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Things To Do in Tulum

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Historical Site
E31***84Love Cancun, we visit almost every year ! I love going to their cultural tours! They make a cultural tour so fun and entertaining !
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Historical Site
乖小咪The Coba site, hidden deep in the Yucatan Peninsula, is a Mayan civilization that is older than the Chichen Itza site. The pyramid here is the tallest one in the entire Mayan civilization. The steps are very steep, and the temple above represents the supreme divine power. It really takes courage to climb such a step, especially when I come down, I really feel a little scared.
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Historical Site
M25***40We rode from our hotel to the site and it was easy to find. You can buy tickets in advance at the roadside stall next to the site which means you can skip the queue and get in through the fast track. When you cross the jungle to the site you will find almost no shade, so my advice is to bring a hat, water and sunscreen!
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乖小咪Ziggy Beach is a very large public beach in Tulum. The sandy beach here is very white and soft. The sea is clear and blue. It echoes the blue sky and white clouds. It is really beautiful. There are many wonderful water projects on the beach, and everyone can hug and play with the sea.
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M25***40Beautiful views, totally enchanted by the surroundings, our guide was friendly and introduced a lot, humanistic and geographical, this tour was excellent value for money!
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Historical Site
爆米花科学家Few coastal buildings remain in the Mayan ruins. The place is quite big. It is a pity that most of the buildings are blocked by fences and it is not possible to see the site up close. But the whole is quite shocking. And there are many large lizards lying on the ruins basking in the sun. Parking is a bit difficult during peak season.