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The Most Enchanting Postcard Scenery, Ishigaki Island, Okinawa
Ishigaki Island is one of the most famous and lively outlying islands in Okinawa. It is the central island of the Yaeyama Islands. When going to Iriomote-jima, Taketomi-jima, Hateruma-jima, Yonaguni-jima and other such islands, tourists usually depart from Ishigaki Island, which is often referred to as the camp for island hopping tours. There are direct flights from Naha, Miyako, Tokyo and Osaka, and it takes about an hour to fly from Naha Airport to Ishigaki Island.
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Stroll Around and Eat at The Local Market
As an island country, the most sufficient resource in Japan is all kinds of seafood. It is said that when you go to a city, you don’t have a deep understanding of it until you walk around the local market. Now, let's take a look at these "salivating" markets in Japan.
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Enjoy the Beautiful Emerald Sea, and 7 Special Resort Hotels in Okinawa
Okinawa has a long coastline and a large number of beautiful islands. It also has fine beaches with clear water and white sand. You must have heard the names of these beaches: Emerald Beach, Sunset Beach, Sesoko Beach, Naminoue Beach. They are open to the public, especially in summer, where a large number of tourists gather on them. If you want to stay away from the crowds, and quietly sit on a white-sand beach, and if you want to quietly enjoy the blue water, you can stay in these hotels. They are all nice hotels with beautiful beaches.
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Unusual Watersports in Okinawa Go Diving at the Only (Other) Blue Cave in the World
Unusual Watersports in Okinawa—Go Diving at the Only (Other) Blue Cave in the World
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Explore the Japanese Amazon and Underwater Ruins, The Most Beautiful Scenery Around the Okinawa Islands
Okinawa is made up of over 100 islands, both large and small. The closest ones, like Kerama Shotō (Zamami Island, Aga Island, and Tokashiki Island) are only an hour's boat ride from Honjima Island. To get to the islands farther away, like Ishigaki, in the center of the Yaeyama Islands (Taketomi Island, Hateruma,Iriomote Island, and Yonaguni), and Miyako-jima, in the center of the Miyako Islands, you will need to travel by air.
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Family Island TOP List
Sanya A Great Chinese Destination for a Stroll with Your Toddler Not to be missed: Tingtian Tang Forest Park keeps a pleasant temperature and is filled with the chirping of insects and singing of birds. There’s always a warm sea breeze here: could there be anywhere in China better than Sanya during the cold of winter in other parts of the country? Sanya also has the cleanest air quality of any city in China along with the most beautiful coastal scenery.
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A Visit to Japan's World Heritage Sites (Part II)
The castle of Ryukyu Kingdom and Associated Heritage Groups Cultural heritage: Shuri Castle is one of the must-see attractions to Okinawa, which was once the capital and palace of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Ontake-san inside the castle and neighboring Tamaudun Mausoleum have been listed as the world cultural heritage sites by UNESCO. Date for listing as world cultural heritage site: December, 2000
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Go to The Okinawa Islands and See The Japan’s First Coast| A Travelers Guide to Miyako Island
Miyako Island is the main island in the Miyako islands. It has the biggest coral reef in Japan “Sekiseishoko”, its a popular site for snorkeling and swimming. In addition to this the island also has Higashi Hennazaki, Yonaha Maehama Beach, Sunayama Beach, Ueno German Culture Village, and other scenic spots. Yohana Maehama Airport leave Miyako island 45 minutes, most people who come to the island chose to rent a car or take a taxis around.
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Ten Global Parent-child Travel Sites
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium #Super large water vat crossing two floors # It is amazing to see three whale sharks (each shark has the length of over 8 meters) swimming around the sea water of 7500m3. Moreover, there are the world's biggest Manta Ray and shoals of colorful fish, and one seems to enter the mysterious deep sea world of Okinawa.
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Try Premium Quality Beef, Agu Pork, and Okinawa’s TOP 7 Must-Try Foods
Try premium quality beef, Agu pork, and Okinawa’s TOP 7 must-try foods
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