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About Jinjiang

Located on the southeastern coast of Fujian, Jinjiang is at the center of the triangle formed by the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and Taiwan. It is separated from Taiwan by the strait. Jinjiang City is located in between the ocean and mountains. It has a long history and a rich and unique culture. It formed a natural landscape based on the mountains, seas and forest, and a humanistic landscape based on ancient culture, ancient architecture and folk traditions. It is rich in tourism resources and one of the potential tourism centers in Fujian Province.

Popular Attractions in Jinjiang

Wudian City Traditional Area
437 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
The Wudian City Traditional Area is found between many high-rise buildings, in stark comparison to modern urban civilization. Strolling into the Wudian City Traditional Area, you can see much scenery on the ancient stone road. The large and small buildings in the neighborhood are similar to a thick book of Jinjiang historical architectural art. From the Lusi Li Art Museum to the Chinese and Western buildings, they are all showing the special Jinjiang architectural style.
Anping Bridge
381 Reviews
Historical Site
Anping bridge is a famous girder stone bridge in medieval times, so it has the beauty of "there is no bridge in the world to grow this bridge". Anping bridge on the heart of the water, five pavilions, such as pavilions. Bridge piers method, with long stones and rectangular stones stacked in transverse and longitudinal, quadrate, unilateral ship form, bilateral ship form three forms, such as changhong. In addition, on both sides of the long bridge, there are ancient stone towers and stone statues of Buddha. On the balustrade, there are vivid stone lions of male and female and stone statues of general protecting the bridge, all of which are stone carvings of the southern song dynasty. East bridge head has five hexagonal hollow brick tower, outside daub white ash. High tower long bridge with a beautiful picture.
Zimao Mountain Scenic Area
74 Reviews
Located in Zimao Town of Jinjiang City in the southwest of Quanzhou, the Zimao Mountain Scenic Area is famous for its beautiful scenery. It is one of the famous mountains in Quanzhou and it has been a tourism scenic spot since the Tang Dynasty. The scenery in the scenic area is pleasant, with fruit trees everywhere. The place of reading and cultivation of Taoist priests in the past and the imprints of Buddhist carvings and stone carvings of the ancient sages have added a humanistic atmosphere. In the mountains, there are various types of "心(heart)" stone carvings,which is marvelous .
Cao'an Temple
103 Reviews
The Caoan Temple is built on the cliffs of the mountain. The remains of the Moi Buddha are the treasures. There is a stone like a frog. It is a witness to the Maritime Silk Road. In front of Caotun Temple, there are beautiful scenery such as “hidden bridge” and “Bafeng Pond”. There are quite a few stone cliffs in the back hill of Caotun Temple, and there are also quite famous scenic spots such as “Wan Shifeng” and “Yuquan”.

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Jinjiang Weather

Jul 3, 2020
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Trip Moments

Minnan Culture Xinjiekou, Jinjiang City Living Room In the downtown area surrounded by high-rise buildings, there is such a traditional neighborhood, which condenses the folk customs of Jinjiang and even southern Anhui. This is the five-storey city of Jinjiang. A neighborhood that can be compared to Kuanzhai Alley and Jinli in my heart. There are unique "Southern Palace" red brick buildings with the characteristics of Minnan, the Western and Chinese buildings, the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Republic of China and even the modern buildings. They are well preserved and have four views in the "Qingyang Eight Views". More than 100 historical buildings, including the Clan Ancestral Hall, the Zhuang Family Temple, the Shigu Temple and Buzheng Temple, Cai Maxian House, North Datun, Zhuang Zhixu House, and Wanran Villa. The block is rich in cultural heritage, retaining and inheriting the intangible cultural heritage of Jinjiang traditional features such as Gaojia Opera, Puppet Show and Nanyin. There are also many traditional cultural exhibitions, folk customs, business travel, leisure and entertainment, food tasting and other projects, so that foreigners feel very south and make young people feel very fashionable.
Posted: May 7, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Zimao Mountain Scenic Area, Yakou Tourist Area, Shenhuwan Submarine Ancient Forest Relics Nature Reserve, Shenhuwan Submarine Forest.
Here are the best places to visit in Jinjiang, including: Cao'an Temple, Yakou Tourist Area, Shenhuwan Submarine Ancient Forest Relics Nature Reserve, Dongshi Ancient Village, Shenhu Town.
Jinjiang is adjacent to Xiamen, and there are airports in the city, but there are not many flights. Jinjiang is about 60 kilometers from Xiamen Airport and it takes more than one hour to drive. 1: Airport bus, Soaring Century Hotel, 56 km. The fare is 35 yuan, about 1 hour. 2: It is convenient for people to take more taxis.