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Things To Do in Lianjiang

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Amusement Park
_We***91I went for the reserve and it was awesome. I loved being able to see the animals walk around freely while we rode in the back of a truck. Was alittle difficult to do research on and find since everything was in chinese. Decided to go for it since it was something I wanted to do. It was cool that the tickets also let us go through the amusement park. Definetly worth it!
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草莓粥_Worth recommending, super fun, various projects, to play with boyfriend and another couple. It is better to play various projects in pairs hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, super recommended! Next time, if you don’t get so much exposure in winter, go to the happy world next to you.
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Hot Springs Resort
嘟嘟脸爱旅游Have been to Gui'an before! So this time choose Xishan Hot Spring. The service is very attentive. When you arrive at the parking lot, there will be a special car to take you to the hot spring ticket office! The prices of the items sold are also good, the children’s water guns and swimming trunks are all 38 yuan. There are staff in the hot spring venue, and if you can't find the pool, they will take the initiative to take you to find! well! But there are also disadvantages. First of all, the name of each hot spring pool is not conspicuous enough to find, and there is only one bathrobe for one person, and the extra charge requires a second charge. There are three bath towels per person, which can be collected at the fish spa. It's uncomfortable to walk around wet, and it's easy to get sick! Whatever you buy in Gui'an! There is also a limited amount of fruit. There is no leisure and entertainment area where you can eat fruit. You can watch TV and rest. Fruits are served for one person. But everyone gave a mask to apply on the slate, which is still very comfortable! I feel that most of the pool water temperature is around 41 degrees! Did not see the high temperature pool! Not enough tricks! The only thing is that the environment is very good, the air is clean, and the staff is attentive! The self-financed items include fish therapy (30 yuan/time)! Boat on the water hot spring (58 yuan / half an hour)! A serving of chicken wings is 18 yuan! Meals are not very expensive! Overall is not big enough! smaller! Then Xishan Hot Spring Hotel is right next to the ticket booth, and it's very close by walking within ten seconds! Accommodation is very convenient!
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丶我们的故事丶The fun museum project is a lot, more than one in the afternoon, the second floor at 3 o'clock closed, played a boiled noodles. The rest are playing on the first floor, played 5 items in the afternoon. Suggested to go early, otherwise it really can't finish.
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M28***62Except for the sun is too hot, everything else is good, orderly and organized play projects, children like it, have a lot of fun. If you go in summer, you must take good care of sun protection. The skin gets sunburned, which is quite painful.
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320***47An adult is an escort. It is recommended to cancel the fee for accompanying an adult. It is possible to stipulate that a child is accompanied by more than one, and then pay. I don't know why the adults charge 20 yuan.