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The Tulou Prince Hotel Chinese Restaurant serves authentic Hakka cuisine
dinner at the Tulou Prince Hotel. The Hakka cuisine is real, the mountain is mostly, the hazelnut bag, the pearl powder, the stuffed tofu, a scent, where the cowhide is not used to blow, It is used to eat. The fragrant and soft, sleek and scented Yongding scorpion bag is a special feature. Red glutinous rice flour is made into skin, and it is made into a package with meat, mushrooms, and winter bamboo shoots. It tastes great, although the whole table of dishes, the scorpion bag still wiped out the two.
Posted: Apr 24, 2019
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Chuxi Tulou cluster
Yongding Earth Building
The unique architectural style of the earth building is awe-inspiring to the world of architecture. Hakkas from generation to generation have flourished in this unique building. The earliest contact with the earth building was a stamp of a residential house long ago. There is a stamp on the earth building. I was thinking about how there would be a round. The open-air house, after coming through the distance, was really shocked. In the scenic area, you usually go to the observation deck first. You can watch the most famous "four dishes and one soup" on the viewing platform. Tulou can see a lot of historical feelings, whether it is the wall of the outer wall or the traces of disrepair, it shows the long history of the earth building, the beauty of the earth building is deep and connotation, the tourists passing by No sighs, and local residents look at these excited tourists with strange eyes. In fact, no matter how big the earth building, whether it is round or square, no matter how big or small, it is divided into 4 floors, a kitchen, a two-story storage room, and three floors and four floors. Most of these earth buildings were built during the turmoil in China and the migration of the Hakka family from the Central Plains to the south. Later, not only did the Hakkas settle in the southeast coast of China, but also defended the needs of the wild beasts and robbers, and embodied Confucianism. Only when the great family lived together to create the ideal building of this form. ticket ordinary ticket
Chuxi Tulou cluster
Two days of rainy weather on the weekend, I came to the Chuxi Scenic Area and climbed up to the level. When I arrived at the viewing platform, I was still dreamed by the misty and fascinating Chuxi Tulou group. Nearly three circular earth buildings and one square earth building were composed. Three dishes and one soup. The Chuxi Tulou Group is located in Chuxi Village, Xiayang Town, Yongding County. It consists of five round buildings and dozens of square buildings. All floors are connected by a ring. The oldest earth building is the Jiqing Building. The gathering mode of the gathering house is independent of each other. It is the creative design of the best of both worlds. The youngest earth building is the Shanqing Building. Jiqing Building, Shanqing Building, Shengqing Building, Gengqing Building, Gongqing Building, and the name of the building of the Chuxi Tulou Group are very special, with a celebration. It has a stretch of patterns and has a high historical value, scientific value and artistic value. The earth building is either large or small, or square or round, and the view is intoxicating. It is raining and misty, like a dream. In the occasion of the pet association, the owner played with his own dog on the viewing platform. It was very interesting. Keji, Labrador, Chihuahua, Husky, the rainy day, the owner also put a raincoat on the dog. Love. The most concentrated, the most beautiful, the oldest, the most special, the most famous. Built by mountains and rivers, with a long history, unique architectural style and ancient charm, the Chuxi Tulou Group left me with a good memory.
Zhencheng Building
Longyan to Yongding Tulou Group Scenic Area is about 77 kilometers. When it is close to the Tulou Group, you can see sporadic earth buildings along the roadside. From the heights, the domes are hollow like a frisbee, and the loess deep wall locks the courtyard. Enter Yongding Tulou Scenic Area, follow a small stream, walk for about 10 minutes or so, you can walk to the Tulou Prince---Zhencheng Building, this road is not alone, the stream flows along the way, the flowers bloom The villagers are busy with their farm work and have an idyllic rural atmosphere. After crossing a small bridge, he came to Zhencheng Building. He was hailed as the prince of Tulou and regarded as the representative of Hakka. After the corridor on the first floor, you can go around the building and go around like a labyrinth. It is like walking through the Lin Family Courtyard in the Republic of China, brick walls, wooden doors, carved windows, and each household maintains the whole The unification of style has highlighted its own characteristics in the internal layout. The area above the 1st floor of the zhengcheng building is not open to the public, and the third floor is the best choice if you want to look at its overall situation. It is not impossible to think of the third floor. You can go straight to the uncle who lives in the building to buy a toll. From the wooden staircase to the third floor, you will stand in the best viewing position to enjoy the vibrating building. This building is quite elaborate, divided into two circles inside and outside, each circle is divided into eight units, the units are connected by arches, open can be connected to each other, and closed can be self-contained, both The harmony of the big family and the privacy of the small family are really an ideal community model. The ancestral hall in the middle can also be used as a stage. It is the living area of everyone. It is really a pleasure to sit around and enjoy the drama after the meal.
There are tens of thousands of earth buildings in Fujian. To ask which one is the most famous, it must be the Chengqi Building called "Tulou King". The earth building was once printed on a stamp. In 1986, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications issued a set of Chinese national residence stamps. The picture used was Chengqi Building. Chengqi Building is located in Gaobei Village, Gaotou Township, Yongding County, Fujian Province. It is one of the Gaobei Tulou Group. Yongding County is the county with the largest number of Tulou buildings in Fujian. The group of earth buildings has Gaobei Tulou Group, Hongkeng Tulou Group and Chuxi Tulou Group, all of which are world cultural heritage. Persimmon is a special product of Yongding. In the autumn and winter seasons, there will be scenes of persimmons on the square in front of the earth building or in the earth building. There are also dried persimmons in the building. Tulou is usually a family living together. These earth buildings usually have a history of more than 100 years or hundreds of years. Chengqi Building is a typical representative. Chengqi Building was built in the Ming Dynasty, but it was completed in the 48th year of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1709), and it has experienced 81 generations before and after 3 generations. The residence in the Chengqi Building is the name of Jiang. This earthen building is larger than the average earthen building. The underground wall of the ground floor is 1.5 meters thick and is extremely strong. It has not been poured for hundreds of years. There are 400 rooms in the earth building, and at most 800 people live. The earth building is a ring-and-loop structure, which is a total of four rings from the top.