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"Historical Site"
"Drobak, the most beautiful stop of the trip to Oslo, rarely visited by tourists, let me write and make some contributions. According to local terms, Drobak is Santa’s hometown, and the trip to Drobak is an Oslo cruise for me and Lao Gongbao. Depart from the marina near the city hall at 11:00 in the morning and head to Drobak. The one-way trip takes one and a half hours, the island tour is two hours, and it returns to Oslo at 4 pm. The cost for two people is about 1200 NOK. In Oslo in winter, the sunshine time is very short, and it often rains and snows. Black&Dark, um, seeing the sun is not an easy task. However, you must bring your own sunshine mentality when you travel, and you may encounter surprises. At 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning, the sky was not very bright, and it was gloomy. After leaving at 11 o'clock, the sky gradually brightened. Along the way, an old Norwegian man was a tour guide on a cruise ship to explain to us. He is a retired physics teacher. He is very old and has inconvenient legs and feet, but the explanation is very thoughtful and careful. After the explanation, he took the initiative to communicate with tourists and help take pictures. Dedicated tour guide service. Although English has been abandoned for many years, listening and guessing are quite rewarding. After landing on the island, the first thing I visited was the "post office" on the island. A bearded old man who worked at the "post office" introduced that Drobak is Santa’s hometown, and every year he receives letters from friends all over the world to Santa. Letter, he has been responsible for reading letters here and replying to friends everywhere. The walls in the hut are filled with letters to Santa Claus. It is a special post office full of love. I don’t know what kind of reply letters will be received when I ask for gifts from Santa Claus. (^^)Drobak Xiao The island is very beautiful. The director said that there is a Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, and there are three on Drobak Island, sitting on the pier, watching the fjord here. In summer, the sunshine time reaches 19 hours, and there will be open-air concerts from the opera house on the island. People gather here while listening to music and watching the sunset by the fjord. They are all drunk thinking about it; it is winter, although The sun has long been hiding, but the white town is like a fairy tale world, and it is also very satisfying. Upload a set of photos for your reference. If you come to Oslo again in the summer, you will definitely come to Drobak to watch the sunset over the fjord. It will be absolutely beautiful." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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