Bad Hofgastein
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M44***33The characteristic of the small town of Stein is the medieval buildings, the walls are painted with patterns, very vivid, and timeless, walking in it, as if back to history. It's been more than a month since I came back, close my eyes, the sun is still in front of my eyes, the flowers on the windowsill, the clean air, and the comfortable mood~
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云12345Scenic, a bit like the New Road Sea in Sichuan. Take 840 bus from Salzburg, Austria directly. Basically this bus is the 🚌 that I have seen the most Asian faces. Very convenient transportation. The scenic area needs to take a boat, there are three stopping points. You can go to the farthest, have a glass of 2 euros fresh milk in the milk shed, and then play back in turn. However, the scenic area is very big. If you want to see more attractions, you need to walk fast. You can't put up a tent inside, so pay attention to the operation time of the boat. For example, to see the waterfall, it takes one way to hike 2-3 hours. If you have time, you can play multiple times, that is, you have to buy tickets several times, the full price in 2019 is 19 euros. The smoked fish and black beer there are very delicious.
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Observation Deck
杨昊鑫The Eagle's Nest is a famous scenic spot in the Alps, built on the top of a mountain 1885 meters high. In 1937, this guest house was built as a birthday gift for Hitler, and then the Eagle's Nest became a place for Hitler to entertain allies and have meetings with the Gestapo during the war. The Eagle’s Nest is now open to tourists and has become a mountain top restaurant and observation deck.
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01234567890liHuoHeng salzburg fort is located in salzburg old monks in the mountains, is the landmark building of the city. The white castle stronghold has a long history, it was founded in 1077, the former archbishop gradually expand and become, it is also one of Europe''s largest medieval castle. Castle with museums, cafes, and is also a good place for overlooking the whole landscape. To visit the fort, there are two ways you can take opened in 1892, the small gear train up the hill, just 1 minute can come to the top of the hill, the little train every interval of 10 minutes.
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DJDQKing Lake is located in the Lake of the Berchtesgaden National Park is a famous tourist attraction in Germany.King Lake is famous for its clear water, it is considered the cleanest and most beautiful lake in Germany, called Germany Jiuzhaigou, in fact not as big as Jiuzhaigou! Can't row by yourself, so taking the boat to get there is a choice for most people. Lake King is caught in the middle by steep mountains, and the cruise is moving through it with a sense of a Nordic fjord. When the cruise comes near the rocky wall, the captain blows a trumpet. For foreign tourists who don't drive, the traffic is not very convenient here.
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01234567890liHal Mr Eberstadt is Austria''s ancient Seltzer card in a small town, is located in the Hal Mr Eberstadt lake lake, known as "the world''s most beautiful lake in the town. Here, picturesque, Hal Tuesday by United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization in 1997 into the ranks of the world cultural heritage. Around the village is littered with more than 70 large and small lakes, lake reflected the peaks in the Alps, the villagers all around the lake here to establish a high standard of water purification system, so the water can be directly drinking here.

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Gasteiner Edelbrennerei DurzbauerBad Hofgastein,Austria

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Bad HofgasteinBad Hofgastein,Austria

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