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Things To Do in Shaoyang

624 Reviews
Geological Sites
Mass_trvery nice place to visit. They are no foreigners in this place but the locals are very friendly, i had a great time here.
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_We***58I haven't started school yet in the winter holiday, because it is the off-season, so only fifty tickets, half price for minors, free tickets within 14 years! The hotel is watching the comments on, the impression of Nanshan Hotel, the hotel is really very good, the boss is very good, the room has a panoramic window! You can see cows everywhere and you can experience milking yourself, 5 yuan a cup of yogurt is really good value for money, buy a few boxes back for a hand gift is also very good! Because we can't get up in the morning, I am sorry that I didn't see the sunrise, but I feel that such a beautiful scenery, the sunrise is definitely not bad! Up to Ziyang Peak, we chose to ride a horse. It is 40 yuan to ride for so long. It is also very good, worth experiencing! The only regret is that it is early spring, the grassland just has emerged young teeth, there is no endless green sight, the hotel's boss said that it is going to pass the Qingming Festival, the grassland at that time is the real grassland, but the overall is really very good, very beautiful, very worth it! Would definitely do it again if you have the chance, and it will be even more beautiful next time you come back!
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National Park
享受生活2013Not many people know about this place, in fact there are very few tourists! But it’s really cool in summer, and it’s suitable for eliminating summer! There is nothing novel about the scenery, but the ecology is well protected. Climbing the mountain is quite tiring, and part of the road is not easy to walk. The farmhouse at the entrance of the park tastes very good, it is worth tasting. Tickets are very cheap, only 10 yuan.
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Water Park
_We***42Generally, it's fun.
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City Park
_CF***78I live in Green Spring next to the park. I don’t have to take a walk in the park for a month. However, I live next to the park. The environment is good, the wind is very windy, and the air is fresh. Many people take a walk, and many people bring children to the park during holidays. As the only park in Shaodong, I would like to give it a thumbs up!
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300***05The first time I arrived at Baishui Cave in Xinshao, it was a spring full of noon, just after it rained, the air was filled with the smell of wet green grass, and clusters of clouds rose from the distant mountains, floating into the sky. As a result, beautiful Chinese paintings were born harmoniously. It's a pity that I am not a photographer, or I would use a high-definition camera to record her beauty. I was only on a business trip to Shaoyang, taking advantage of the weekend to find a wanderer in the mountains and old forests to relax, I felt depressed, nothing more. Going aimlessly along the stream of Baishuidong to the innermost point and then back to the outside, there are hundreds of fish in the stream, all seeming to swim in nowhere. Listening to the song, thinking about my thoughts, when I feel it, the grass has wetted my shoes, and the flowers protruding out of the plank road are unwilling to leave their petals alone, and they are secretly hidden on my sleeves. And on my hair. When I looked up, I had reached the bridgehead of the Baishuidong parking lot entrance, and my stomach groaned in disharmony. I smiled bitterly and looked around. There were a few restaurant signs hanging around sparsely. I decided to go back to the city to eat. I really didn’t have the habit of eating in the scenic spot, but my groaning belly stubbornly prevented me from going. The footsteps of the city. I suddenly remembered that when I got out of the car here, a very kind aunt gave me a card to eat. Out of politeness, I didn't throw it away right away, and later I forgot the card. So I found the card and looked at it. It said "Private Kitchen No. 1 Baishuidong, the entrance of the parking lot is just south of the first building by the river." Looking down the Baishuidong creek, it was about 50 meters away. In the place, I saw a group of buildings, and the first building by the stream was impressively hung with a luminous sign of "Restaurant", which seemed inexplicably warm in the rain and fog. Then go to this place and stay in this quiet place for a while. Entered the shop of "Baishuidong No. 1 Private Kitchen" and sat down at a position by the window. Sure enough, she was still the aunt, handed over a menu, smiled and told me to read the menu first, and then walked away. The menu is very ordinary farmer’s dishes, with the names of some of the dishes in the store, “Shaoyang pig blood atom”, “Baishuidong specialty bacon”, “Mountain native chicken” and so on. Just order a pig blood atom, a bacon and a side dish, I think. I was about to ask my aunt to place an order. I looked up and saw that my aunt handed over a white towel. "Young man, this towel is clean. Wipe your hair. It's not good for you to catch a cold." I thanked me, took the towel, and ordered food. After the aunt left, I wiped my hair, and the dry towel was obviously heated with fire. When the towel covered my head and covered my eyes, I suddenly felt like crying. When I went home during the Chinese New Year, my mother also took a towel to remove the dust for me, and asked me to dry my hair. At that time, I said "I know" impatiently. I've been away from home for too long and I'm homesick. The reason is after the rain, there are not many people in the store, and the dishes are quickly served. The first thing that came up was pig blood atoms, and a bowl of steaming white rice. Suddenly, the stomach groaned even more. The aunt took the towel and said kindly, "Hurry up, I heard your belly drumming at the counter." I pulled out a few mouthfuls of white rice, sandwiched a piece of pig blood, and bit it. I was stunned. This is completely different from what I eat in a restaurant in the city. The fragrance of refined meat and fatty meat is as fine as that of tofu. It moisturizes my taste buds, and the ingredients can be subdivided for a while, and then it is covered by a richer firewood-like fragrance. The burnt is soft and soft, and the soft is chewy. It’s no wonder that Shaoyang’s friends said that restaurants in the city who eat pig blood atoms can only taste tofu and smoke like coal fire, just like smoking inferior cigarettes; and the pig blood atoms eaten at this time really can Feel the fusion of meat and beans and the wood-fired roasting, warm and fragrant. The firewood bacon that came up next had another flavor, crystal clear, fat but not greasy. The chili also becomes crispy after absorbing the oil of the bacon. A bowl of rice was quickly eaten, and I couldn't wait to add a bowl of rice, and poured some oil soup on it regardless of the elegance. In large restaurants, I never put oily soup on the rice. Only when my mother cooks at home, I will put some oily soup on the rice to make the rice more delicious. This is the taste of real home cooking, I think. When I left the "Private Kitchen No. 1 Baishuidong" with a bulging belly, my aunt asked my uncle to take me to the car with an umbrella, and repeatedly told me to make more phone calls with my family if I had any concerns outside. , Communicate more, don't hide things on your mind. The car drove away slowly, and Baishuidong was slowly moving away. Looking back, the uncle was still waving goodbye to me with an umbrella in the rain. With a sore nose, I shook down the window and waved, letting the green hills and green water gradually disappear in the rain and fog. After a while, maybe it was the reason why I was full. My mood suddenly improved a lot. I took out my mobile phone, found out my mother's phone number and dialed it... Thank you, Xinshao Baishuidong, thank you, uncle and aunt of Baishuidong No. 1 Private Kitchen!