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Tagged with "United Kingdom"

Football City? Beatles City? Liverpool Must Visit List
Albert Dock: Liverpool's Glorious Landmark Albert Dock is Liverpool's largest scenic spot, listed in the World Heritage List and it the most vibrant place in Liverpool. The dock is full of unique buildings and various characteristic museums, as well as some featured shops. The violent sea wind and the passing ships only remind the passengers of this port city's busyness and glory.
TripBlogDec 27, 20190161
A Collection of High-End Cuisines: This is the Start of a Star-Picking Tour in London
A collection of high-end cuisines: this is the start of a star-picking tour in London London is the city with the highest density of Michelin restaurants in the world. . Although there are only four three-star Michelin restaurants, many two- star Michelin restaurants are distributed here that actually have great potential. Many one-star Michelin restaurants also boast a good environment and good prices. So it's a big misunderstanding that British people are not good at cooking.
TripBlogDec 26, 20190185
Apart from Football, The Food is Also Delicious, And 7 Restaurants that will Show You the Flavors of Manchester.
As expected from a diverse metropolitan city, the food in Manchester is rich and colorful, and brings together a variety of differently styled specialty restaurants. We’ll recommend several popular restaurants here that received positive reviews in Manchester, which will absolutely make you fall in love with unknown highlights of British cuisine!
TripBlogDec 24, 2019017
Top 10 Popular Hotels in London
Top 10 popular hotels in London
TripBlogDec 24, 2019035
Must-Visit Places for Fans of British TV Series. 9 Classic Photography Sites that Will Transport You Into a TV Series!
Must-visit places for fans of British TV series. 9 classic photography sites that will transport you into a TV series!
TripBlogDec 17, 2019044
Experience the British Style, Arrange a Wonderful Tour Around London
You can take the train to many famous universities, towns, castles and manors within a 2 hour distance from London. Here is a list of the best places to visit from London for a day. If you have plenty of time on your hands, you can visit and tour this place.
TripBlogDec 12, 2019061
12 Wonderful Parks to Relax and Thrive in London
London, founded by Romans, is one of the oldest cities, i.e., nearly 2000 years old. Formerly, Romans used to call London, the capital of England, and the United Kingdom was known as Londinium by Romans. Visitors fond and curious about adventure and history are always keen to plan their travel to the most beautiful city, “London.”
TripBlogNov 27, 2019065
The Most Amazing Museum Night Events You Need to Try
Museums are a great place for those who love to go back to the past enjoy exhibits of different eras and periods in history along with many amazing museum night events. Some people can spend their entire lives in museum-going through displays and demonstrations about the nitty-gritty of things they are passionate about. Contrary to popular belief, these world-class exhibitions, stunning art galleries, historic houses are not just suited for day visits. There are several museums around the world that host amazing museum night, to make your visit even more memorable. We have collated a list of the museum around the world that host some amazing museum night with a theme. If you happen to be holidaying or living in the neck of the woods of these museums, then you could indulge in a night visit to enjoy what the place has to offer amidst a lot of fun and fanfare.
TripBlogNov 19, 2019073
Best Route Walking Through Cambridge, Must Hit These 11 Points
King's College: Cambridge's most dazzling college King's College is the most central and most eye-catching college of Cambridge. It was founded in 1441 by King Henry VI and was therefore named the "King’s" college. The college's famous alumni include: economist Keynes, mathematician "father of the computation" Turing, the poet Xu Zhimo, among others. King's College is one of the most outstanding examples of Gothic architecture in the UK, especially the College Chapel. Normally, visits to King's College would view the buildings, courtyards, and the college chapel. The ceilings and glass windows of the chapel interior are particularly exquisite, with carved wooden screens. The choir of King’s College is also famous.
TripBlogNov 12, 20190108
9 Amazing Things to Do in York
Step into medieval times with winding roads and beautiful cathedrals. The minute you enter York, this is what you'll see - lots of greenery, quaint neighborhoods, and serene settings that capture your hearts. There are many things to do in York, in fact, so many that sometimes you might get a little overwhelmed. Perhaps you fancy a drink at one of the various pubs or simply want to take a walk to immerse yourself in the winding pathways.
TripBlogNov 12, 2019090
Guide to London for First Time Visitors
London is the capital of England and is the largest city therein. It is situated by the River Thames and has been a major settlement for about 2000 years now. The city has a stronghold on sectors like tourism, finance, entertainment, fashion, education, research, etc. In terms of economic performance, the city holds the 26th position in a list of 300 major cities in the world. The metropolitan area GDP of London is among the top 10 in the world, and the city also holds the title of the most visited city in terms of its international visitors. This amazing metropolis has acres of green areas as well as architectural marvels, both ancient & modern.
TripBlogNov 11, 20190104
10 Best Mexican Restaurants in London
London, a class in itself and an epitome of poshness is a city which is mysterious and royal; and that is what makes it so attractive about this sombre city. Such is the very vibe of London we’ve been taught about in books, movies , Netflix originals etc. However what very few of us would fathom, it is the diversity and ethnic versatility that has seeped into the veins of London making it different and interesting. The food scene in London is dotted with Mexican eateries. Althoughnot as popular as that of latin America or the united states, the United kingdom does seem to have a booming growth in their hospitality sector that deals with tortillas, enchiladas, burritos, margaritas and so much more that the city has a Mexican groove to it. A cafe here , a restaurant there , London seems to house some of the most flashy and fantastic Mexican food joints.
TripBlogNov 11, 2019077
Top 10 Best Places for Fall Weddings
A wedding is most important event in anyone’s life so it is essential to have a memorable wedding which will stay with you for a lifetime. In today’s times where social media makes a huge impact and the love for travel increasing, having a destination wedding has become a trend. The fact that many of the celebrities have their ceremonies in some of the exotic Wedding Venues plays a major role in choosing a destination.
TripBlogNov 11, 2019087
9 Perfect Activities with Parents in London
Critters alert! What do you do first when you’re parents say they are visiting you in London? Far from thinking about the best things to do in London all that you can think of is that you do not want them to see the schmuck in your room, the plight of your bathroom or visit the places you normally go to as a student. So you begin to wonder and look online for some ideas for the things to do in London with your parents that will leave them feeling proud of you. Before we do that, you need to do an assessment of your parents and not overlook the actual purpose of their visit.
TripBlogNov 11, 2019054
Best Timetable for Chasing The Northern Lights Worldwide: 10 Places to Watch The Marvelous Aurora
The northern lights or Aurora Borealis have been the source of fascination for mankind for thousands of years. Whether you’ve seen them on TV or in real life, these incredible moving curtains of light in the night sky seem even better than the best modern CGI! The lights begin as high as 96km where blue is typically seen, while the green curtains of lights occur higher at 240km and red-colored curtains are seen even higher. Typically oxygen produces yellow and green shades while nitrogen gives off red-violet and blue. The northern lights are generally associated with green, pink, yellow, violet, blue, orange and white colors.
TripBlogNov 4, 20190546
Top 10 Things to do in Manchester
Once home to the Romans in 79 AD and England's second-largest city now, Manchester is laden with several attractions, making it a hotspot of adventures for any budding tourist. The beautiful Pennine mountains with the countryside views offer you plenty of opportunities for sightseeing here.
TripBlogNov 4, 20190176
It’s Not a Dream to Buy Big Names at Low Prices, an Overview of London Discount Stores
It’s not a dream to buy big names at low prices, an overview of London discount stores Speaking of outlets around London, the first reaction must be Bicester Village. But in fact, it is not only Bicester Village around London. I will introduce several outlets worth visiting. You can wander around according to your favorite brands.
TripBlogOct 31, 20190148
See the Britain From a Different Angle
See the Britain from a different angle
TripBlogOct 30, 20190146
You Will Know London’s Different Fascinations and Attractions When You Walk Through These Blocks
Downing Street: Central District of Administrative Power in the UK Downing Street is located in Westminster area of central London and is the official residence of important British cabinet officials, such as the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer in past 200 years.
TripBlogOct 28, 201912,638
Top 7 Places For Fish & Chips In London
For food lovers across the globe, the United Kingdom and specifically London is the hub of food and entertainment. And when in London there is nothing that screams British food like Fish and Chips. Where one might think fish and chips is a side dish, London is known to redefine. With sauces and modifications that have been made to the standard dish, you will never be short of options when you choose to try some of the best fish and chips in London.
TripBlogOct 28, 20190123
Where to Find British Fashion. The Shopping Strategy for Greater London Is Here!
All the shopaholics in the world love London. It always has the world's newest and most advanced products. A veritable shopping paradise! There are century-old shops which have served the British Royal Family, as well as open-air street shops with their own local characteristics, and department stores such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols. Of course, the most not to be missed is the largest shopping village in the UK, Bicester Village . Go to London and buy whatever you like!
TripBlogOct 25, 20190129
How to Have Fun Around London? These Special Experiences Will Make Your Trip Wonderful
How to have fun around London? These special experiences will make your trip wonderful
TripBlogOct 25, 20191199
Visiting Oxford City? These 12 Places Should Not Be Missed!
Visiting Oxford city? These 12 places should not be missed!
TripBlogOct 25, 2019053
10 Best London Streets and Malls for Shopping
Strolling over streets at unexplored destinations is indeed an exceptional way of traveling and self-exploration. Visiting places, finding oneself in-crowd, realizing what a sm ll place you hold in this world, therapeutic for sure.
TripBlogOct 25, 20191513
London Night Life and Where to Find Them
From world-class theatres to trendy nights in Shoreditch, there are so many night things to do in London that you will need a lifetime to do them all. True, London nightlife is legendary, and there is no dearth to the things which are not just fun, but educational as well. Here we list down the top 13 things you can do if you’re spending a few nights in the city.
TripBlogOct 24, 20191130
British Museum & More: 12 Top London Museums
Planning a visit to the London museums anytime soon? From varied architecture, fascinating history, to cups of warm tea at cafes, the city of London has a lot to offer a traveler heading to her shores. If you are a history buff, then you couldn’t have made a better decision, since there are several national museums that exhibit objects from England’s origins, conquests, and scientific expeditions. Telling an incredible story of ambition and commerce, visiting London museums is a brilliant experience.
TripBlogOct 24, 20191127