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Things To Do in Zuid-Holland

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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
E29***77the largest windmill area in NL. better rent a bike and have a relaxing afternoon there.
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Modern Architecture
E29***77An interesting building group in Rotterdam. you can pay and take a visit to the cube house, or take a break at the coffee house there.
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DDDDDD宝Transportation: There is a light rail nearby, and there are buses that can reach the city center of The Hague a bit far away, but the traffic is quite convenient~ There are many on-street parking spaces nearby 🅿️, metered, very convenient~ Tickets: 🎫 You need to make an appointment in advance, there will be guided tours on weekends, check the ticket purchase on the official website in advance~ Recommended reason: The Peace Palace is a landmark of The Hague. It is the seat of the United Nations International Court of Justice, the International Law Library and the International Law Academy. The International Court of Justice and the International Arbitration Tribunal are more famous. The Peace Palace building itself is a red-brown palace building with towering minarets on both sides and a bell tower on one side. Many law schools are also similar buildings. You need to make an appointment in advance to visit the Peace Palace. If you are interested, you can make an appointment in advance. On the contrary, there is a small house at the entrance. There are a lot of pictures, articles and introductions about the International Court of Justice. For viewing, you can wear headphones🎧 sit there and listen to the introduction~ Most tourists choose to take a picture at the door~ Travel tips: On the right side of the Peace Palace, there is the "Fire of Peace". It is composed of 198 stones, which symbolizes the stones of various countries. China is number 36. It is a piece of cyan jade. It is not small, it may be Some sizes show the strength of the country~
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DDDDDD宝The last stop before leaving The Hague, I decided to come to Scheveningen Beach to have a look. It's a pity that the gods are not beautiful. It rained for both days in The Hague. It was gloomy, and the beach was gray and not particularly beautiful. But looking at the photos during the peak season, they are still very beautiful, if you have the opportunity, you still have to come and go again~ Transportation: You can take a bus from the city of The Hague to the beach in about ten minutes~ I came here by car. There is a public parking lot near the beach. It is quite convenient~ Tickets: The beach is a public open area, no tickets are required, it's free! If it’s surrounding entertainment facilities or catering, just pay extra Recommended reason: Scheveningen Beach is a famous seaside resort in The Hague and even in the Netherlands~ The locals like to go to the beach to sunbathe on weekends, have afternoon tea and so on, I feel that the day is very comfortable and cozy. There are luxury hotels, tours, and many other entertainment facilities near the beach. There is also an aquarium nearby, where you can bring your kids to play together~ When I went there, it was gray and the water didn't feel particularly blue. Maybe I have seen the contrast of Nice Côte d’Azur before, so the beach did not attract me very much. But there are many bronze figures on the beach, it feels so cute! And the design is very unique~ the copper-cast small fishes, shrimps, sea turtles and villains, I feel that they are telling stories about the seaside~ It’s awesome! Best play time: It is better to come when the sun is good~
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City | ​​landmark
摆渡修行"The most impressive artist I have ever seen was Lisa Brice, a painter and visual artist from South Africa who now lives in London and who was influenced by the political turmoil she experienced while living in South Africa and her experience in Trinidad, " In the paintings, she has a female nude image from her own female perspective, which she interprets the female gaze from the male perspective and reflects the portrayal of the female image from the male artist's perspective. The classic blue in her work is the color of her impressions of her hometown and Trinidad. The blue she used is so beautiful that I can't move my eyes ...🔸 interpret all human postures and life works with puppy dogs, as human beings we see ourselves through the interpretation of puppy dogs 🔸 The last exhibition is that dozens of photographs of native Dutch photographers from her second Hand Retro shop fetched the image of the bear
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Taymasaki720Delft is the hometown of the famous Dutch painter Vermeer. In the church there is the tombstone of the inventor of the microscope Levenhoek. The old town and the canals have preserved the layout of the 17th century Dutch towns, and the famous Delft blue pottery also came from here.

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Kunsthal RotterdamRotterdam,Netherlands

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Noordeinde PalaceHague,Netherlands

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Station DelftDelft,Netherlands

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Museum Prinsenhof DelftDelft,Netherlands

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