to the must-see Lake Como area, the fairy-tale Cinque Terre, the birthplace of Juliet’s story, the town of Verona and the fourth largest city of Turin in Milan. Take a train from Milan and recommend 1 destination for 1 day.
TripBlogDec 19, 2019 0 192
There Isn't Only Luxury Stores in Milan, Many Fashion Shops are Just Waiting for You to Find Them!
Fashionistas definitely will not be satisfied to simply visit flagship stores of major brands when they are in Milan. Apart from the well-known 10 Corso Como stores, there are a lot of attractions for the lovers of fashion in the city. This album also recommends other Best IN fashion landmarks for fashion icons.
TripBlogDec 12, 2019 0 475
Historical Things You Might Not Know about Ponte Vecchio
Welcome to the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. We are going to list some of the facts about Ponte Vecchio Florence to pique your interest and make your visit to it more fruitful and fun experience. We will also tell you where and what to do at the Ponte Vecchio to make sure you enjoy your visit. This beautiful gem of a bridge not found anywhere else in the world!
TripBlogDec 5, 2019 0 677
Guide to Uffizi Gallery: Tickets & Skip the Line in Florence
Are you touring Italy and Florence’s Uffizi Gallery? Welcome to the heart of the Renaissance and its art, culture, and heritage in every breath of air at Florence.
TripBlogDec 5, 2019 0 386
Visiting Famous Film Locations in Rome
Touring with the Movies| Many films such as Roman Holiday, have been shot in Rome.
TripBlogNov 28, 2019 0 797
No Visit to Milan Is Complete Without a Luxury Shopping Experience
You can't visit Milan without going shopping! Start your luxury shopping trip now!
TripBlogNov 28, 2019 0 220
Top 12 Hotels to Experience the Original Florence Italy
Planning to visit Florence? There are many top luxuries Hotels in Florence, Italy. Florence, which is in central Italy, is the capital city of the Tuscan region. The city has a rich history, being the wealthiest city in the medieval age and a major trade and finance destination during that era. Many academics even consider it the birthplace of the Renaissance.
TripBlogNov 19, 2019 0 342
Best 9 Things to Spend Your Holiday in Italy
The air in Italy is filled with the aroma of warm chocolate croissants, creamy and thick Burberry scents, whiffs of cheesy pizza, and the sprinkles of olive oil. Italy is one of the most trending hot spots for tourists all over the world. A must stop on the Europe travel package and a real beauty to behold. Italy has been famous for its Picturesque gondola rides and the housing the fashion capitals of the world. Italy is rich in culture, food, fashion, art, history, etc. The best places to visit in Italy include the world-famous Colosseum in Rome, the leaning tower of Pisa in Venice, etc. The Tumblr hub of the world, Italy is beautiful all from within the country. The cute alleys, the rich and luscious creameries, the bicycle tours, and some of the world’s earliest monuments have found their home in Italy.
TripBlogNov 19, 2019 0 936
Don't Miss These Top 8 Things to do in Piazzale Michelangelo
The Florentine Piazzale Michelangelo is a breathtaking outdoor terrace on the left bank of the Arno River. Commissioned towards the end of the 1800’s era, it is the one place from where you can see the best views of Florence. Did you know that the Piazzale Michelangelo was initially conceived as a museum of works of Michelangelo Buonarotti, the never forgotten Florentine artist? The steep climb up the hill is worthwhile when you get to see the most breathtaking bronze copies of his artworks and enjoy the panoramic view of the Florence skyline, especially at night-time. That’s why we are going to explore the eight experiences of the Piazzale Michelangelo that you cannot afford to miss while in Florence. We will tell you a bit about these so you can plan better, the areas where to eat, shop and dine, and more so you have a hassle-free trip. Let’s start off!
TripBlogNov 19, 2019 0 1,081
Things to Do in Rome
Rome, the Eternal City, is a city of attractions and monuments, history, and culture. Rome has an immensely rich cosmopolitan atmosphere and historical heritage, which makes it one of Europe’s and the world’s most visited, influential, famous, and beautiful capitals. There are many things to do in Rome during the first trip.
TripBlogNov 19, 2019 0 565
World Heritages in Tuscany
Tuscany is known as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and for its beautiful idyllic landscape. Till 2019, the following eight attractions have been listed as world heritage sites: Historic Center of Florence (1982), Piazza dei Miracoli (1987), Historic Center of San Ginignano (1990), Historic Center of Siena (1995), Historic Center of the City of Pienza (1996), Val d’Orcia (2004), Medici Villa and Gardens in Tuscany (2019), and Primeval Beech Forests in the Carpathian Mountains (2019). Next, let's take a look at these world heritage sites!
TripBlogNov 15, 2019 0 350
Fall in Love with The Villages of Italy
You might have already toured Milan, Florence, Rome, and other famous big cities, and seen many fashionable shop windows and packed shopping streets. But Italy is not limited to just these, there are still many charming little villages. Rest your feet, find a quiet village to rest two days, and quietly experience a leisurely life that you only thought possible in fairy tales.
TripBlogNov 14, 2019 0 415
The Real Bourgeois Style! Have A Cup of Coffee in Milan.
Pavè: a Must-visit Brunch in Milan Pavè is definitely in the top 3 of the 200 cafes in Milan. It is in a fresh post-industrial style with wooden furniture and reinforced concrete radiating a young and stylish vibe. The counter on the first floor shows a variety of delicate desserts. The loft platform on the second floor has bicycle decorations. The owner has a serious attitude about food, definitely having an "artisan heart" toward Italian desserts. Many people love the brunch here , and the aperitif Aperitivo in the evening is also a nice choice. Don’t miss the Brioche croissants. For sweet lovers, the Brioche alla Crema cream croissants are perfect. There are also rich salty croissants with a crispy texture. The salty scent of the ham and the richness of the cheese are perfectly mixed.
TripBlogNov 14, 2019 0 472
Top 10 Best Places for Fall Weddings
A wedding is most important event in anyone’s life so it is essential to have a memorable wedding which will stay with you for a lifetime. In today’s times where social media makes a huge impact and the love for travel increasing, having a destination wedding has become a trend. The fact that many of the celebrities have their ceremonies in some of the exotic Wedding Venues plays a major role in choosing a destination.
TripBlogNov 11, 2019 0 410
A Complete Guide to Piazzale Michelangelo
Did you know that the Piazzale Michelangelo was initially conceived as a museum of works of Michelangelo? The steep climb up the hill is worthwhile when you get to see the most breath-taking panoramic view of Florence and its skyline, especially at night time. The Florentine Piazzale Michelangelo is a tribute to the famous Michelangelo Buonarotti, the iconic artist of yore and is known for its scenic views from the terrace or Piazzale.
TripBlogNov 11, 2019 0 917