Bayuquan Yimihua Sea | Themed Seaside Homestay

Location: Inside the Mountain and Sea Square Scenic Area, above the Magic Park and in the same park as the Wanda Yihe Hotel. Distance from Bayuquan High-speed Railway Station: 5 kilometers, about 10 minutes by car. For sea foraging, be sure to check the tide table, high tide days are more suitable for sea foraging? Mountain and Sea Square: It is the main place for locals to go to sea, you can dig clams, fish for clams, watch the sunset, and if you pursue perfection, there is also a viewing platform. Water activities: motorboats, big yellow ducks, and you can also set off fireworks and Kongming lanterns at night, very romantic and beautiful! Fairy Island: There are crabs in the north dam, and the Fairy Island sea foraging field has clams and Lugu shrimp, prepare sea foraging tools in advance. Bai Sha Bay: The sand is very fine, you must come here for sea foraging! At low tide, you can dig a lot of clams, in the wet sand area, if there are small holes, there will be small snails underneath. There is also a Tomato Small Market nearby, which is a small night market! Magic Hot Spring: Indoor water park, the location is near this folk custom, online ticket purchase is cost-effective. Wang Er Mountain: You can experience the culture of motherly love, and the plant scenery is beautiful. Xiongyue Botanical Garden: The ticket is about 25, and there are small animals inside, suitable for bringing children. Hot spring bath: The hot springs in Xiongyue and Shuangtaizi are famous, you can experience: Tianmu Hot Spring, Yi Jiangnan Hot Spring, Sira Fort Hot Spring.
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Posted: Dec 11, 2023
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