Gao Temple Ancient Town | An ancient town forgotten by the world

| An ancient town forgotten by the world. A forgotten old street ancient town The whole ancient town is not big It can even be described as small Perhaps for this reason It has not been overly commercialized What attracted me here is this red stilt house on the cliff and the iron rope bridge. The red stilt house was built to commemorate the seven People's Liberation Army soldiers who went to Hongya County to carry out the suppression of bandits and grain collection work, and they sacrificed heroically one after another, hence the name "Seven Martyrs". The Seven Martyrs Memorial Hall was built in their memory. The whole is a stilt house structure, there are benches made of ancient wood in the Martyrs Pavilion, surrounded by green trees, very suitable for summer cool and rest. The statue of the martyr stands in the northwest corner of the Martyrs Pavilion, silently narrating the story of the hero, and there are also reliefs and inscriptions of the seven martyrs on the side of the hall. The iron rope bridge connected to the Seven Martyrs Memorial Hall is the life bridge of the ancient town, with a history of hundreds of years. The stream under the bridge is clear, the ancient trees on both sides are towering, lush and green, and it looks like a scroll from a distance, which is very beautiful. - Gao Temple Ancient Town Guangming Road, Hongya County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province 🧭 Navigation from the city area 2h direct drive The car stops in the town You can walk to the stilt house in the direction of the suspension bridge - tips: If you have enough time, it is recommended to arrange a two-day tour around Seven Mile Flat, Wawu Mountain, Liujiang Ancient Town can be arranged...
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Posted: Feb 8, 2024
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