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Thanh Thanh Hotel
3.4/53 Reviews
I don't know if it's that good. The advantage is that you can stay at an affordable price. Safety is guaranteed.
Aurora Villas & Resort
3.8/55 Reviews
My friend and I stayed here for 2 nights in August. The hotel sits on a cliff side about 45 minutes from the airport and about 15 min from downtown. The hotel room was large with a great view, the menu was more than adequate and the staff were beyond friendly and helpful. Our room was large with plenty of cabinet space and a comfy bed. The bathroom was huge with nice counter space. The sink did not drain quickly but, we told them at checkout, I am sure they will fix it. We would wake up to some lizard/gecko pop on the chair but, glad the little guys were there and well fed because there were no bugs. Our room water and wine glasses were not washed/replaced, they were just put back in their spot and there were a few scuff marks on the walls but, over all the room was fine. The pool was large and had a dreamy view. It had a lovely ”shelf” to lie/sit on so you would be partially in the water and there were lots of chairs to use. The water was a bit foggy and a few tiles were missing from the floor of the pool. But, over all it was fine. The beach was secluded and clean, the water was clean and the waves were perfect for jumping. To reach the beach one has to walk/take a golf cart to one end of the property and go down about 13 flights of stairs. There are chairs, but no umbrella or restroom. The food was good and there was a large verity of food. The breakfast was Vietnamese, which we like. They do have an egg station if you want an egg. The staff were soo friendly and soo helpful. They were there to answer all of our questions and get us taxies.
Casa Marina Resort
4.2/58 Reviews
So, after a long 6 hr road trip to the hotel, I just wanted to rest. I specifically requested a quiet room. When they drove me to my room on all sides of me were families, with kids and crying babies and some were even in my hotel room because the door was unlocked so why not? I immediately requested a room change and I took it. However it's only for one night and my other nights I will be moved to another room. The hotel staff were very nice and tried to accommodate my request, however there were MANY local families at the resort and every room pretty much had noisy kids in them. All sunbeds are covered in a tent like thing so if you were planning on tanning, keep that in mind. The chairs are super uncomfortable and don't have an option to lower the backs so you are tuck in one position. Plus side, the pool is completely deserted during the day so if you enjoy the sun, you'll pretty much have the pool all to yourself. Not the hotel's fault on this next one but it's good to know that there are a zillion little gnats flying around which make life super uncomfortable. Also not the hotel's fault but the beach is pretty polluted. I don't fancy going in that AT ALL. AC works great. Breakfast really only catered to locals and there was very few other options. On my last day, the resort seemed more quiet which is a shame because I was leaving and I wish it would've been like that the whole time. It really is a pretty resort, regardless. I wanted to come to Quy Nhon because they said it's beautiful but I'm finding my expectations were set too high, sadly.
Green Park 2 Hotel
2/54 Reviews
Nice hotel, city center, easy to travel near the city bus station
Dankbaar Resort Quy Nhon
4.2/512 Reviews
We stayed here when the hotel first opened in 2 ocean view rooms with our children. The sunrises were amazing from the 3rd floor.We loved the ocean view and could hear the sound of the ocean from our room and balcony. We had breakfast included each day. The first few days was from a menu as there weren’t many guests due to the hotel only just opening. The last 2 days the hotel staff served a lovely buffet with lots of western and Vietnamese options. We usually had the pool all to ourselves which was very relaxing. A few things could be improved such as new, fresh towels , staff making an effort to welcome guests on arrival, drink service around the pool and mini bar snacks but there are mini Mary’s nearby with cheap food and drinks. Tables on the balcony and around the pool area would also be an improvement for the level of hotel management is striving for. We enjoyed having a drink at the Quy Nhon sports bar opposite the hotel and there is a lovely local banh mi stall opposite the hotel. We had a wonderful stay at this new hotel and hope to return one day. Staff were mostly very friendly and anything we asked for they were only too happy to accommodate.
King Hotel
4.4/50 Reviews
#public space# #hotel service# #房大小# #bathroom# #热水# #文化体验# #交通旅行# The front desk service attitude is really good, but also help me change the Vietnamese shield for free. I will stay here next time.

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