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Jinchuan River Valley

Jinchuan River Valley

4 Reviews
Ranked #15 in Jinchuan Can't Miss Attractions
0.7 mi from downtown
"Follow the pick-up coil and a dog to drive around the clouds, deep explore the niche travel site. Jinchuan Valley is paid much attention to the spring pear flower season. So, if it is off-season, is it worth going here? What are not to be missed? Now follow the video of pickup curly and a dog to go out from driving to unlock. Watch point ① in off-season Jinchuan Valley. In addition to the popular Jiaju Tibetan Village, there are many Jiaju-style villages along the Jinchuan Valley. These villages are scattered along the banks of the Dajinchuan River, some of which are very traditional and still retain the old mirage. Deep tours can deepen understanding of the local traditional culture. ②. The cable suspension bridges, as we said in the video, are the way that these traditional villages are connected to the outside world. Most of them are iron rope bridges. Go up to one of them and feel the charm of Jinchuan River Valley. ③. Although there are no pear flowers in the off-season, the scenery on both sides of the valley is still. Magnificent canyons, unique beaches, fantastic mountains and green mountains are the indispensable elements of this painting. At this time, there are few tourists, and it is also very pleasant to travel quietly along the river bank. Travel practical Tips road conditions: passing G248 along the way, the road is narrow, some roads are repaired, the whole is better, the car is feasible, pay attention to safe driving. Surrounding: the popular Jiaju Tibetan Village, Danba Meiren Valley, niche Danba Badi Tusi official village and other can be visited. Epidemic hints: Wear a mask, do not gather. Traveling should avoid the risk area, try to choose self-driving travel & explore the niche travel place. If you like to travel by car and don't take the usual road, please listen to the curl. # Restful place to visit around # Humanistic History Interests Discovery # Local people take you to travel # Self-driving travel treasures"
Deng Sheng GouNearby City

Deng Sheng Gou

4/538 Reviews
Ranked #14 in Wenchuan Can't Miss Attractions
68.8 mi from Jinchuan, Wenchuan
"It is not expected to be charged as it is really too cold. We went in mid-autumn and charged 30 tickets...well, if you just want to take oxygen and lungs for walking, this is definitely the first choice. After all, there are not many steps that are gentle, only to climb a short mountain road in the bottom. Also there are several fork roads that have no signposts, so I and my husband are walking to compare mobile phone location and map, otherwise I really don't know the direction. Here to say, must take a mobile phone to take a map at the door, the map on the ticket is too small to see! And don't want to go the most inside is the prairie, people are clearly written is the meadow! So there is no endless flat, even the meadow area can not step in, because there are too many grass and short bushes! In fact, the scenery of the dry sea son is still worth seeing, but it is all mountain roads, good physical strength, I think Deng Sheng Ditch and dry sea son, choose the latter! Finally, if you really want to see the scenery, I think you should drive 70 kilometers to Siguniang Mountain Scenic Area! I really feel different...We have all been to these three places. Next time, we may come back to winter, I hope to see beautiful snow scenery! Everyone also has to love the environment. Through the trip, we still see some plastic garbage dumped on the roadside, and there are trash cans every time we walk. There are also many beautiful scenery in western Sichuan. I hope I have time to experience it slowly."