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Xiaodubai Scenic Area

Xiaodubai Scenic Area

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Ranked #6 in Mashan Can't Miss Attractions
58.9 mi from downtown
"Qiao old village like the peach blossom source is located in the north of Guling Town, Mashan County, Nanning City, 10 kilometers away from the county town, is the combination of Guling Town, Baishan Town, Guzhai Yi Township, but also Guzhai Township, Jiafang Township to the county's throat. In the village, the white walls and gray tiles of Guangxi characteristic homes are arranged in a neat row, many residential yards, and some small vegetable fields, quite sentimental. The streets are asphalt roads, flat and clean. The surrounding mountains surround the village, and occasionally a few chickens and dogs are heard, as if it were a world source. The village has 19 natural cranes, 913 households, 3613 people, the ethnic group is mainly Zhuang and Yi. The poverty rate of 242 poor households 981 in late 2015 was 27.9%. "It turned out to be a poor village, and the appearance of the village was not so neat and modern, but later the town sent cadres to work with the villagers to fight against poverty, especially by transferring land, pooling the land and establishing a large number of cooperative tourism companies." Inject vitality into the local economy. You can see in the village entrance, a large shed of farmland, and some special crops. Qiao Laocun cypress planting base 240 mu, cattle strength Chinese medicine base 200 mu, etc. In addition, one million poverty-reduction funds for the development of photovoltaic industries cover the entire village's poor households, and 3.2 million collective economic funds are used to develop the Qiaolao Peninsula scenic spot. The village collective has established the small capital 100 tourism development co., ltd., and the Qiao Laozhihui tourism development company to develop the Qiao Laocun tourism, to promote the Qiao Lao Village tourism development. Six cooperatives were established in the village, including the five brothers bamboo and mouse breeding cooperatives, all the multi-species breeding professional cooperatives, Xingyitang ecological breeding professional cooperatives, Qiao Laohaicheng breeding professional cooperatives, Lele breeding professional cooperatives, top melon and melon breeding cooperatives, and the development of aquaculture and planting industries. If you like the countryside, like quiet, like the beautiful water, can quietly play here for a day or two, in the Qifeng under a certain homestay platform, look far away, your thoughts will linger in the picture scroll... [] Little tips: The dining and accommodation in the village is still complete, many of the houses are developed into B&B, but the beds are few. Tourists can bring their own tents, they have a special platform to let you set up a tent. The mutton here is very special, the meat is very strong, delicious. There is also a kind of moss grass, moss flavor is particularly strong, strong enough to make individual tourists can not stand. Not far from here, there is a three armoured cockroach, is also quite beautiful, style is similar to here, there can be a variety of types, various difficult climbing."