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Things To Do in Troms

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E33***72Beautiful church with a modern design. Iconic architectural design is especially lovey in the snow. Church is across the main Tromsø town, so the view is fantastic.
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Cable Car
SophiaThe Tromsø Cable Car is located on the opposite side of the New Town from the Old Town. I heard that bus 26 can go to the cable car station. We can park outside the station by driving. Since we have received a ticket for parking before, the parking ticket must be bought. Here is to first use the credit card to authorize the purchase of the budgeted hours, and then swipe the card once more for settlement. The cable car that runs every half an hour costs 190 Norwegian dollars back and forth ~ it's a good deal~ Go up and take pictures on the platform under the strong wind to see the panoramic view of Tromso. If you look carefully, you can see the glass library in the old city from the lens. However, the wind was so cold and the hands were stiff for a while, and he stayed for less than 10 minutes. If you are afraid of the cold, you can go to the view restaurant next door to enjoy the meal while the environment is very good, but the taste is poor. In December, you can basically see the sunset when you go up at 12 noon, and it has changed to night scene at 2 pm. Tromso is a particularly recommended attraction.
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翱翔的大鲨鱼It is in the city center of Tromso. It has a history of more than two hundred years. The church itself is small, very regular, typical Gothic architecture, very beautiful in the night, and the surrounding buildings are also very distinctive.
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M44***33The Arctic Alpine Botanic Garden is the northernmost botanical garden in the world. You can see plants unique to the Arctic and alpine plants from all over the world.
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_WB***88Now this museum has begun to charge, 80nkr for adults, there are some special exhibitions in it, mainly the works of Northern Norwegian artists, including paintings and sculptures.
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袔樂Heard of this town, known as the most beautiful town in the world. The scenery in Austria and Switzerland is really great~ In fact, there are many mountains and waters in China, and the European architecture such as the steeple has a special flavor~ Of course, you have to wear Hanfu to go to various countries to punch cards~ As always, you are surrounded by many people, and you hear many "beautiful" praises. Also asked for a photo, hahahaha, I have been very used to ~ the residents of this town are also very enthusiastic, there is a grandfather's doorway flowers are particularly beautiful, I took a photo at the door (Figure 7), I saw the grandfather come out, thought it was not allowed to take photos, so I quickly apologized and said sorry, He smiled and waved his hands and said: It's okay, feel free to take pictures, and said that your clothes are so beautiful, so they watched me take pictures. I guess I like that tourists can record beautiful moments here and take a boat with the group. A few days ago, I have been looking at various buildings, suddenly blowing the lake wind to see the lake scenery, don't mention how cozy ~ Po also made a grimace, especially cute. There are many boats on the lake, estimated that residents can catch fishing (Hahaha I guess). There are still people swimming in the lake, think of the lake so clear, I would like to swim in it ~ remember grandpa before swimming in the Yangtze River, now is blocked, can not play so freely.