Recommendation for a convenient homestay in the central area of Wutai Mountain Scenic Area!

👉Convenient location: Located in the central area of Wutai Mountain Scenic Area, it is super convenient to go to various places to play!🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️ 👉Catering recommendation: The local specialty dishes in the store taste really good!😋 👉Surrounding environment: You can reach Guanghua Temple in ten minutes on foot, there are not many people at night, the night view is super beautiful, and you happen to catch up with the activities of the monks in the temple!🙏 👉Basic facilities: There are supermarkets and fruit shops at the door, and there is a change exchange nearby, which is super convenient!🛒 👉Guest room experience: The second floor tatami fan repair double bed room booked, the floor heat makes people feel very comfortable, the room is very hot, no need to cover the quilt all night!👍 👉Service quality: The shop's service is very good, the room is particularly clean, the mattress is super comfortable, there is plenty of hot water, all kinds of configurations are very high-end, and the supplies are also very complete!💯 In summary, this is a very pleasant stay experience, convenient location, delicious food, beautiful surrounding environment, comfortable guest rooms, high service quality, worth recommending!👏👏👏 🏨Hotel: Wutai Mountain Miaoyin Zen Residence Boutique Homestay
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Posted: Jan 16, 2024
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Wutai Mountain Miaoyin Zenju Boutique Homestay

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Near Mount Wutai|North Line/Guangming Temple, Wutai
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