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Popular Attractions in Qinghai

Chaka Salt Lake
8,201 Reviews
Chaka Salt Lake is located on the west side of Qinghai Lake in Chaka Town, Wulan County. It is approximately 80 kilometers from Heimahe Township on the coast of Qinghai Lake. Many travelers touring Qinghai Lake make a point of coming here. Salt has been harvested from Chaka Salt Lake for over 3000 years. The lake has a high salt content that naturally crystallizes to form a white layer over its surface that reflects the sky, clouds, and mountains on the opposite bank. Guests can even walk barefoot onto the lake's surface to view and photograph their own reflections.
Emerald Lake
301 Reviews
Chaerhan Salt Lake
263 Reviews
Located in Golmud City, Qinghai Province, the inland Chaerhan Salt Lake is huge and well known across the world. Qinghai-Tibet Railway runs through the lake. The lands around the lake are flat, with boundless desert and exotic landscape. On a clear day, the vast mirror-like lake reflects shimmering silver lights with steaming. It is like a green ocean.
Kunlun Mountain Pass
211 Reviews
Standing at Kunlun Mountain Pass, enjoy the beautiful landscape of East Kunlun and West Kunlun. Looking to the east, Yuxu Peak stands out from mountains amid the tranquil snowfield, creating the unique landscape of an ice world. There are some plum blossoms, pearlwort and other wild plants in plateau permafrost, rarely seen elsewhere.

Trip Moments

Damei Qinghai self-driving route recommended! Qinghai--China's representative place Qinghai is separated from Sichuan by only one mountain, and Mianyang, but one thousand kilometers. There are mountains surrounded by blue waters, Qinghai Lake, and Lingshan Holy Water Cambra. Route 1: XiningMenyuanQilian smeared with a piece of green, and its golden color it is an energetic and vibrant romantic declaration . Under the deep blue sky of the plateau, the rich yellow flowers stretch for nearly 100 kilometers, like the golden sea. It shows the domineering of rapeseed flowers in the northern region under the blue sky, white clouds and snow-capped mountains... You can follow the 227 national road to the Russian Fort and then divide the road to the west to the big road, passing the imperial city grassland and the Aru grassland. . All the way from the source of the door, all the way is full of endless grassland and cattle and sheep, and then to the back, will feel the mountain suddenly increased, at first glance, a beautiful scenery in the mountains. A few kilometers along the mountain road is the Zall Mountain. You will see the mountains on both sides and the mountains in the distance. At this time, the eyes are not enough. The wheat fields, rape fields and Yadan landforms. The scenery of pine forests, snow mountains and grasslands surrounds you. Step by step, each angle is beautiful, and each angle is a perfect postcard. Route 2: Guide-Lajishan-Tal Temple took out Xining, driving south for several tens of kilometers to the foot of Lajishan. Not far from the hills, the five-color prayer flags fluttered in the wind, climbed up to take pictures, and later learned that Tibetans generally hang on the mountains, intersections, lakes or roofs to pray. It is said that the longer the connection between the warriors and the shackles, the higher the hang, the better the luck, which is why they choose the snow-capped mountains. When you reach the foot of the mountain, the right hand side is a compelling green, and the left hand side is a dazzling Danxia landform that is not pleasing in the grass in the afternoon sun. A crisscrossed, fine layered layer. The first time I saw the clear green green river, the trip was worth again. The statement that a basin of river water and half basin mud does not apply in Guide. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe that there would be such a clear and clear Yellow River water anyway. , the birthplace of Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. A row of eight treasures like the tower, the size of the Jinwa Temple, is an iconic building. The Ta'er Monastery has three musts: murals, piles of embroidered, butter flowers.
Posted: Oct 22, 2019
Qinghai Lake is the largest inland lake in China and a saltwater lake. The area of the lake is 4,456 square kilometers and the circumference of the lake is more than 360 kilometers. It is precisely because the area is too large, the spots are scattered, and there is basically no public transportation, so the best way to play is to drive by yourself, stop and go, see the right scenery and get off at leisure, leisurely. Qinghai Lake self-driving tour, accompanied by beautiful scenery, from time to time there are rape blossoms appearing outside the car window, very beautiful. Different from the rape blossoms elsewhere, the yellow flower sea of Qinghai Lake and the endless blue lake water are against each other, which is extraordinarily magnificent, as well as the colorful enamel and white yak, as well as the rolling Qilian Mountains, the white snow mountains and gold. The contrast of the yellow flowers is definitely different from those of ordinary flowers. Qinghai Lake Because of the large area of the lake and the long coastline of the lake, when you travel around the lake, you definitely need accommodation. We lived in a hotel near the Heima River on this day. It is very close to the lake, enjoying the sunset in the evening, and watching the sunrise early in the morning. At sunset, the sun has just disappeared on the horizon, the sunset has not faded into the fascinating colors, the big moon has risen high in the sky, and the horses alone on the grass have formed a good time together. Beautiful picture.
Posted: Aug 26, 2019
Follow the photography god to go to Qinghai Lake to swim around the lake Figure 1 2 : Crescent Springs, people are super, it is recommended to play time: 4-6 pm, because this is sunset time, you can shoot 100 Days and nights, and most of the groups are 3-4 points will go! So people are not that much! The other is riding a camel, it is not recommended not to recommend, 100RMB is very expensive, and there is a special rush! Super uncomfortable, I thought that the Crescent Moon Spring is very far away, I dont want to go to take a camel! I know that its not too far away for us to go in. Its less than 20 minutes, and it cost 600 yuan. The money is good, mainly because it is particularly uncomfortable! Fig. 3: National Road, in fact, most of the roads in Qinghai are like this. If you want to shoot, talk to the driver and stop to take a shot. Remember to pay attention to safety! There are other cars on the road! Fig. 4: Emerald Lake, many people choose to go to Chaka Salt Lake, I have also gone! Teaka Salt Lake, there are many people. After all, it is a scenic spot that has been developed. It can't take any good photos! The difference between Emerald Lake is free, but not every Qinghai driver goes back, so go and tell the driver in advance! Fig. 56: Derlingha, this is one of the AAAAA scenic spots in Qinghai. It seems that only 25 blocks can enter! But when I went in, I felt that 25 pieces were also lost! Inside is an ordinary pier! Nothing to watch! I really don't recommend it. My photo is taken on the road that came in at the door! Fig. 7: Jingjing, starting from Xining, there are many places on the roadside will have these prayers! But some are for a fee, some are free, and there are still a lot of fees. I don't know if they told the boss that they are all charged, and they are charged. My driver is better, take my door for free. of! But the driver also asked us not to go to the charge, mainly we have not seen more people! Fig. 8: rapeseed field, I am going to charge! I went to the end of September, Xining up the mountain is these pieces of rapeseed field! Seriously, rape blossoms are stinking! Originally thought that because the season is gone! Finally, I saw a few shots! Fig. 9: A reed of Jiayuguan exit! Jiayuguan, I didn't go in. The main gods flew in the plane and saw that there was no good shot. There was 120RMB alone. We didn't go in and shoot, but we stayed outside, so we found the reed after walking outside.
Posted: Aug 31, 2019
The best attractions in Qinghai, Qinghai, are here! : It is recommended to play 2-3 days accommodation suggestion: watch the sunrise live near the Heima River, no need in the morning Its too early. There are hotels in other famous attractions. You can also bring your own tent and sleep on the lake. Some hotels are about 400 yuan or even higher, family hotels are basically 150-300 yuan, and the appropriate counter-offer / hc / / hc / travel suggestion: Qinghai Lake attractions are scattered, Public transportation is not very convenient. Self-driving or chartered or signing up for a day trip is a good way to travel, chartered about 600-700 yuan per day, carpool is relatively cheap, about 200 per person / hc / / hc / / hc / Recommended spot recommendation 1: Qinghai Lake (Fig. 2.3) Tickets: In fact, Qinghai Lake does not require tickets, but after several years of governance, some lakeside viewing locations need 20-50. Tickets / hc / / hc / Qinghai Lake, also known as "Kukuur", Mongolian "cyan sea" meaning. Located in the Qinghai Lake Basin. The formation of faults between Datongshan, Riyueshan and Qinghai Nanshan in Qilian Mountain. The continental climate of the plateau creates different views of the four seasons. On the south side, the Erlangjian Scenic Area can take a boat trip to the lake; on the west side is the Bird Island. There are hundreds of thousands of birds in the April-June year for viewing. hh/ Attractions Recommended 2: Qinghai Hunan Mountain (Fig. 4.5) Address: 3 km n to the south of the PetroChina gas station opposite the Erlang Jianjing District of Qinghai Lake: All day Tickets: Free/hc / This is the best place to overlook the south shore of Qinghai Lake. Qinghai Lake Nanshan is also known as Kukunoll Ridge. It is the watershed of Qinghai Lake and Chakahu Basin. The southernmost branch of the middle section of the Qilian Mountains. Located in the northeast of Qinghai. Folded block mountain. Because it is located in the south of Qinghai Lake, it is named Nanshan. The Tibetan language is called Serqinjiji, which means golden mountain; Mongolian is called Kukunoor Ridge, meaning ridge of blue lake. It is the boundary mountain of Qinghai Lake Basin and Gonghe Basin. Attractions recommendation 3: Chaka Salt Lake (Figure 6) Address: Wulan County, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province Chaka Town Salt Lake / hc / tickets: peak season
Posted: Sep 12, 2019