Bathing in hot springs in Bayuquan | Checking in at the most beautiful tomato courtyard

I came to such a great place, Tomato Courtyard, through a friend's introduction! This is a pure rural homestay transformation, very, very distinctive, not inferior to the city's buildings🏠 🛏️The internal facilities are great, I really want to sell the city's buildings and live here! Although the surroundings are rural, the location is very convenient, and the avenue is right in front of the door. It's only a three to five-minute drive to the agricultural and sideline products comprehensive market! All kinds of seafood🦀🦐, vegetables🥬🍆, fruits, and meats are very complete! Honestly, no one is not tired of the city, if conditions permit, I want to live in this place where chickens🐔 crow and dogs🐶 bark for a lifetime! There is a super large swimming pool in the courtyard, you must come to check in in the summer! Avoid the crowded crowd, find a quiet and peaceful place, and share the most beautiful time with a few good friends! There are also KTV🎤, mahjong room, DIY kitchen in the room, the cost performance is very high. The most important thing is that the young boss is very enthusiastic and responsive! He explained to us very carefully what we can play around! 👍🏻Highly recommended, the most beautiful photo-taking📸 courtyard
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Posted: Dec 9, 2023
Delilla Alison
Md Mehad Hossen
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This looks amazing ❤️❤️❤️
That look so nice
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