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Hyatt Ziva Cancun All Inclusive
4.6/574 Reviews

Hyatt Ziva Cancun All Inclusive

Zona Hotelera Cancun|0.57km from Congo Bar Cancun
The Hyatt Ziva in Cancun is one of those hotels I will go to endless times. First, there are 2 buildings inside the hotel. The adult-only high-rise floor is equipped with an infinity pool on the top floor. An access card is required for the entrance to the lobby, which provides good privacy. The family room can accommodate children and is divided into two types of rooms, the dolphin room and the sea view room. I went to the hotel front desk to upgrade to the dolphin room for 1 night (additional US$100). The floor-to-ceiling glass door opens to the dolphin area. There are six dolphins in total, and you can interact with the dolphins. Taking pictures is $100 for children who can take pictures independently, and $200 for two people who need to be accompanied by adults to enter the pool for 30 minutes. It is worth the experience. Personally, I think the sea view room is better. When you open the large floor-to-ceiling glass door, you can see the endless jelly sea. It is also quieter than the dolphin room. You can go to the dolphin area to see dolphins at any time, so the dolphin room is of little significance. Second, I ate at all eight restaurants in the hotel. Breakfast was all served in buffet-style restaurants. The variety is rich and can satisfy the tastes of people from all countries. The most recommended ones are the Italian restaurant and the French restaurant, which are a la carte. Way. The hotel also has an all-you-can-eat dessert shop (12:00 noon to 9:00 p.m.). I highly recommend trying the cakes and desserts. The cream is made very well, not sweet or greasy, unlike in the United States. The cake is so sweet~ Third, we highly recommend the beach hut, which is open from 9am to 6pm. It comes with services like ordering food, drinks, coconuts, and massages for US$150 a day. Fourth, parents with children must send them to the Kidz club. Picture 12 shows the activities inside. There are 6 teachers in it. They are all very, very nice girls. They are enthusiastic and love the children. My My daughter goes there every day. There are also many activities, including bracelet stringing, hand-painted hats, photo frame making, sand digging at the beach, go-kart racing, etc. Parents with children can free their hands. Fifth, the service staff at the hotel have a very good attitude. You can bring extra 1, 5, or 10 US dollars to eat with the chefs and service staff in each restaurant. The hotel's Asian restaurant has Teppanyaki, which requires reservation and can be made through the butler. Sixth, friends who like to drink can enjoy it. The hotel bar is open from morning to 11 o'clock in the evening. It is best to tip the bartender so that the alcohol content of the bartender you drink will be better, otherwise it will taste like Juice 🤭 Seventh, there is a local supermarket just a 5-minute walk outside the hotel. You can go to the supermarket to buy souvenirs. The price is relatively cheap. Do not go to the pedestrian street to buy souvenirs. The price is 10 times that of the supermarket. It is a pity that we were not matched with a butler this time, because each room is equipped with a private butler, and the Chinese-speaking butler did not work during the week of our stay. Because the butler will send red wine to the room after swiping the card, and each room is equipped with a service iPad. The order will be delivered in about 40 minutes, and the service is particularly attentive. Whether you are staying with children or as a couple, this hotel is a must-go and highly recommended.

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Riu Palace Las Americas - All Inclusive - Adults Only
4.3/5102 Reviews
Zona Hotelera
The food was not good, in fact on the 2nd day of the stay my wife and I got sick to our stomachs, and we did not consume wine or alcohol. The excellent staff service, the rooms had some maintenance details. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it an 8.
Krystal Cancun All Inclusive
3.2/5101 Reviews
Zona Hotelera
There is parking lot, the location of the hotel is near the bar, so it will be a bit noisy, dining is ok
Krystal Cancun
3.5/5117 Reviews
Zona Hotelera
Because it is the cheapest room, the room environment is average, but the location of the hotel is great
Selina Cancun Laguna Hotel Zone
3.7/5117 Reviews
Zona Hotelera
I have stayed in many Selina hostels but this is not one to rave about. The hotel is very basic and dated. It had what it needed but nothing above and beyond. Pool was dirty with a layer of sun cream on the surface & plant debris. Duvet in bedroom had no cover and the bed had been made with the sheet over the duvet so we had to pull it apart to put the sheet under the cover for hygiene reasons. On the plus side there is a lovely view of the lake, lots of cool iguanas around the pool & it’s walking distance to the main ***** without being too noisy.
Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun - All Inclusive
4.6/5123 Reviews
Zona Hotelera
This is the best place I ever been. Place is beautiful, a very classic hotel, furniture, art pieces, decoration, everything very good quality and outstanding. Amenities, Food, drinks and location is a A+. I have nothing to say about, I am very impressed and still am, it will take me a while to find a place to be as good as this one. Now I want to talk about their services. I don’t know if it’s their training or if it’s the Mexican people, but I received from each and everyone the best services I ever had. No words to discutível how I felt about it. I just want to say thank you to all of you works at Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach, you all made my vacation awesome and I had the time of my life.
MayaFair Design Hotel
3.1/5104 Reviews
Zona Hotelera
Let's say this was intresting. Like bathtube next to bed and such. But everything working after you are used to odd solutions.

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