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Malinghe Canyon
There are many waterfalls in Guizhou. If you only know Huangguoshu Waterfall, it is really OUT. Although the Huangguoshu Waterfall is spectacular, there are many waterfalls that are comparable to the Huangguoshu. The Maling River Grand Canyon in Xingyi City, southwest Yunnan is a waterfall kingdom. mentioned the Maling River Grand Canyon, always known as a beautiful scar on the earth. The canyon has a total length of more than 70 kilometers, and only a small part of the scenic spot has been developed. The core scenic spot is about 1.7 kilometers. Take the elevator to the bottom of the valley. There are excursions along the banks of the canyon. There are rope bridges on both sides of the canyon. The river at the bottom of the valley is rushing, the waterfall falls down, and the river does not look so clear. Its all water and steam here, and its not hot in summer. Just entering the scenic spot was attracted by the waterfall, and the waterfall on the opposite side of the cliff poured down, but this is the appetizer. The waterfall is more spectacular. Summer is a season of abundant water. In the main scenic area of 1.7 km, you can see more than 20 waterfalls, and there are many waterfalls that are taller and more intense than the Huangguoshu Waterfall. The dripping water on the rocks is wet all the year round, and some roads are also very slippery. It is necessary to bring an umbrella. I don't know when the water drops on the top of the head. The closer the road is to the bottom of the valley, the more you can feel the roar of the river. The Maling River Canyon is 50-150 meters wide, with a valley depth of 120-280 meters, and the valley bottom is 200 meters below the ground.
Wanfenglin (“Ten-Thousand Peak Forest”)
Guizhou has positioned itself as a mountain park province. The province is a mountain with beautiful scenery like a park. The beautiful scenery of Guizhou is well-known. If you must recommend one, Wanfenglin of Xingyi City should not miss it. Wanfenglin is a typical karst landform. There are many karst landforms in China, such as the peaks of Guilin landscape, but the cone-shaped karst landforms like Xingyi Wanfenglin are very rare and are known as the wonders of the world. For Guizhou Wanfenglin, it was recorded in the Ming Dynasty as early as possible, and it was also written in the travel notes. The man who wrote the travel notes is called Xu Xiake, the most famous traveler in China. He was once shocked by the beauty of Wan Fenglin. "There are so many mountains and mountains, only the peaks here." The beautiful mountain peaks, blending with the green fields, curved rivers, quaint villages and lush forests, constitutes the best ecological environment in nature, forming a rare peak forest scenery. Exploring Wanfenglin Scenic Area, you can take a sightseeing bus to one of the observation decks and look down from the mountains. There are a large number of peaks connected to each other, with green farmland at the foot and the Buyi village in the field. In the early spring of each year, there will be a large area of rape blossoms, and the scenery is beautiful. At the foot of Wanfenglin, the open farmland has thousands of forms, flat and not uniform, and straight lines, diagonal lines, arcs, curves and round lines are all available.