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Things To Do in Jinjiang

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jkw***77Must visit while in Jinjiang. Great atmosphere for meeting with friends for tea or beer. offer great selection of food.
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Historical Site
鹏哥带你行Anping Bridge is located in a small town in the southwestern part of Jinjiang Province, the longest existing ancient bridge in China. It is only open for free. The surrounding scenery is good, there is a park at the end of the bridge, and there are stalls selling local food. It is very good.
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_GG***64This is a great place to visit with children. we started at the entrance near the Shaolin temple and took a bus to the top of the mountain. It cost 70 yuan each but the kids were free. we hiked to Sky lake, bravery rock, qingyuan caves, Nantai village and viewing area, stupa master, yuanyuan cave, and finally Laozi. There are bathrooms and palaces to eat along the way but I reccomend bringing snacks and lots if water. The views are spectacular. If you can find a clear day to go you will take some magnificent photos. We probably walked aroubd 6km total. Word of warning. If you start from the South gate near Laozi it is a very long hike up many steps to get to the top. If you are not in good shape you can take thr bus.
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happylinjingAmusement park with high cost performance, I arranged for the baby to play for two days. The park indoor, windy and rainy summer is not afraid. There are 110 meters high Shimao Ferris Wheel and more than 30 classic rides in the park, but unfortunately my baby is less than 120cm, and there are many fun projects that can't be experienced. The project over the channel made my mother praise it. Worth the price.
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Jinstall⛩: Caoyan Temple ⛳️: Huabiao Mountain Crane, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province 🎫: Free 🅿️: Free 📚: Caoyan Temple - the only Maniguang Buddha and Manirian Temple in China, and the only existing Manirian temple site in the world. (Manichaeism is the Ming religion in the Shoot Dragon in the sky) Cao Yishan cliff, Jing Neishan a round shallow trenches, carved in the round trenches a Mani Light Buddha, fell on the lotus altar, the strange is the image of the Buddha pale face, pink hands, gray clothing, back with a shimmering light decoration. This is the only remaining statue of Manichaean stone Buddha in the world, selected as the emblem of the International Conference on Manichaeism held in Sweden in August 1987. A complete black bowl of the Yuan Dynasty was unearthed in front of the ruins of Caozhang Temple, along with an ancient maple tree in the 1300s. Caozhang Temple walked down the whole circle 1-2 hours is enough, walking in the temple feels clean and peaceful.
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旅行or自由Zimao Mountain is located in Zimao Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province. It is known as the "Quanzhou Four Mountains" along with Qingyuan Mountain, Peng Mountain and Luoshang Mountain. It is 517.8 meters above sea level, so it is named because it is often covered with purple clouds. In the Tang Dynasty, there was a golden millet cave on the mountain, where Yuande Zhenren lived and cultivated. According to legend, the four characters "The Cave of Golden Suspense" originally existed on the mountain, written by Song Ningzong when he retreated here. The Taoist Temple and Lingxiao Tower were built in the Ming Dynasty, which have been destroyed. There are still 18 stone carvings of Song, Ming and Qing Dynasty on the mountain. Because of the lush flowers and trees on the mountain, quiet and tranquil, it has been known as the "Purple Hat Lingxiao" since ancient times and is one of the ten scenic spots in Quanzhou. Since the Tang Dynasty, it has been a famous tourist attraction.

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Shenhuwan Submarine Ancient Forest Relics Nature ReserveQuanzhou,China

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Junrui 3D Mohuan Art Experience HallQuanzhou,China

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About Jinjiang

Located on the southeastern coast of Fujian, Jinjiang is at the center of the triangle formed by the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and Taiwan. It is separated from Taiwan by the strait. Jinjiang City is located in between the ocean and mountains. It has a long history and a rich and unique culture. It formed a natural landscape based on the mountains, seas and forest, and a humanistic landscape based on ancient culture, ancient architecture and folk traditions. It is rich in tourism resources and one of the potential tourism centers in Fujian Province.

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Here are the best places to visit in Jinjiang, including: Wudian City Traditional Area,Anping Bridge,Zimao Mountain Scenic Area
I recommended Zimao Mountain Scenic Area, Yakou Tourist Area, Shenhuwan Submarine Ancient Forest Relics Nature Reserve, Shenhuwan Submarine Forest.
Jinjiang is adjacent to Xiamen, and there are airports in the city, but there are not many flights. Jinjiang is about 60 kilometers from Xiamen Airport and it takes more than one hour to drive. 1: Airport bus, Soaring Century Hotel, 56 km. The fare is 35 yuan, about 1 hour. 2: It is convenient for people to take more taxis.
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