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Things To Do in Henan

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25,265 Reviews
E37***92my first try to step on the glass brigde. it was such a wonderful experience ans the mountains are attractive. i definitely come back!
15,004 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
HFIt’s truly mesmerising sight!  A UNESCO World Heritage site, Longmen Grottoes houses a large collection of stone carving of Buddhas during the northern Wei and Tang dynasties.  There are more than 2,000 grottoes, 100,000 Buddhist statues and 2,800 inscriptions are carved on the Mount Longmen.   Located on both sides of the Yi River, the Longmen Grottoes truly signify the ancient architecture of stone art.   The statues ranging from several centimetres to over 17 metres in height.  The area is divided into 5 sections – Wanfo cave, Guyang cave, Lianhua cave, Binyang cave and Fengxian temple.  The largest stone sculpture, Vairocana Buddha is housed in the Fengxian temple.  On the other side of the Yi river, is Xiang Shan located in the eastern hill of Longmen.   A remarkable time to capture the best shot is during sunset with the lights are lit up.  
4,850 Reviews
爱自然 乐山水"Far to the world to surprise the feast, a glimpse of the world's beauty", have been many times, the most looking forward to Laojunshan cloud sea! Laozi reclusive holy place, Yunshan Xian Palace, the absolute top of Zhongyuan, 800 li Funiu Mountain main peak, 2,217 meters above sea level. Several years ago on the National Day, with everyone in long line, squeezed the cable car Laojunshan. Step into the screen of ten miles, the "Xiujia Sanshan, the five qiguan" is not covered. A crowd of tourists shoulder-hungry, but excited, facing the motherland of the great rivers and mountains, excited. On the National Day, some of the tourists sang a heartfelt "I love China", and immediately the tourists would sing along with the singing, that moment I followed with tears loudly singing, the first time with everyone to sing out the heart of the love and pride of the motherland. That time I thought, I will come back to Laojunshan again... This National Day, Laojunshan, I have come again...
8,669 Reviews
Theme Park
Abby G.I was very happy when I went here. Last October 1,2019. I have seen a lot of Chinese people wearing costumes, and shows inside the park. It is worth a visit. At night, the lights are very beautiful.
9,529 Reviews
M24***47Very interesting place and temple. We loved the story behind it! There was a 1500 old Gingko tree, a beauty by itself! The monks from Shaolin were incredible!
6,346 Reviews
Theme Park
M32***12Really surprised, after Halloween, the atmosphere is super strong, there are many ghosts, their actors are also more surprised, should have a lot of training, still more realistic, will always lower some more timid people, but also feel very exciting, that ghost house has two super fun, go see the project, The lights are very good at night and the show cruise

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Songyang AcademyZhengzhou,China

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Shedian Ancient CityNanyang,China

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Sanhuang VillageZhengzhou,China

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Quanbao GapJiaozuo,China

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Ovary LakeJiaozuo,China

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Youli CityAnyang,China

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