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Trip Moments

Abu Dhabi,bestphotospot
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Devotional luxury Sheikh Zayed Mosque

In the UAE, perhaps you are tired of taking photos with the blue sky and white clouds and seascape deserts, then you should check out the most beautiful buildings in the UAE. The

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is also a landmark attraction for the UAE must-have card. Still have to choose the time when the sunset is sinking. At this time, the mosque is extraordinarily feminine. The mosque at night is also exceptionally beautiful.

[Viewing experience]
Sheikh Zayed is named after the late chieftain, and now everyone calls it the Grand Mosque. But I like the name Sheikh Zayed, and I have a strong Middle Eastern atmosphere when I hear it. The seven-story chandelier in the hall is studded with Swarovski crystals on the basis of gold plating. The chandelier in the worship hall is the world's largest crystal chandelier. The most expensive cost, the largest crystal lamp, the most dazzling white, the most gold pillars. All of these are the reasons that attract us to this. There is a clock in the temple. Foreign tourists take pictures and know that this is not an ordinary chronograph. This timepiece shows different prayer times, morning rituals, rituals, rituals, faints, rituals. After visiting, I don't think about its ho, but their beliefs, their spirit. During the visit, many staff members will remind you to wear a headscarf. In order to deepen the understanding of Muslims and non-Muslims, Sheikh Zayed is open to all visitors, no matter where you are from, regardless of your skin color beliefs. Come in and visit. Walking into Sheikh Zayed, it will really be deeply shocked, not only visual, but also the soul. The white and innocent appearance, the colorful interior, grand and solemn, solemn and holy. It makes people feel awe. Tolerant, open, restrained, quiet.

[Photography process]
Don't rush into the mosque. You may wish to take a more panoramic view of the mosque by turning around and avoiding the crowd. You can take a lot of details when you walk in. The one column, one brick and one light can make a sense of charm. If you have a girl with you, you may wish to take a look at the model.
Abu Dhabi,bestphotospot
Malacca Straits Mosque
I love the colorful Nanyang style of Malacca | Photographed holy place recommended!

said that Malacca has not been to Malaysia. Malacca is the oldest city in the history of Malaysia. In 2008, it was listed by the United Nations as a World Cultural Heritage List, and its status is equivalent to Chiang Mai in Thailand. This trade city with a history of nearly 700 years has always been a place for colonialists because of its good nautical location and abundant spices and other resources. Zheng He went to the Western Ocean seven times and stopped there five times. It is said that the first generation of Chinese followed Zheng He from Malacca to Malaysia, and their descendants were called Nyonya. Because of this historical background, you can see the real Nanyang-style architecture in today's Malacca, and shoot a variety of Nanyang-style movies!

Photo location
1[Malacca Strait Mosque]
Strait Mosque is a bit far from Jonker Street. It takes about half an hour to take a taxi, but taxis are not willing to take a taxi. If you want to give the driver some money, let them wait at the door, or they can't find the car. The building is very beautiful, the white roof is golden, the multicolored glass, a beautiful building is built in the sea, and it seems to float when the water level is high. Quietly guarding the people here. The mosque was built on the seashore. It is also a maritime mosque. To enter the temple, you need to take off your shoes and wear a robe. Opposite the mosque is the world's busiest Strait of Malacca. You can see boats in the distance. In fact, 70% of the ships are shipped to China.
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[How to get there] Take a taxi, about 20 minutes
[business hours] 7
Abu Dhabi,bestphotospot
Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park
Ocean Dreams You deserve to have, unlock the correct way to take pictures of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park
To some extent, the ocean is the mysterious country and fairy tale kingdom of children's dreams. Since the opening of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, the heat has continued to rise. Especially during the Spring Festival, even if the weather is cold, many parents will take the children to the Haichang Ocean Park in Shanghai.
Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park is far from the Shanghai area. After the Lingang Avenue on Line 17, you can change to another bus to get there. Its not easy to get a trip. Its a popular play item and the beauty of a stunning circle of friends. Photo is the right thing.
Stealing a roller coaster, time-space cable car, mermaid show, canopy film and killer whale science show is a project that Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park can't miss.
As for where to take the best look? It is necessary to mention the undersea tunnel. It is definitely the role of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park. However, it is also a popular photo site. If it is not the opening of the park in the morning, the speed of the 100-meter sprint will rush to the underwater tunnel. When will there be a lot of tourists, want to shoot Born on the bottom of the sea and there are no other photos of other tourists, you can consider sitting in front of the glass curtain wall, behind the coral reefs and tropical fish swimming around, all of a sudden there is the dream of the underwater world, and occasionally there are cute and cute devils Fish into the mirror.