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Observation Deck
Observation Deck, Guifeng Mountain Scenic AreaNearby City

Observation Deck, Guifeng Mountain Scenic Area

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"Observation Deck"
"Kamemine is located in the prefecture of Yangyang City, Jiangxi Province, and it is called kamemine because there is a theory that there is no tortoise in the shape of the mountain stone, and there is a theory that there is no tortoise and no tortoise. The peak is not high, the highest peak is only about 500 meters, in the typical Danxia landform, mainly purple red sandstone, conglomerate, the mountain body is eroded by the current for many years, weathering, formed the top flat, steep natural Fangshan Stone Village. The total length of the Guifeng Glass Road is about 500 meters wide 1.5 meters. It is the first glass path built with Danxia natural landscape in China. Walking between the paths is like hanging from the cliff, harvesting beautiful scenery while letting your adrenaline skyrocket. Southern sky is the best angle to observe the sunset of the turtle peak, take a time-lapse to enjoy the sunset rays of the beauty, perhaps my travel is too comfortable, even the small squirrels who are always agile and cautious also ran to join up with the lively. Take a look at the beauty of the tortoise peak, you will find that every angle here, you can harvest different beautiful. You can see the panoramic view of the good Hanpo, the magnificent camel peak, but it is definitely the location of the West Travels. For the turtle peak, there are many recommended points, suitable for a few days in this small stay, taste the fireworks of the family, experience a holiday mountaineering happiness."