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GlenfinnanNearby City


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"The start of the tour in Glenfinnan was at 11 o'clock, and it happened to catch a passenger train passing on the viaduct, so I barely took a long-term photo. Afterwards, I walked under the railway viaduct and on the nearby hillside highlands. From different angles, I saw this bridge with a history of hundreds of years and the oldest concrete structure in the world. With 21 arches, the elevated arch bridge with the highest point 30 meters above the ground is very imposing, and the semi-circular long arc design also makes people amazed by the ingenuity of designers and craftsmen a hundred years ago. There is also a tall monument across the road from the visitor center. At the top of the monument is a sculpture of a figure known as Prince Charles. This memorial was built to commemorate Edward Stewart, Prince Charles of Scotland, who launched an uprising against the invasion of England in 1745. At that time, he led the attempt to restore the throne of the King of Great Britain to the family, and ultimately ended in the defeat at the Battle of Culloden. This battle actually ended the story of the so-called Jacobite seizing the throne in British history. But later generations still built such a tall monument in this beautiful place to give the prince the image of a romantic failed hero. Visitors can go up to the top of the monument and look far away, but that requires additional tickets. We feel that viewing these two scenery from the commanding heights on the hillside behind the visitor center is enough to have a wide view, and the surrounding mountains are even more expansive."