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8,514 Reviews
68848I love San Qing shan! I’ve been twice. It’s less crowded than nearby Huang shan and beautiful! I suggest taking a cable car because it’ll give you more time on the mountain. I still haven’t seen everything.
8,513 Reviews
Ancient Villages
Ancient Settlement
Mojdeh it was the best place in wuyuan. I saw other places but didn’t really like them after seeing Huangling. it was very beautiful and colourful. the cable car ride at the beginning was fun. the village with all the white houses and dried chilli and chrysanthemum flowers on top of the roofs was breathtaking. one turnoff though was that I went there during the national holiday and it was super crowded.
4,373 Reviews
Flower Fields
Ancient Villages
溪禅和花Favorite place is the mouth. The commercial level is low, walk in it like back to Ming and Qing Dynasties. The villagers are doing their own things, see you will be curious to look. After the village is the blue water, the mouth is named, the village women in the clothes, children in the play, sometimes bamboo raft drifting. More importantly, there is not only a small bridge here, but also cultural heritage. Streetside shops are hand-washed, the door of every household sticking family motto, "but with the straight points, not with respect to the right and wrong." In the hall worship Zhu Zhu Teacher, surrounded by four large words "loyalty and martial law." Once a wharf, the merchants gathered, the same literati came out, the culture flourished. Here, the people, also the merchants and Confucian, here a brick a tile, all show the virtuous personage.
557 Reviews
Ancient Villages
206***63I bought tickets and cable cars for Gexian Village. I played at 10:30 in the morning and ended the evening light show. The overall experience is great. Gexian Village has time to wander around slowly. There are many good places to see. Photos are very good. 👍 This ticket is still worth it. Watch the light show during the day! Go to Gexian Mountain is also very good, the mountain is very cool and comfortable! The scenery is also good, the mountain is not very big, walk for 2 or 3 hours! The worst experience was to eat breakfast and dinner at Zhuyinshanju. The hotel is very poor. Going to the store to eat was also looking at other people's comments. I went to try it. The result......... We arrived at the hotel at less than 4 o'clock, asked the waiter and said that we could eat, we started to order, the result, After one o'clock, the waiter told us to pay. For the first time in history, the hotel that had not eaten the meal had to pay for it. He ordered a few drinks and a bottle of beer. He delayed opening the winemaker. The result was that the hotel did not open the winemaker... I asked the waiter several times and did not say no, I asked us to ask again. Finally I don't know what way to open the kitchen after getting it, and don't think about giving us a cup... ...When we were almost finished, it rained outside, we sat in the restaurant to rest a little, occasionally eat a stew, good guy, people asked you, have you eaten? Can you collect the dishes? No other guests eat and wait for a table? Our entire meal time is just an hour old, there is no basic service! I have not given a bad review in for so long. 5 stars are for the scenic spot. The bad review is for the waiter who serves me at the hotel. In addition to this episode, it is a very enjoyable day!
1,796 Reviews
Ancient Villages
我自独行独行客Likeng is an ancient village with Li surname, 12 kilometers away from Wuyuan County, there are Wuzhen architectural landscape, and rabbit ear ridge strange stone landscape, is the national AAAA class tourist attraction, but also the nearest scenic spot on the east line of Wuyuan County. Likeng's unique architecture is a famous Hui school building, giving a sense of quiet, peaceful.
712 Reviews
小飞哥旅行记Poyang Lake Wetland is not bad ~ Ha ~ is also China's largest freshwater lake ~ Bird rich ~ Very suitable for a holiday to see and walk ~ At present, there are many cherished birds on the island ~ Wall crack recommendation ~😊😊😊

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Sixi VillageShangrao,China

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The Nanqingyuan Scenic AreaShangrao,China

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EHu AcademyShangrao,China

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Yulingguan Sceneic AreaShangrao,China

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About Shangrao

Shangrao City is located in the northeastern part of Jiangxi Province. It has four distinct seasons and beautiful scenery. The center of Sanqing Mountain is magnificent and beautiful. The natural vegetation of Wuyuan is well preserved, and there are a large number of ancient trees, ancient caves, ancient buildings, artifacts and breathtaking, idyllic scenery. The charm of Shangrao is on display in the emerald mountains and clear waters of Poyang Lake, in the incense burning at the Gexian Mountain Taoist temples, the vibrant mandarin ducks at Fengze Lake, and in the cultural atmosphere of the Goose Lake Academy and the Xinjiang Academy.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Shangrao
Oct 21, 2021 Shangrao Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 97%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:12/17:33
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Here are the best places to visit in Shangrao, including: Wuyuan Huangling,Sanqingshan Scenic Area,Wuyuan Scenic Area
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