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Tagged with "Paris"

Disney Reopen 2020: Walt Disney World Resort Reopen on July 11
Walt Disney World Resort theme park in coming back on July 11!
TripBlogJul 8, 2020 8 889
Paris Museum Virtual Tours For You on the Couch
With the lockdown in France, you may not be able to visit Paris yourself, Museums and historical sites in Paris has provided some online stream tour for you.
TripBlogMay 7, 2020 1 1,875
Top 4 World's Most Walkable Cities: Locals' Guide
Why Walking is the Best Way to See a City? If you truly want to immerse yourself in a new place, you need to spend time simply being there. This means being among the people, trying new foods, and walking a mile in the locals' shoes. Many places are focusing more on pedestrians, creating new and innovative ways for them to get around, including the implementation of car-free zones to cut down on traffic. If you prefer pedestrian life, but still want to travel and see the world, here's your guide to some most walkable cities in the world.
TripBlogMar 31, 2020 4 7,185
COVID-19 Lockdown Policy and Tips for Travelers in Europe & U.K [Updated 24 March]
Europe and in particular Italy are facing significant health challenges. Authorities have responded with a series of travel restrictions and enhanced public health measures. While not as stringent as those issued by the Chinese government, the European regulations present a significant burden for those currently traveling or who intend to do so in the near future. In this short article, we will detail measures now in place in major European countries as well as offer some general recommendations for how travelers can stay safe while abroad.
TripBlogMar 24, 2020 0 2,591
Pantheon Paris: Facts, History and Tips 2020
Pantheon (Panthéon) Paris is a majestic archeological site situated in the Latin Quarter in Paris, France. It is the most ancient structure (125 AD) of Rome, and one of the city's most magnificent spectacles and this grandeur is visible from every corner of Paris. The Pantheon Paris meant the “Temple of all the Gods” and was initially built as a church dedicated to St. Genevieve. The primary purpose of constructing this building was to keep the reliquary Chasse containing the remains of the most honored saint of those times. But unfortunately, it changed to a secular mausoleum and now houses the remains of prominent French citizens.
TripBlogFeb 27, 2020 0 4,863
What is the Most Popular Street Food in Paris?
L’As du Fallafel L’As du Fallafel, the world’s most delicious Middle East snack bar, mainly provides falafels. It is a kind of meatball made of hummus, which can be made into salad, sandwich and other stuffs. The store is so famous that it has been reported by many media in the world, including the domestic reality show Grandpa Over Flowers.
TripBlogDec 26, 2019 0 673
Bring Your Best Traveling Companion and Follow the Fragrance to the Best Eats Paris Has to Offer
Smell the fragrance to find delicious food, take the most suitable person to feel the best taste of Paris
TripBlogDec 26, 2019 0 633
Climbing the 6 Most Famous Towers in Paris
Looking down from the air, the streets in Paris spread radially - very spectacular. In addition to the two most classic towers --- the Eiffel Tower and Montparnasse Tower --- some special options, like hot air balloons and the roof glass-room restaurant Kong, are also introduced here.
TripBlogDec 26, 2019 0 983
Where Can You Take Your Wife on A Honeymoon She’ll Never Forget? Take Her to One of the Best Honeymoon Spots in the World!
Where Can You Take Your Wife on a Honeymoon She’ll Never Forget? Take Her to One of the Best Honeymoon Spots in the World!
TripBlogDec 23, 2019 0 472
Travel to Paris with The Movie Scene and Be the Perfect Protagonist for A Day
Travel to Paris with the movie scene and be the perfect protagonist for a day
TripBlogDec 20, 2019 0 532
In Addition to Buying Luxury Goods in Paris, These Luxury Fashion Lite Branded Goods are Also Worthy to Purchase.
France is not only the founding place of luxury brands such as LV, Chanel, and Dior, but also of fashionable luxury-lite brands. In Paris, the fashion capital, you can start with acquiring a few easy-to-wear and affordable luxury goods to enjoy the "luxury fashion-lite; new fashion" lifestyle.
TripBlogDec 19, 2019 0 848
The Night in Paris, Feel Different in These Places!
The night in Paris, feel different in these places!
TripBlogDec 19, 2019 0 523
An Insider's Map for Shopping in Paris
An Insider's Map for Shopping in Paris
TripBlogDec 18, 2019 0 548
6 Most Artistic Things You Can Do in Paris
Paris has a rich literary atmosphere, apart from the old bookstall on the bank of River Seine, coffeehouse culture on the left bank, and Shakespeare and Company Bookstore, you can go to the right bank to experience the street art of Montmartre, and appreciate an old movie in the most artistic district, the "Place Saint-Michel".
TripBlogDec 12, 2019 0 400
A Guide to Duty-Free Shopping in Paris
There are duty-free outlet stores in cities across Europe, and the capital of fashion, Paris, is no exception. These are the ones I personally recommend in and around Paris-- don't forget to do your homework before you go!
TripBlogDec 9, 2019 0 993
Walk in the Footsteps of Paris' Cultural Elite
A lot of famous people call Paris their home. When you visit here not only can you visit the homes of Hugo, Balzac and Van Gogh, you can also visit some of their homes. Pere Lachaise cemetery is most famous. Balzac, Wilde and Chopin were all buried here.
TripBlogDec 3, 2019 0 383
11 Best Restaurants for Vegetarian & Vegan in Paris
Veganism, for a significant section of society, is believed as a mechanism to avoid the exploitation of animals for any purpose. Be it for food, clothing, or any other purpose. Not only the people practicing veganism avoid any animal food, for instance, meat, eggs, etcetera, but also discourage the use of animal-derived products such as milk products. It is sometimes difficult to follow the practice of veganism, especially in a European country where one can commonly encounter derived animal products in the daily food habit. On a similar note, there is even some initial trouble for a visitor to locate a Paris restaurant serving good food for Vegetarians and Vegans. The good vegan food must, of course, have the ingredients that have not only taste and health but also catchy to address the greatest number.
TripBlogNov 29, 2019 0 403
The Best Honeymoon Destinations for Every Type of Couple
With the wedding season imminent, searching the right and best honeymoon destination is an important decision to take. With so many beautiful countries, cities and places to visit, the best honeymoon destinations are something that invokes a feeling of love and affection, in addition to having a good mix of activities and places to see. Different people look for different things when it comes to choosing a destination and couples who are trying to figure out honeymoon ideas. There are places where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the beaches and mountains among other things. You’ll be able to enjoy activities like trekking, hiking or scuba diving if you choose to go on an adventure-heavy trip.
TripBlogNov 5, 2019 0 1,898
Go to Paris to Buy Luxury, Understand These Must-Buy Brands
In Paris, when mentioned shopping, what is the first thing you think of? Must be luxury goods such as LV, Chanel, and Dior? Paris is a shopping paradise, and many luxury brands are much cheaper than Asia Pacific. If you focus on a favorite brand, go directly to its flagship store. The comfortable shopping environment will give you the best shopping experience.
TripBlogNov 4, 2019 0 4,474
Free Places to See in Paris
Free Places to See in Paris
TripBlogOct 28, 2019 0 468
10 Must-See Sights of Paris
The Louvre The Louvre is one of the top three museums in the world. It was built at the end of the 12th century and offers display items from ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and Islamic civilizations spanning the centuries. The most famous one is the "Three Treasures of the Louvre": Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and the Winged Victory of Samothrace.
TripBlogOct 24, 2019 0 785
Don’t Miss Those Super-Small Shops, Hipsters, and Fashionistas in Paris
Don’t miss those super-small shops, hipsters, and fashionistas in Paris
TripBlogOct 24, 2019 0 376
Visiting France, Full of Various Unique Experiences
As the largest country in Western Europe, it may take about a month to fully discover France. Diverse, unique experiences are everywhere: you can visit the world-famous Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, stroll through flower fields and wineries dotted throughout southern France, and head for the top of Mont Blanc by a cable car to experience a panoramic view of the Alps...
TripBlogOct 23, 2019 0 343
6 Hotels with Best Stunning Views in The World
A hotel room is not just a place where you return to at night and sleep off your tiring day. It is a destination and venue for important moments and decisions in your life besides leaving your memory with timeless stamps of the best views available in the present days. However, we all remember the time spent by-virtue of those memories and pictures we take physically and mentally. That’s why the view is so important. The visual memory and view can instantly be recalled and is integral to the ever-lasting impressions and memories formed. So, we decided to introduce you to the six best hotels with gorgeous views as we tell you about what the prices and facilities are and leave you with a few tips on how to choose the best rooms.
TripBlogOct 21, 2019 0 615
Best Scary Adventures to Have This Halloween
As another Halloween season approaches, countless kids and those young at heart are busy working on their costumes. Goblins, ghouls, and a great many superheroes will take to neighborhood streets eager for sugary treats. Halloween is a chance to pull out all the stops and decorate your home as an elaborately frightful abode. This got us thinking about those naturally scary places. Destinations where the thrill of adrenaline-packed excitement or maybe the appearance of seemingly other-worldly environments invoke a spine-tingling sensation. We searched around the world and come up with a list of places that in one way or another qualify as downright scary destinations. From death-defying hiking trails to creepy castles, these are the best scary travel adventures to have this Halloween.
TripBlogOct 21, 2019 0 599
Top 10 Cities for Street Art In The World
As Allan Kaprow said, “Life happens on streets. Why wouldn’t art?”, acts of art and creativity happen every day. Once a punishable offense, Graffiti has now become a bona fide art form. It has become an increasingly popular, accepted, and a part of urban life in the 21st century. You will come across different styles of street art as you travel from country to country, city to city. Following is a list of 10 cities for street art around the world
TripBlogOct 18, 2019 0 1,193
9 Great Things To Do in Paris With Kids
Looking for an international destination for holidays with family? We suggest you strongly consider Paris, France. Paris is a great destination for family holidays and is a cosmopolitan city with a rich and vibrant history. It has everything that one looks for in a family holiday; amazing parks, awesome food and many more interesting things which your family can enjoy. With a plethora of things to do and see in Paris, here’s a list of best things to do in Paris that is narrowed down to must-see places to ensure that you have a wonderful family vacation. So, pack your bags and get ready to go as we line up the best things to do in Paris with family for you.
TripBlogOct 12, 2019 0 616
12 Best Things to Do in Paris
If you have booked your ticket and wondering what are some of the exciting things to do in Paris, then you are at the right place. What makes Paris one of the most exciting places with the most enriching experiences in the world? Art, beauty, high-end fashion, rich cultures, shimmering colors, classical architectures, bright lights, dreams, and more, these are the words to describe the city of Paris.
TripBlogOct 9, 2019 0 526
A Concise Guide to the Moulin Rouge, Paris
If you are contemplating a visit to the city of love and romance, then a trip to Moulin Rouge Paris must be on top of your bucket list of places to visit in Paris. The city has so much on offer that you will be spoilt for choices and need to plan your visit with a proper mix of fun, entertainment, serious sight-seeing for enjoying the breath-taking views of iconic monuments like the Eifel Tower and maybe a visit to a few world-famous museums with gourmet food in good restaurants integrated into the everyday schedule during your stay.
TripBlogOct 9, 2019 0 1,148
12 Best Restaurants in Paris: Where You Can't Go Wrong
With Paris being the second most visited city on the planet, you would be particularly interested to know about where you can relish gourmet food during your visit. This is one city where you can enjoy cuisines of all types and cultures from across the world in various Paris restaurants. In the recent decade, there has been an explosion in global tourism and the expectation of tourists from across the world for high-quality food is enormous. Paris for decades was enjoyed recognition as the cuisine capital of the world until very recently, but now it is still within the coveted top 3 in the gastronomic world. With so many good restaurants in the city, you will be spoilt for choices.
TripBlogSep 29, 2019 0 491