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Ornamental Hot spring
Dolton Spa HotelNearby City

Dolton Spa Hotel

4.6/5124 Reviews
"Hot Springs Resort"
"Ornamental Hot spring"
Open from 2:00pm-10:30pm (Local time)
"Tongcheng Hot Spring is one of the hot spring hotels in Changsha with the most upscale and complete hardware facilities and the most complete services! Taking advantage of this weekend, I took the whole family here for the first time this year! The lobby is still high-end and the guest rooms are still luxurious and spacious. Soon after dinner, the whole family put on swimsuits and bathrobes in the room and marched towards the hot spring center. The hot spring center is in the wing of the hotel. You can register directly with your room card. After passing through the indoor sauna and spa area, go to the open-air pool area to have a refreshing! There are more than a dozen pools in the open-air bathing area, and there are prepared dry towels and pure water around the bathing pool. The staff stands by to provide services to guests at any time! Moreover, each bubble pool has a name, the size and water temperature are different, and there are several herbal bags with different functions in the pool. Under the soft lighting, we choose different pools according to our preferences. The whole area is thoughtful, clean, and beautiful! We have been soaking in laughter and joy for a long time. After trying both outdoors and indoors, we went to the upstairs lounge again to watch movies, massages, fitness, somatosensory games, supper and other items. This year, we added a few experience rooms. One is to simulate the snowing environment and has the function of making flying snow. Although the warmth in that room was very low, the children found it very novel and refused to come out in short-sleeved shorts after playing with ice and snow! In this way, the whole family spent more than four hours playing in the hot spring center before going back to the room to sleep in despair. Afterwards, they said it was indeed a worthwhile leisure trip!"