The Walking Pork Belly - A Day of Rampage in Osaka

Who among my family understands! I walked 40,000 steps in Osaka yesterday, really tired to the point of leg weakness😫 But I also saw a lot of beautiful scenery and food, it's really worth it👍 I started from Shinsaibashi in the morning, walked along the Dotonbori River, and saw a lot of traditional Japanese buildings and snack shops. Especially that popular barbecue shop🍢, there were so many people in line! I couldn't help but queue for half an hour, tasted their barbecue, it was really delicious😋 Then I went to the Kuromon Market, where there are a lot of seafood and fruits, very fresh, and the prices are also very affordable. I bought some sea urchins and salmon🍣, and made a seafood feast at home👍 In the afternoon, I went to Osaka Castle Park, where there is a very spectacular castle, you can climb to the top of the castle to overlook the entire city. I also went to the Tenshukaku, where there are many exhibits about the history and culture of Osaka Castle, which are very worth seeing👀 In the evening, I went to the night market in Shinsaibashi, where there are a lot of snacks and handicrafts, and you can stroll until late. I bought some snacks and souvenirs, ready to take back to give to my family and friends🎁 Although I was tired from walking all day, I felt it was very worthwhile because I saw a lot of beautiful scenery and food, and also learned a lot about the history and culture of Osaka. If you travel to Osaka, be sure to go to these places!😊
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Posted: Feb 1, 2024
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