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North Macedonia is a country/region in Europe. Famous for cities such as Skopje, Ohrid, and Resen, you'll find plenty to do and see here.
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Looking for things to do in North Macedonia? We provide up-to-date info on everything from must-see scenic spots to local hangouts.
Sveti sofia
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Lake Ohrid
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Lake Matka
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Macedonia Square
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The Stone Bridge
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St. Jovan Kaneo
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Tsar Samuel's Fortress
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Warrior on a Horse
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Millennium Cross
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Skopje Fortress Kale
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Skopje Walks
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The Bay of Bones
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Discover the Real North Macedonia With a Local Expert

adem ibraimi
#skopje is the capital of republic of North Macedonia located in the Balkan peninsula. #macedonia itself is a region across Bulgaria, Greece and North Macedonia, so they are different things. Here on the pictures you can see the central square, the newly built sights and the arch wich is also new. The river that passes through the town is alao very beautiful. #happynewyear
Stoyan Gotsev
tasting wines and chasing sunsets
The capital of Macedonia, Skopje, the largest city in Southeast Europe, the city is much better than the previous Albania. Keller Castle was built in the 6th century on the left bank of the Vardar River, from which you can see the entire city and the top of the mountain. The cross, which was built in commemoration of Jesus in 2000
The ancient Macedonian city of Ohrid, located in the Ohrid Lake, the second largest lake in the Balkans, is the oldest lake in Europe. It used to be more than 350 churches throughout Ohrid. "Jerusalem" in the Balkans. It is said that this mountain town was built by Alexander's father, Philip II. People call it "the city of the sun" because there are 230 days in 365 days a year. This is by far the only World Heritage Site in the Republic of Macedonia
Jerusalem in the Balkans: Ohrid , who had 365 churches, if I didnt come to Ohrid, I dont know that there are still 365 churches in this place in the world. I heard that such believers can Going to churches in different churches every day, and therefore, Ohrid is named "Jerusalem in the Balkans." Today, although there are not so many churches, the ancient city of Ohrid is not big in itself. You can see a church without a few steps. There are many ancient buildings and places of interest. The key to is that prices are also very moving. It is also a European country. The big bottle of Coke here is only about 6 yuan.
Jojos trip
A small travel destination in Northern Macedonia: A sunset in Ohrid North Macedonia may sound a bit garbled because it has just changed its name. If this trip is not through this country, I will not be interested in it. Select Ohrid as a transit station, purely because you see a lake on the map, but it is more pleasant to come here. On the first day, I met a good weather and watched a sunset by the lake. The best place to watch the sunset is in St. John's Church. In summer, the sunset time is around 8pm, just around 7:30, because this attraction is relatively small, there are not many tourists, so you can enjoy the sunset time. . How to get there: There is a direct car from Ohrid to Tirana, but the best way is to drive by car.
Jojos trip
You can't miss me ah Just a billboard. The capital of Macedonia, Skopje, is the most comfortable I have seen in these Eastern European countries. The main body of white is very sunny, actually has Arc de Triomphe, a bit Great. In fact, the name of the Republic of Macedonia has now been changed to the Republic of Northern Macedonia, The reason is because Greece does not recognize, the ancient Macedonians are part of Greek culture, but today the North Macedonia is partly Slavic culture. This made Greece very uncomfortable. It has always voted for Macedonia to enter NATO. The Macedonians are also very embarrassed. If they cant enter the EU, they will not be able to enter the EU. So its not too poor, so they changed their name to the Northern Macedonia. It is. Ok, I have to continue to play rough, Gu Nai!