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The most blue and quiet of the lake, the dust is not stained, gentle the whole white time / hc / locals said that the first time to come to Changbai Mountain to see the people in Tianchi, that is the person who is the leader of the fortune ~/hc /Because you want to see the whole picture of the Tianchi, you need a lot of fate. On weekdays, the weather is often changing, or the fog is full, or the wind and the rain, the clouds and fog in the sky, will be more than half of the year. Constantly changing above the Tianchi, it is said that the days of fog in Tianchi are as high as 265 days per year.
Posted: Dec 18, 2018
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Changbai mountain,Recommendations
Heaven Lake on Changbai Mountain
#TOTD Dream Changbai Mountain Tianchi - North Slope
Changbai Mountain Tianchi is located at the top of the volcanic cone of the main peak of Changbai Mountain. It has a charming scenery in the four seasons and is a must-see for Changbai Mountain. On the north slope, west slope and south slope of Changbai Mountain, Tianchi can be seen. The Tianchi scenery seen from the angle difference also has its own artistic conception. In summer, the most probable time of the Tianchi can be seen, but the current south slope is not Individual customers are open.
Changbai Mountain Tianchi is a crater lake formed by the action of rain, snow and underground spring after volcanic eruption. It is also the source of the Songhua River. Visitors climbed to the top of the mountain to see the peaks and the magnificent, 16 peaks surrounded by a pool of calm lakes, under the blue sky and clear sky, the lake is deep and blue, especially charming.
Winter in the winter, the top of the mountain is covered with silver. In the spring and autumn, the meadows on the poolside are covered with mountains and flowers. In summer, the mountains are green. Due to the relatively small amount of clouds in midsummer, there is a greater chance of a true look at Tianchi. The weather on Changbai Mountain is changeable and is often covered by clouds. It is said that there are about 250 days of rain and fog in a year. To see the Tianchi needs luck. Legend has it that people who come to see Tianchi for the first time will be blessed with their lover.
We came here for the first time, and we saw Tianchi twice on the west slope of the north slope, and we got the favor of the lucky god. Look at the cost of the Tianchi, tickets 125, environmentally friendly tickets 85, the North Slope to see the Tianchi more than 80 yuan of the station ticket. In fact, as long as you see the Tianchi expensive point is also worth it.
Changbai mountain,Recommendations
Heaven Lake on Changbai Mountain
When the plane arrived at Changbaishan Airport, it was already noon, and we couldnt restrain our inner excitement. We came directly to the Tianchi scenic spot from the airport. It was very good luck and the sun was very strong. It has been a few days of heavy snow, a thick one. Layer, I have not seen such a big snow in Beijing this year, but here I have to see enough. I bought a scenic ticket and took a snowmobile. It feels so cool. Listening to the cold wind whistling in my ear, the whole person is especially tight except for the eyes. About twenty minutes later, we came to the middle of the scenic spot, and here, it is not over, everything is just beginning, because in front of you, waiting for you is a climb of 1400 steps.
When I first started walking, I felt particularly disappointed. I didnt have to breathe naturally. I felt that I had been away for more than 200 knots for a long time, but for the sake of the scenery, its hard to stick to it, watching the more and more dazzling scenery, climbing up. In order to look forward to this sentence, I will continue to cheer for myself. When I walked to more than 900 knots, the dawn of victory is already beckoning to you.
However, I want to say, everything has not reached the end, after finishing 1400 steps, your eyes are a big snow slope, the slip is certain, the key is not the stability of the stairs, you will worry about all kinds of falls The peers of the same company have been wrestling, but they have also helped each other. In the end, we all walked to the top of the mountain with great happiness.
You love diving, and I like the heroic mountain climbing. Yes, when you stand on the top of the mountain, you especially want to talk to the whole world, say hi!
Changbai mountain,Recommendations
Heaven Lake on Changbai Mountain
Changbai Mountain is not only an international A-level nature reserve, but also has been selected as the most record of the Guinness world, and has many reputations such as the top ten famous mountains in China.
Winter Tianchi, the northern slope of Changbai Mountain, freezes into ice, and the vast and magnificent alpine icy lake shows the magical beauty of the atmosphere.
The north slope of Changbai Mountain is a long-standing crater. After the volcano stops erupting, it will accumulate water into a lake. Its water surface is 2189 meters above sea level, and the maximum water depth reaches 373 meters. In summer, the ice and snow melt, the lake is clear as a mirror, and the sky and The surrounding mountains reflect a magnificent picture. In winter, the eyes are white and the sense of film is more obvious.
only the water outlet, no water inlet is the most peculiar place in Changbai Mountain Tianchi. Although the pool water can only go out, it will not increase for many years.
The magical natural phenomenon provides visitors with delusional space and makes the Changbai Mountain Tianchi more mysterious.
For tourists, this mystery makes the Changbai Mountain Tianchi more attractive.
Because the weather on the mountain is changeable, not everyone has a chance to see the Tianchi. It is said that some tourists have not seen it for four or five times. Our luck is very good. We must see the truth when we go up the mountain for the first time.
The water in the Tianpo Tianchi falls through the gap in the north side to form the Changbai Waterfall Group, and then flows into the Erdaobai River, which is the source of the Songhua River.
The lowest temperature in the northern slope of Changbai Mountain in winter is as low as minus 30 degrees. The cold did not stop the enthusiasm for viewing. Seeing the magnificent scenery of the North, I feel that everything is worth it.
Changbai mountain,Recommendations
Heaven Lake on Changbai Mountain
On the northern slope of Changbai Mountain, I went to the west slope yesterday and saw the blue sky and cloudless Tianchi. It was completely beautiful. Although I knew that it would take 2 hours to get to the north slope from the Wanda Smart Hotel, I still insisted on going.

8:00 in the morning chartered for more than 2 hours to the north slope, buy tickets to queue up to take the green car to the transfer station and then change the car to climb the mountain, the whole journey is thrilling, has been around the mountain cliffs, the constant turn, my heart I have been silently praying. Up to the mountain has been more than 12 o'clock, the clouds are very thick and nothing has been seen. When I was disappointed, I heard someone exclaimed. Looking at the direction of everyone, the clouds came over, and after the blow, I was lucky for the second time after the Tianpo Tianchi. I saw the Tianchi on the north slope again. After a few minutes, the Tianchi was again covered by clouds, and more clouds floated on the mountain. The experienced drivers uncle said that he could not see it in the afternoon and felt that he was too lucky. It is.

often comes to the north and west slopes of Changbai Mountain. Each has a different scene. The south slope is only affected by the weather and is only open for 6 to 10 months each year, and occasionally it will be closed. I personally think that the Changbai Mountain ticket fare is not cheap, each ticket is 125 yuan, the scenic green bus 85 yuan, the transfer center to the mountain gate 24 yuan, such as the north slope Tianchi plus off-road vehicles 80 yuan, so regardless of the north slope or the west slope, One needs at least 230 to 300 yuan, so check the weather and choose one.
If you fly to Changbaishan Airport, stay at Wanda Resort Hotel near Xipo, and go to Tianpo Tianchi on the second day. It is suitable for tourists who can accept higher accommodation rates and have a strong climb of 1442 stone steps.
Changbai mountain,Recommendations
Changbai Mountain Scenic Area
I took a taxi from Wanda Resort to the West Gate of Changbai Mountain. After getting off the bus, I finally stepped on the thick snow. The cloud smoke slowly blew, and the mountain became a faint white. Start going up the hill! I need to have 1442 steps, I am ready!
When I went up the mountain, I was asked by the staff whether I was wearing too little. In fact, I posted 5 warm babies, all of them are braving the heat~
Because it is cloudy, the people who go up the mountain are especially few, and they are alone. However, I was alone as I walked up slowly, and I was very quiet everywhere. Only the crows of crows, the yellow grass and the frozen waterfalls with frosty flowers, the world seemed to return to the most primitive state of rest. I feel that I am walking in the frozen world in the second part of the devil world. Snow white and loneliness make me seem to be able to get rid of the troubles of life and pay attention to what I think.
I took sunglasses all the way, my eyes were still stinging with tears in the white world, and I have never seen such a pure white world like an alien world.
The world is completely white, even after finally reaching the top of the mountain, it is still white - I did not see the Tianchi. The piece of white that was infiltrated by the southeast and northwest of the Tianchi Lake was North Korea. This mysterious and innocent feeling was already refreshing. On the edge of the Tianchi, there is a small room to rest, blocking the snow, pretending to be a fairy tale in the snow to take a picture~
When going back, because it is windward, the actual body feeling will be much colder than when going up the mountain. The whole face was shrunk into the scarf when I went down the mountain. There was a sense of falling down. I thought of Haruki Murakamis book: the end of the world and the cold wonderland.