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Top 10 Amigo's Hotels


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"First things first- I’d like to say, WOW. JUST WOW. The MGM Skylofts...is just WOW. I have had the pleasure of staying at some of the best hotels in the world, and I can say without any hesitation, that the MGM Skylofts sets the bar. From the instant that you step onto the property- to the second you leave, you feel like a real King/Queen. I am greeted by a concierge, a bellman, and the head valet (Roger 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼) when I arrived at the skylofts... They truly know what the epitome of a “grand entrance” is. I was whisked straight to my suite upstairs by Roger and the concierge... and they must have rehearsed this-because it was literally 12am when I arrived and I was in show- how flawless everything/everyone was. Every single staff member I encountered was warm and professional, throughout my stay. You will think that they paid me for this review, but let me assure you- I am writing this review based solely on the service I received. I’m generally a little hard to please, but the skylofts left nothing to be desired. I was astounded (in a good way) at the etiquette and professionalism of every single staff member I encountered... To me, etiquette sets the PROS from the pros...the 6, maybe even 7 star hotels, from the 5 star hotels. Every time I stepped out of the elevator I was greeted, usually by name, by whom ever was at the front desk upstairs... I can’t explain how pleasant it was to walk into the “zen” skylofts lobby and furthermore be greeted so warmly by the concierge. I also had the pleasure of meeting two of the managers, Savannah and Anna. Again, it’s hard for me to put into words how extraordinary these two individuals are. I met Savannah during my first stay back at the skylofts (last time being in 2014) and she was so professional and discreet that I didn’t know she was the manager when I met her. I’ve met a number of esteemed front office executives in my travels...but I could have never told that she was the “head honcho” from my brief, first interaction with her. And when I found out who she was, I felt a little dumb- but more so pleasantly surprised at how down to earth she was. And ever since then, she has extended the most extraordinary service that I’ve ever received...from ANY hotel/resort I’ve ever stayed at. There are one or two hotels in the world that I could possibly put into the same category, but Savannah- in my opinion, represents the pinnacle of 5 star service. I’ll add that I’m a gambler- not a whale, but I gamble... and I usually am able to get “transportation,” and I’d like to say that MGM Resorts truly knows how to take care of their customers in that respect as well. Joseph, Angel, Anthony, Gary, Charles, John, Tina, and Mipch, .. and then Katerina and Jeremy that answer the phones! Everyone is so professional and kind. And I also want to add that the 24/7 room service (even during Covid) at the skylofts is from the Mansion chef... and if you’re not familiar, the Mansion chef is THE "
"I decided to splash out on a Sky Loft to celebrate a special occasion and the accommodations at MGM Grand certainly offer a high-end experience - a huge suite for myself and two friends, a transfer from the airport, our concierge met us at the car to escort us to the loft, they even surprised me with a birthday cake. Our concierge made any tour reservations in advance that we required, although we were unfortunate in not being allocated the view that we requested. Every problem we encountered, they fixed - eg. sending a maintenance man as soon as I reported there were issues with the airconditioning, and he fixed it immediately, we did not have to wait. If a luxury suite is what you're after for your Vegas experience, this will meet your expectations."
"The SKYLOFTS is the only place in Las Vegas I have experienced 5 star service. While celebrating our 10th anniversary, Joe and his team went above and beyond to make our entire experience wonderful. The SKYLOFTS does not feel like a part of the MGM. Absolute luxury. "
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"Very good hotel, quiet, comfortable and full of Asian style. Recommended families have children can not go to the casino to live here, there is an Asian girl at the front desk is particularly good, normal 200 liters room, she helped us cut 100 knives, raised the attic set is really beautiful, the bathroom can see New York hotel's roller coaster Yeyer. Highly recommended here"
"Others are okay, this hotel will tell you when the checkout, the pool, gym and other facilities will be charged a daily service fee of 25.5 US dollars per person, also tell you where the facility is placed, whether you have used it, money photo Accept it! The two of us added a total of $102 for two days, and the communication process made the entire pleasant journey very uncomfortable! Ctrip Xiaoge has the responsibility to tell us earlier about this hidden charge!"
"Very comfortable hotel casino is not, but travel, shopping is very convenient. Plus 100 dollars to upgrade the room. It is very comfortable. Overlooking the entire Vegas blvd. The spa and gym are very good. Highly recommended. But the spa is best not to be matte. Sensitive skin should be used with caution."
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"Excellent hotel prices are also placed there. Taxes need to be paid. Although the swimming pool facilities have not been used, I think that at least WIFI The hotel has its own small train to and from several nearby hotels, but in fact there are few steps If you have a bathtub, please bring your own bathtub. By the way, I was planning to take a taxi to the airport on the day of check-out. I found a shuttle bus and saved five dollars."
"Breakfast is average and extra beds are available. This room type can sleep up to 3 adults. In addition to the casino on the first floor, it is suitable for children. The hotel is located in the city center. It only takes 5-10 minutes to walk to the water dance, and the parking lot is free for one hour. And then $ 8 for an hour!"
"The location is not bad, the room facilities are quite satisfactory, the hotel is next to the luxury store, there is no room at the hotel, after leaving the mobile phone number, the room will send a text message to inform the room number, the concierge will send the baggage directly to the room, anyway, the tip is, Las Vegas is all piled up."
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Very Good
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"Arriving at the hotel, we used previously read reviews for reference; parking in the north lot as it bypasses the ****** to the front desk. They check temperature and masks are mandated. (Still buying the lie) Front desk was very helpful, nice and expedited our check in, offering an upgrade for a small amount which we took. The main ****** floor was not very busy. Station Cafe is open 24 hours but there is a Fat Burger, Baskin Robins, Pizza Place and Panda Express that will hold anyone over with above par tasting food. I never used room service as these places were so convenient with no lines. Rooms were quiet with the exception of someone beginning a light hammering at 9 am two of the four days. I brought earplugs. Security is abundant around the facility; some in black suits and some armed. Security will follow you throughout your stay with video surveillance at every ceiling glance as it is probably a way of them passing the time; their reality TV. The pools were nice but only a certain portion was open during the day 10am to 4pm off season. Gym was especially nice as it has a Smith Machine, free weights and a pull up bar. It is open 24 hours from the rear entrance only to patrons. Only negative drawback is that they mandate a mask. I was "reminded" to keep my mask over my nose as I had it down trying to catch my breath. I hope they are trained in CPR as they may have people pass out from oxygen deprivation. Hint to GVR, Southpoint, nor Silverado R mandate masks in their gyms. A second minor inconvenience is that you need to ask the attendant for a towel and a bottle of water as it is under lock and key. Room amenities "toilet paper, tissues, towels" were not stocked well as we were only given one box of tissues, two large towels and one roll of TP. A nice gesture was a robe that was supplied. Only issue with this robe is that there was only one. If you wanted your room made, you needed a special request. Even then, no restocking of TP or tissues were supplied. Unsure if it was a mistake as more larger towels were replenished. Overall, besides the mask Nazi at the gym, it was a very pleasant experience. We will be staying here often when visiting family in the future."
"The streets are a bit off the Las Vegas Strip. Henderson side. Interior facilities and room size are all good. The resort is only $ 44, and you can use only one device in your room. Wireless internet is not very fast either. The same goes for other Las Vegas hotels, but if you think about cheaper prices If you include a resort price increases. Of course, even if you book a room for 30,000 won and include a resort, 100,000 won It is not very expensive compared to room facilities because it is not. Apart from the resort, there is a security deposit of $ 50. Please return it when you leave. "
"We came here after our original reservation at another hotel was messed up. We walked in off the street and got an amazing rate. This is a 4 star resort, higher quality than we usually book on two teachers salaries. From the valet parking, to the amazing pool and spa, the kids arcade, the food court and the restaurants - everything was a hit. The only disappointment was that COVID prevented them from opening The Feast Buffet, a place we have been many times. This was one of our best visits ever to the Vegas area, and we have been many times. Great Job GVR!"
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"The location is slightly but very quiet. There is a small swimming pool at the entrance of the hotel. Children can swim until 11:00, towels are free to use, coffee in the lobby, lemonade, casual drink, American breakfast is very rich with apples, the front desk is very enthusiastic, there are people in the middle of the night. Parking is free, there is a pizza shop 200 meters walk from the door, the pizza is delicious, and there is a Burger King and it is cheap. Note that the address given on Ctrip is not accurate and should be opened 200 meters further east."
"Because the weekend hotel price is too high, so the hotel is booked on the weekend, we are a taxi from the airport, about 20 minutes, can't remember, hotel facilities and breakfast are no problem, not particularly late in the morning to evening There is also a free airport shuttle bus, you can also go to the Mandela Casino Hotel, then go to the Las Vegas Strip, take the hotel bus back at night, live very comfortable."
"Will stay in the future"
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"A great value hotel in Las Vegas. Originally, it was only scheduled for one night. The family was very happy after checking in, and immediately decided to add an extra night. The hotel is at the end of Long Street, near Luxor Hotel. From the location point of view, it is a little bit off, but the hotel can park between different MGM hotels, which is good. The hotel is large, and Jin Chancan is prominent on the road. The rooms are large, the facilities and facilities are very comfortable, and the bathrooms are very large. They belong to high-end luxury prices, but the prices are very close to the people. Especially when booking from Ctrip, it is cheaper than some websites in the United States. The lobby of the hotel is the casino, mainly various types of slot machines. Overall, the check-in experience is good, the only drawback is that the hotel is really too big, often getting lost, ha ha, after parking the car on the day of the check, I couldn't find the hotel lobby, it took a long time to find it. In addition, all kinds of snacks in the room are paid, the price is expensive, and the induction device is used. If you move it, it may be included in the bill even if you do not eat it, and the small refrigerator cannot refrigerate your own things. You need to pay to use it. This is the first time you have encountered it, and it feels very unreasonable. Parking requires $ 15 a day. You also need to pay a resort fee of nearly $ 42 a day."
"As far as the hotel goes, it’s very nice to stay in. However we, along with a few other families we bumped into, had a difficult time navigating from the parking garage to our room(s) with our luggage. Packing everything across the ****** floor seemed a bit odd and uncomfortable. I was not made aware of the need to put a “$100/night hold” on my room until I had already booked the room and was standing at the front desk which was extremely frustrating (especially trying to do the trip on a budget). We definitely did NOT want to incur costs to our room which made us nervous to even look at any items in our room. All n’ all, it was an ok experience, but will probably be looking elsewhere for our next visit. "
"When the epidemic came down to this hotel, the protective facilities were pretty good! The lobby of the hotel is so hard to find, we can only walk back to the room until we reach the parking lot... According to Ctrip, the room has 51 square meters, and I always feel that 40 square meters is almost the same! I lied to the 51 square meters booked, hahaha"
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"I got a letter under my door saying that the room smelled like smoke and the punishment is $250. How about you knock on my door come in and use your nose next time. "
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