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Things To Do in Shangri-La

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National Park
JerryI went there in winter, so the park was covered in snow. The temperature was good, little over 0 degrees Celsius. People were playing in the snow, and the animals seemed enjoy it as well.
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PriscillaQueenoftheDessertWorth the trip up from Shangrila, a long and winding road up through the Canyon with amazing views along the way. We stayed at a hotel inside the National Park which was worthwhile.
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E23***65I highly recommend to go, amazing views of Nature and perfect plan for hiking
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_GG***77We rented electric bikes to get here. Fun driving. But arrived quite late around 5.45pm. We only have until 6.30pm. After the entrance, we had to take the compulsory shuttle bus up to the temple. It was crowded so it’s hard to take any good photos left alone enjoying the sacred atmosphere in the temple. But the temple itself is great. I enjoyed every stairs up and every corners and turns. Should spend more time if you plan to come here so that you can wander around the village and the lake. Don’t just leave after the temple.
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rwwishartTake the walk around the lake before going into the temple complex. You will find better spots for panoramas and the light is better when you go in the morning. Photos inside the temple halls are not allowed, so get what you can from the outside. Visiting takes maybe 3 hours if you want to wander over everything.
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HoooooIt was stunning! liked the top of the mountain and a small village in a valley.