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Jul 11, 2020
21 °
Intermittent Clouds
Jul 12, 2020
Partly Cloudy with Thunderstorms
Jul 13, 2020
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Jul 14, 2020
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Trip Moments

I saw the ski resort in Sochi and I know why I chose to host the Winter Olympics dozens of large and small tracks. I am the biggest ski resort I have ever seen. is also built for different categories of users. A different theme For example, there are beginner intermediate and professional level competition tracks, etc. A lot of primary school students are led by parents and teachers to train and practice here as never slipped Snow, I naturally also seized the opportunity to try it here. Skateboard is mainly divided into double board and veneer single board. It is more difficult than double board Beginners must bring snow sleigh on the professional grade of the snow can see a lot of great gods are not using the ferrets simply admire! The whole process needs to be rented various ski equipment [ski glasses] In the sunny days, the snow on the snowy road will reflect the sunlight, making people feel very strong, so you need to use The ski goggles block the light, and the ski goggles also play a role in the wind, so that people can see the snow and easy to slide. [ski suit] beginner skiing tourists, it is best to use one-piece ski suits, beginner skiers, it is easy to slip in the snow, one-piece ski suit, can avoid snow into Go inside the clothes. At the same time, there will be no loose hem of clothes that affects skiing. [Skiing shoes] Skiing is a very fast sport. The technical action of skiing is mainly done by foot. The requirements for shoes are very high. The shoes must fit and feel comfortable. The soles of the feet, the insteps, and the heels should be tightly wrapped, and the toes should not feel too tight in the shoes. Wear ski boots and feel the shoes tightly wrapped around the feet and calves. [snowboard] beginner skiers, generally use shorter skis, which makes it easier to learn some skiing moves, skis are too long, it is difficult to improve the skiing level of beginners, especially learning Turn and slow down. Before using the skateboard, check whether the retainer on the skateboard is good or not, and whether the strength is adjusted to the proper position. For beginners, gentlemen should use 170-180cm skis, and women should use 160-170cm skis. [Snow stick] It is used to support when skidding and balance the body during taxiing. Generally, the length of the pole is 90-125 cm. [Gloves] Ski gloves should be made of impervious fabrics, warm gloves, or it is easy to wet gloves when skiing. [Helmet] Choose a one-time molded PC case
Posted: Jul 17, 2019
[Rose Manor Alpine Ski Center] The impression of Sochi is limited to that Winter Olympics When it came to Sochi, it was almost night until the next morning, I looked up and found the snow mountain. Behind me The snowy mountains in the rain and fog look like an ink painting From the foot of the mountain to the snowy mountain, a total of cable cars are needed and the transfer is 3 times the temperature will drop every time it rises. Degree and there are quite a few hotel groups in the middle of the mountain friends who like to ski can choose to live here to reduce the time to go back and forth to take the cable car rose manor tickets 1350 rubles including round trip Cable car you will get a card every time you need to swipe the card so you have to keep the card above the commanding heights of the snow mountain finally know what is called a real snowstorm this is also my see The one with the longest snow the eaves on the eaves became an icicle straight down Sochi is a very suitable place for skiing although the international popularity is not as high as that of Switzerland However, in the ski center of Sochi, you can still see a lot of Russia. People come here to ski "Rose Hall" Alpine skiing center is located Nordahl Krai Sochi's Krasnaya ay Bucharest mountain. It is a famous resort in Sochi Red Polyana Ski Resort. The "Rose Manor" ski track is designed by the world-famous FIS designer Bernal Roussie. The track is 20 km long. During the Winter Olympics, alpine skiing is all Small competitions, including downhill races, all-around races (downhill and swing), big swings and super-slewing races, will all be held here. The name "Rose Manor" is derived from the name of a local plateau in the Aibuga Mountains, covering an area of 1,820 hectares. The Rose Manor ski centre has now become a famous large ski centre in the North Caucasus. At present, there have been many world test matches here, including the 2011 European Cup Alpine Skiing Tournament in Russia, the 2012 World Cup Alpine Skiing Tournament in Russia, the 2013 World Cup Alpine Skiing and the Disabled World Cup Alpine Skiing in Russia. Station competition. The manor during the day and night is completely different in style although the manor is not too big but the night is full of small shops night market retailing a lot of Russian-style snacks And travel around the goods live in the Rose Manor Ski Center in Park inn dinner is also eaten in the hotel although I have never set the location of the dinner in the hotel before me I always think that the restaurant attached to the hotel will not taste as good as the main restaurant outside and the inertia of the dinner in the Park inn restaurant! This salad is a reversal of my stereotypes about salads that don't like salads. I even asked the waiter what sauce to use for sauce cute waiter really asked me for help. The chef she told me that it was a kind of sauce made of honey with sweet mustard and honey.
Posted: Jul 17, 2019
[Stalin Villa Museum] Stalin Villa full name is "Stalin Green Jungle Villa" located on a hill on the Black Sea coast 12 km from the city center of Sochi Address: Krasnodar Krai, Sochi, health care Main Street No. 120/1 The villa is deeply hidden in a courtyard. The front is the left, middle, and right sides of the main building. The second floor is surrounded by a two-story building. The center of the courtyard is a tall and straight palm tree in the center of the flower bed. hh/ There is still a portrait of Stalin in the villa even the character model of Stalin is placed in the office Russian cat is not afraid of people, but like the small welcome of this place, it has attracted countless The traveler the instructor of the Stalin Royal museum of the incomparable "socialist" swimming pool told us that although Sochi is by the sea but Stalin does not like to swim at the beach, so I built a place here. Swimming pool but in the pool is filled with sea water originally in the museum can see the black sea but due to today's rain mist shrouded so completely can not see now Stalin Villa Not the heavily guarded leaders 'private residence' opening has become Villa day accommodation and catering costs 8000-12000 rubles
Posted: Jul 17, 2019
Sochi is a very unique city in Russia As early as 2014, because a Winter Olympics fired up around the world and last year's World Cup was also one of the host cities Sochi More and more people are familiar with the Fisht Olympic Stadium, located in the center of the Sochi Olympic Park, next to the Olympic Stadium in the coastal cluster of the Polshaw Ice Palace, Xiaiba Ice Hockey Center, "Ice Cube" Curling Center, "Iceberg" Skating Center and Adler Arena. The name of the stadium is from the Mount Fisht. The distance from to the Olympic Village is within walking distance. The sports can accommodate 40,000 people. The opening and closing ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games and the 2014 Winter Paralintic Games were held here. The stadium will be one of the venues for the 2018 Russia World Cup.
Posted: Jul 17, 2019