The forgotten mountain ancient town--Gao Miao ancient town

With the desire to get away from the concrete jungle and calm down, we drove to the forgotten Gao Miao. Originally, we just wanted to take a photo with the Spirited Away building, but we were intoxicated by its slowness and quietness. It's like a gentle Jiangnan woman, telling stories. If you come to Gao Miao, why not stay for a couple of days and be a resident of the ancient town in the mountains. Gao Miao ancient town is located in Hongya County, Meishan, built in the late Ming Dynasty, with a history of about 700 years. It is one of the best preserved mountain ancient towns. The wooden green tile houses and stilted buildings on both sides of the ancient street can be seen everywhere. The old streets and lanes, the green bricks and grey tiles, all write the vicissitudes of the ancient town. Perhaps the mountainous terrain has created her rainy climate, making the whole ancient town even more quiet. The 'ancient' here is not only in the architecture, but also in the people. For some reason, almost all the people left in the town are middle-aged and elderly. In the evening, when the street lights are on, they sit in pairs, chatting about their daily lives, which reminds people of the time when they were children, listening to the adults' chattering on the grass, a kind of rare, primitive happiness! The last time I had this feeling was in Zhaoxing Dong Village. There are very few tourists here, so there is really no worldly commercial atmosphere. The town is famous for its Gao Miao liquor and bamboo weaving. There are many bamboo goods shops and the smell of liquor is everywhere. I accidentally found the handmade Xu Liu Niang chili soy sauce, which is also a specialty. Two-day tour itinerary: Day 1: Wawu Mountain--Accommodation: (1) If you like the quietness of the mountains, stay in Gao Miao ancient town. I highly recommend Qiaoxi Mountain House, which has an excellent location. You can see the Spirited Away building when you open the window, and feel the greenery of the mountains. (2) If you like a slightly lively ancient town, stay in Liujiang ancient town, but it is another kind of beauty of Jiangnan water town. Day 2: Liujiang ancient town→←Gao Miao ancient town (depending on the place of accommodation the night before) Dress: Republic of China, ancient costume, white dress, artistic clothes are more photogenic. ★Use: Mosquito repellent, there are many mosquitoes in the mountains. Fishing rod, there is a small stream to satisfy fishing enthusiasts. Water play equipment, you can play in the water. I went in May, the water is shallow and green, but if it is the flood season in summer, it is not recommended!
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Posted: Feb 7, 2024
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