Upper Palatinate
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Things To Do in Amberg-Sulzbach

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梦露夫人Nuremberg is a city worth visiting. It has both history and modernity, and it also has a good culture. Before 2013, I had traveled here and back for almost four years and I liked it very much. [Scenery] Good. [Fun] Good. [Cost-effective] high.
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sculptorNuremberg Castle is a set of medieval fortifications on a sandstone ridge in the historic center of Nuremberg. Together with the city walls, this castle is considered to be one of the most powerful medieval defense projects in Europe. In the Middle Ages, Germany had no capital, but the king walked from one castle to the other. Therefore, Nuremberg's castle became an important imperial castle, and in the following centuries all German kings and emperors lived in this castle. Nuremberg Castle has a history of a thousand years.
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非你不渴A medieval bridge across the Danube is one of the most famous landmarks in Regensburg, in addition to the cathedral. It is listed as part of the Regensburg Historic Center of World Heritage by UNESCO.
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为爱痴狂qqEvery church is said to have every story, such a church is very local and ethnic, well worth a visit to a site, have a chance to take your wife and children to see it
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Historical Architecture
非你不渴Walking through the cathedral cloister, five Gothic altars are particularly striking, apart from the many treasures that are a feature of the cathedral, and the stained glass windows dating back to 1220-1370 years are impressive.
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wendy_panwenCountless sheds were erected on the open space on the square at the entrance of the church, and the main market square was formed with the participation of merchants~ All kinds of small businesses make people happy~ Some people buy crafts, flowers, and all kinds of gadgets~ More are for sale-preserves, cheese, ham, red wine... There are many choices~ I bought a lot of food, it tastes really good~