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Things To Do in Longhua

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241 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
M26***97Arrived at around 10 in the morning, I bought a ticket 168 on Ctrip. After I arrived, I changed it to a paper ticket and bought a ticket 198 on the spot. It was the same. Change the water each morning and afternoon. It’s too cold outside and I didn’t go out. Indoors, there are various hot springs, milk, ginseng tonic soup, chrysanthemum pond, lotus pond... each has its own differences, as well as surfing, separate children’s pool and adult’s pool, and the buffet is also good. After eating, there is a lounge to rest. Play for a day, not tired but also very casual, suitable for family play. like very much
45 Reviews
M24***26In autumn, it’s best to go to Wanshan, all over the red forest, and dye the blue sky. The white birch trees next to the white clouds and the curvaceous mountain road are covered with deciduous leaves exuding a strong autumn atmosphere. Thousands of acres of alpine grassy slopes facing the dazzling mountains, what troubles can't let go of?
21 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客The understanding of Longhua as a heroic land should be traced to the text on Dong Cunrui’s bombing of bunker in the school textbook. This period of history is a bit distant from the present, but in the hot spring pool that opens the pores of my body, the content described in the textbook always lingers in front of my eyes.
7 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
旅行者VlPThe Hot Spring Resort is very close to the Qijia exit of Daguang Expressway, and the transportation is convenient. The hot spring water temperature is moderate, the swimming pool is relatively standard, and it is more fun to have a visit.
14 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
牛旺旺Very nice spa hotel. The hot spring water is a real hot spring, and it is clean and hygienic. After washing, the body is slippery, the skin is particularly moisturized, and it feels white once. The hotel’s food is also very authentic, including barbecue beer, various skewers, red willow mutton skewers, meat tendons, bones and chicken wings, grilled leek and enoki mushrooms. In short, all kinds of skewers are very complete. The dinner is farmhouse rice, roasted whole lamb, chai chicken stew, all cooked in place and delicious. The waiters were very loving. When they saw the fresh green onion dipping sauce next to them, they asked if they had it. The waiter gave us a copy, which was really loving. There is an indoor hot spring with a pool, which is private and clean, and the price is not expensive. I will bring my parents here when I wait for the summer vacation. Love this hot spring!
4 Reviews
Water Park
M29***01I went in July. It was super nice and there were a lot of people. At that time, I drove by myself and the cars couldn’t keep up. There were too many. The water in the water park was still hot spring water. I like the night scene the most. It’s so hilarious in the water. I heard from the locals that the hot spring here is known as the best in North China, and I have tried it. I stayed there for a week. The hot spring water is good, and there is also hot spring water in the hotel! Recommend to everyone

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Rehe Hot SpringsChengde,China

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Jinshuiwan Hot Spring ResortChengde,China

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Hot Spring Town FarmhouseChengde,China

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Nantianmen Mountain National Forest ParkChengde,China

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Tianyu Hot Spring ManorChengde,China

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Qijia Hot Spring VillaChengde,China

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Longhua Weather

Oct 19, 2021
-7 ~ 10
Oct 20, 2021
-5 / 13
Oct 21, 2021
-5 / 14
Oct 22, 2021
-3 / 12
Oct 23, 2021
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Oct 24, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Longhua
Oct 19, 2021 Longhua Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 36%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:24/17:23
Longhua Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Longhua, including: Jinshuiwan Hot Spring Resort,Maojingba Primitive Forest Valley,Rehe Hot Springs
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