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Niuyuzui Primitive Ecological Scenic Area

Niuyuzui Primitive Ecological Scenic Area

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Ranked #11 in Qingyuan Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:30am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Niuyuzui Primitive Ecological Scenic Area is located in Da Maoshan, Xiutianluo Village, Dongcheng District, Qingyuan, and is known as the "Lung of Qingyuan City". Da Mao Mountain in Niuyuzui is the "first peak" in the urban area of Qingyuan. There are all kinds of wild animals and plants here, as well as all kinds of recreational facilities. It is very suitable for families to go out and play on weekends and holidays. After entering the scenic spot, you can see a lot of rides. Some children can't wait to play. We went to the world's longest suspended glass rafting slide, which is 1780 meters long and is above the ground. The maximum height is 13 meters, with a 360-degree gyro rafting path, and a drop of more than 100 meters. The air rafting can be floated all year round. On the world's longest suspended glass rafting slide, you can play air rafting all year round, and it is not easy to get wet. . Rafting is very suitable for adults and children to play together. It is very safe and will not be too exciting, and there is no need to be afraid that other drifters will be scratched by the branches sticking out next to it. The scenic area provides free waterproof clothing. There are two pieces of upper and lower, which are wrapped in all directions. You are not afraid of getting wet clothes. Then they play water expansion, multi-person swings, swing bridges, which make people have endless fun and dragon adventure, ladder rock climbing, Hundred steps ladders are the most suitable for adventure and then we went to experience the high altitude zip line, which is very exciting, let you realize what speed and passion are, pay attention to the double rope with both hands when playing this glass bridge from 2020 The Niuyuzui Glass Bridge was the first glass bridge in Guangdong Province. It was born in 2017. The birth of the glass bridge instantly became the "net red bridge" in Qingyuan. There are tens of thousands of tourists every day. Come. The super exciting and thrilling exercise will take you through the forest oxygen bar, and you will be able to stop by being in a number of interesting experience projects. The plank road is built on the mountain and upstream, the strange flowers and grass, the old trees and the old vines, the strange rocks, the gurgling water, and the fragrance of birds and flowers . Over the mountain is an empty grass skiing field, more than 1,000 square meters, with a drop of more than 30 meters. The scenic area also provides grass sliding props. From the start to the end, the whole process makes you scream and let you fly together on the lush lawn. The excitement of the wind and the speed of the scenic area and the project play time is 8:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon, online booking requires two hours in advance to use, friends who want to go to book tickets early, free tickets for the scenic area: 6 years old or 1.2 meters Children below, seniors over 70, active military personnel, deputies to the National People’s Congress, journalists, police (Guangdong Province). Half price is: 60-69 years old, minors 6-18 years old, disabled, and veterans. For dinner, we ate the self-heating rice with a small stove. It is very delicious. It is really suitable to eat a small stove in the scenic area. There are many flavors to choose from, and you can eat the taste of home without an open flame or electricity. The method of use is also very convenient. There is a heating pack inside. After the packaging is removed, there will be instructions on the packaging. As long as you follow the above instructions, people with handicapped parties can also eat fresh and hot rice. Note that you can only add cold water to the bottom heating pack. After pouring the water, you can put the rice and vegetables on the top layer, cover it, and wait for 15 minutes to have steaming rice to eat. At night, we are all camping in the scenic spot. , The crowd is very lively and fun, many people brought picnic mats over to sit down and play cards, talk and laugh"