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Yucha Grand Canyon

Yucha Grand CanyonNearby City

4.2/5254 Reviews
Yan'an Top 11 in Can't Miss Attractions
"Several partners in Sichuan that I led started from Jiayuguan to see Populus euphratica forest in Ejina Banner, and went all the way to Yinchuan, originally from Lanzhou, but everyone suddenly agreed to change their itinerary, so they came to Yucha Grand Canyon. I heard others say that this is where I want to come. I am a free travel guide in the Northwest. This casual travel method is also what everyone likes! 🚗 Route: From Yan'an to Ganquan County, the accommodation environment is good, and it is also cheap. From Ganquan County you can walk 45 kilometers from Ganzhi Road to the entrance of the scenic spot 🎫Tickets: No tickets, only 70 yuan bus fare, because you have to walk more than ten kilometers to visit several ditch 🚌Attractions: The birch ditch, the Mudan ditch, and the Barong ditch are currently open in the Yucha Grand Canyon. I personally think that the birch ditch is the most beautiful, the Mudan ditch is very short, and the Barong ditch is relatively long, 800 meters long, Barong Ditch is relatively more physically demanding! 🚏Feeling experience: I personally think that the scenery inside is quite beautiful. Today we went to a cloudy day. If there is sunlight, it is estimated that the photos taken should be even more beautiful! Many people have come to visit this place after only three years of development. The scenery is quite beautiful. It will also be a paradise for photography lovers. I strongly recommend everyone to come to this attraction!" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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