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Geological Sites
心静如水927\Kaiyuan'Nandong Scenic Area has added many attractions, the most visible one is the overpass, the glass path called the “South Fujian First Bridge,” which is highly challenging. Don't worry about heights.
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E00***47Went here admiringly, the navigation is really weak, I just turned around for more than half an hour, in fact, I missed an intersection, the sign is too obvious, the bridge itself is very good, it is worth seeing, the time is too tight, there is a chance to watch the sunrise and sunset It must be very good, next time you have the opportunity to stay in Jianshui for one night.
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Historical Site
罗基察尼速浑察On the Lijiang River, 3 kilometers south of Kaiyuan City, there is a longitudinal three-hole stone arch bridge, "Kaiyuan South Bridge", which is a four-generation longitudinal bridge. The bridge is 61 meters long, 6.9 meters wide and 6.1 meters high. The bridge was built in the Ming Dynasty, and the double name "ice spring bridge" collapsed. It was rebuilt in 1655, Qing Shunzhi. "The bridge was destroyed by floods in the four years of Kangxi, Qing Dynasty. Xu Zhaosheng, the son of Yang Bei, was restored by Yang Bei. 65 years later, in the eight years of Qing Dynasty, the bridge was destroyed again. Yang Bei's son, Yang Yu, and Xu Shixu, the son of Xu Zhaosheng, contributed more than 800 yuan each." "The next year, Yang Yu, the son of Yang Yu, and the state Yang Tiancheng, built the foundation of the South Bridge." Yang Weiwen, a student, wrote his father's will, donated silver 800, and made it easy to use stones and named the same bridge. "The bridge began to be built in the Qing Dynasty, in the four dynasties of Shunzhi, Kangxi, Yuzheng and Qianlong. From the bridge built in Yangbei in 1665, the four generations of the Yang family were counted 128 years before and after, one generation after another. The bridge is not only built. Although there is no name of Yang's family on the bridge, the contribution made by the Yang family's four generations to build the bridge is written into history. There is no doubt that the bridge is the best monument for the four generations of the Yang family. The story of the four generations of the Yang family will be remembered forever.
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耶路撒冷的牛牛If you go to the innermost point, this is where the main hall is. Now the inside is empty. It is estimated that the Daxiong Hall will be built here in the future. After repairs, it should be very good. At that time, fees may be charged. It is an ancient city. A relatively quiet area.
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Taoist Temple
带您游新疆~玲玲Xilongtan Sanjiaodian is located in the west of Kaiyuan City, Yunnan Province. It was built in the Ming Dynasty and has a building area of 116 square meters. It has a large elevation difference, a relatively complicated terrain, and a relatively humid climate. It belongs to the subtropical plateau monsoon climate.
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人在旅途旅途旅途旅途旅途旅途This is the largest and longest single-hole stone arch bridge in Asia. It used to be the traffic throat connecting central and southern Yunnan, comparable to the Huitong Bridge on the Nu River during the Anti-Japanese War in Western Yunnan. There are long ponds and temples in Kaidian Village nearby that are worth a visit, and there are very cost-effective rural ecological small restaurants across the road in Kaidian Village. The taste is amazing!

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Seven-hole Bridge, HongheHonghe,China

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Zhiyuan ManorHonghe,China

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Kaiyuan South BridgeHonghe,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Kaiyuan, including: Nandong Scenic Spot Protection Area,Seven-hole Bridge, Honghe,Kaiyuan South Bridge
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