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    Avenida KukulkanCancun,Mexico

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    Cancun Yacht RentalsCancun,Mexico

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    Bulldog CafeCancun,Mexico

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    Cancun Shuttle and ToursCancun,Mexico

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    Estadio Andres Quintana RooCancun,Mexico

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    Cancun has risen to prominence as the premiere resort town in all Mexico. Discover why visitors from around the world come to experience the white sands and blue Caribbean waters. Here's how you can build your own Cancun adventure.
    avtarTripBlog   Feb 26, 2021
    Leisurely Vacation
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    Spring is a joyous time. Lands cast off winter’s shadow and a remarkable flowering begins. In North America, spring heralds a curious annual migration. College students flock in large numbers from campuses across the cold north to more southerly latitudes. Buoyed by copious amounts of sunshine and (more often than not) alcohol, they shed their outer garments. Clad only in scant attire, they congregate in large numbers on beaches and in resorts. For roughly two weeks typically in mid- to late-March, the spectacle that is Spring Break unfolds in cities and towns from Cancun to Myrtle Beach. If you’re wondering how best to observe the varying levels of debauchery for yourself, we’ve put together this handy travel guide profiling 20 popular Spring Break destinations. Alongside perennial favorites we throw in several places you might not expect. We think you’ll enjoy this look at the top Spring Break destinations for 2020.
    avtarTripBlog   Jan 21, 2021
    Natural Landscapes
    Among the more interesting attractions in the Mexican resort town of a Cancun is the pay a visit to the region's famous underwater museum, aka the Museo Subacuático de Arte. Read on to learn 5 amazing things about this fascinating spot.
    avtarTripBlog   Jan 5, 2021

    Cancun Travel Tips

    About Cancun

    As one of the first planned tourist cities in the world, Cancun is wholly dedicated to the pleasures of a sun and sand vacation. On the Caribbean coast of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, Cancun boasts fine white sand beaches and warm turquoise water. The Hotel Zone is just what it sounds - - hotels , dining and shopping, geared towards international tourists, cruise ship passengers and all-inclusive vacation resorts. To add a bit of adventure to your vacation, venture out into the city to go on a Jeep safari, visit Mayan ruins, swim with dolphins at an adventure park or explore offshore for a boat trip. While chain restaurants abound, Cancun's dining options have expanded upon the gourmet side featuring Yucatecan cuisine like poc chuc (shredded pork marinated in sour orange juice ) or succulent lobster. For night owls, Cancun has a vibrant nightlife, with a multitude of bars and clubs for all ages. These are especially packed during Cancun's busiest week with the under-25 set: spring break, which can run anywhere from mid-March to mid-April.

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    Cancun Transportation

    Flights : Cancun International airport consists of 3 terminals and most European and American cities have direct flights to it although coming from the states is decidedly most convenient. You could take the ADO shuttle bus to the city and the journey will take around 30 minutes. Alternatively, there are cabs that go straight to the hotels, although most hotels do provide pick up services; you just have to arrange for it in advance.

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    Best Experience in Cancun

    Located North of the Caribbean Sea, Cancun is a haven for diving and surfing. The houses and buildings within the city and at the Cozumel (Island) reflect the strong Mayan heritage within. Cancun has the first underwater museum which houses more than 400 sculptures and art pieces of Mayan origin. While in Cancun you must not miss out on the traditional Mexican cuisine and myriad of fresh seafood that is available.

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    Helpful Information about Cancun
    Time Zone
    UTC -6
    Peak Season
    November - April
    Mexican Peso
    Emergency Phone Numbers
    Police, Fire, Ambulance:080

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    Here are the best places to visit in Cancun, including: Tulum,Cozumel Island,Cancun Underwater Museum
    Torra de cochinita pibil, tamales torteados, machacados, salbutes

    Food in Cancun

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