Bolshoy Sochi
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Things To Do in Sochi

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Botanical Garden
01234567890liSochi botanical garden is located in sochi GuLuoEr street no. 74, the tourist attractions renowned sochi, the suitable plant with more than 1600 trees of the subtropical climate suitable plant with more than 1600 trees of the subtropical climate, and there are all kinds of strange beautiful flowers. Beside the central botanical garden, there is a stands for friendship, where every tree represents a visiting delegation. Even have 40 different kinds of citrus fruit trees by transplanting here, including the mandarin, Japanese, Italian lemon, orange, grapefruit in India in the United States, etc.
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Famous Residences
01234567890liHere is a famous writer Alexander, Nicholas has ostrovsky, former residence (1823-1886), shows a lot of performance and stage of his life quite rich materials such as the photos. But most of the instructions are written in Russian, will be difficult to read. Ostrovsky in recognition of the world may be as Chekhov, but he is in Russia and Chekhov eponymous drama writer, now each theatre in Russia still often on his work. His representative works "poverty is not a crime", "thunderstorm" and so on. In addition, he told the Moscow small theater reform plays a big role, is the center of the modern Russian drama basis.
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01234567890liSochi''s most popular park, inside still have a few playground, gallery, coffee shops, statues, swimming pool, etc., and by the Russian cosmonaut peacefully explore space the name of the beautiful magnolia trees planted. In addition to an aquarium is suitable for the families with children.
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小思文A newly built Olympic Park in Sochi is also an important building during the Sochi Games. This park contains a lot of buildings and is also a huge stadium that can accommodate 40,000 people. Sochi's city views are also beautiful.
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01234567890liHongshan is an excellent location, overlooking the city of sochi summit is Roman tower, in which not only can have a bird''s eye view of sochi panorama, still can overlook the Caucasus mountains. The mountain is the highest mountain in sochi, the city, the mountain tower (including highway) is built Stalin''s era, it is said that in just 120 days.
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Outdoor skiing
01234567890liSochi "Carousel" ski resorts (Carousel "ski resort mixes) is located in the famous ski resort - red wave mariana eestor - Mr G village, like outdoor activity lovers." Carousel "ski resort is a world-class ski resort, ski resort of plan, design, development, rules by ski resort design rich experience of the famous French architect Pierre diener. Ski resort provides all types of services, are performing industry the highest standards of quality and comfort.

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Cathedral of St. Michael the ArchangelGorod-kurort Sochi,Russia

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Iceberg Skating PalaceGorod-kurort Sochi,Russia

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Tea HousesGorod-kurort Sochi,Russia

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Sculpture Bench-SnailGorod-kurort Sochi,Russia

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The Singing FountainsGorod-kurort Sochi,Russia

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N. Ostrovskiy Literary Memorial MuseumGorod-kurort Sochi,Russia

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