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M30***93This was my second visit to Atlanta and Georgia Aquarium was one of the landmarks of Atlanta. First visit was due to a rush of trip and it was missed. Once again in Atlanta this was set for the must go. The whole venue was divided into several exhibition halls according to the water. In this underwater world, human beings are so small, especially suitable for family activities, with children to explore the unknown world!
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老黄1971A Coca-Cola World Exhibition Hall in Atlanta, Georgia, owned by Coca-Cola Corporation, is located in Pemberton Square. The Coca-Cola World is also part of the Georgia Museum. The world of Coca-Cola opened in 1991, when about nine million people came here each year, the most popular attraction in Atlanta. The world of Coca-Cola reopened after renovation on May 24, 2007. Here is the condensation and reappearance of Coca-Cola's infinite charm, not only depicting Coca-Cola's present, but also the Coca-Cola's infinite vision for the future. Among them, more than 1,000 Coca-Cola handcrafted art boutiques are the first to be seen. The building is one of the few green buildings in Georgia that strictly adhere to the US Green Building Council's energy-saving and environmental design standards
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Modern Architecture
心向远方jingCNN headquarters in Atlanta, the home of the American cable channel, is the world's first 24-hour news channel, according to the report. The headquarters is located in the center of Atlanta, with rooftop logos available from many angles. Entry to visit requires purchase of tickets, guided tours, very nice place.
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Jason Wang(王栋)There are plenty of coke products, free drinks and souvenir shops, great for taking kids to learn about the history of coke and a great location right in the heart of atlanta, worth a visit.
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我是长寿者Attractions Olympic Plaza is a park located in downtown Atlanta. It was built for the 1996 Summer Olympics. There are sculptures of athletes receiving awards in the square. Nowadays, the Olympic Centennial Park holds rock concerts in summer, and there are concerts and fireworks displays on Independence Day every year. Opening hours 7:00-23:00
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福贯鳐The History Museum is divided into several exhibition halls, each showing the history of the city, the Civil War, art, sports, and Indians. There is also a swan house in the back, originally a private house of the manor, with gorgeous decoration. Student tickets are 3.5 dollars cheaper than adult tickets. If there is no ticket check, the ticket purchase is all consciously.

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Whether you fancy sports, culture, culinary treats, history, or outdoor recreation, Atlanta has something great on offer. In this guide we’re taking a look at the place ATLiens call Hotlanta. This is a nonstop tour of the Hollywood of the South.
avtarTripBlog   Nov 11, 2020
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Travel, like most things, has been thrown into considerable flux by events in 2020. This has forced us all to reconsider our plans. Rather than multiday long-distance vacationing, the alternative is to reinvigorate the concept of a staycation. Despite there being innumerable ways to staycation, here we’re profiling 10 cities we think fit the bill as excellent staycation destinations. These are places where the combination of open spaces, restaurants, attractions, and scenery give you great bang for your buck. If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to salvage your 2020 travel plans, take a look at the list here for some helpful inspiration. These are 10 great places to staycation in 2020.
avtarTripBlog   Jun 29, 2020
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New York
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Are you thinking of scheduling a family vacation or weekend away? If yes, then consider going to some of the most exciting places to visit in the US? New York would be voted high as the exciting cities in the US or the most exciting among the places to visit in the US. With so many American cities reinventing themselves, travelers can discover something exciting right around the corner. There are cities all over the country brimming with energy, just a short flight, road trip, or train ride away. Pack your carry-on, and in a few hours, you’ll be surrounded by distinct American cultures, iconic dishes, and live tunes.
avtarTripBlog   May 19, 2020

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Here are the best places to visit in Atlanta, including: Georgia Aquarium,Coca-Cola Museum,World of Coca-Cola
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