【3% Off】 Hangzhou Train Station: Transport & Schedule

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Hangzhou Train Station

Learn how to get a 3% discount on train tickets, how to get to Hangzhou Train Station, check train schedules, and find out about different train types and what facilities Hangzhou Train Station offer. This guide makes it easy to understand everything you need to know about Hangzhou Train Station.

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✨Popular China Bullet Train Routes✨

Shanghai - Hangzhou
  • DepartureShanghai Hongqiao
  • ArrivalHangzhou East
  • Duration~45m
  • Price (2nd Class)From $8.00
Shanghai - Beijing
  • DepartureShanghai Hongqiao
  • ArrivalBeijing South
  • Duration~6h
  • Price (2nd Class)From $79.40
Shanghai - Shenzhen
  • DepartureShanghai Hongqiao
  • ArrivalShenzhen North
  • Duration~7h
  • Price (2nd Class)From $81.46

Hangzhou Train Station Overview

Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, has 5 train stations that make traveling convenient for both tourists and locals in Hangzhou. The major Hangzhou train stations are Hangzhou East Railway Station and Hangzhou Railway Station. These are popular because they are near the city center and the famous West Lake, making them a good choice for those who want to explore the main attractions. Hangzhou East Station is especially busy as it connects with many high-speed trains.

Besides these, Hangzhou also has stations like Hangzhou South Railway Station and Yuhang Railway Station, as well as others like Qiandaohu Railway Station and Fuyang Railway Station that serve more specific areas. For example, if you're planning to visit Qiandao Lake, you can take a high-speed train from Qiandaohu Railway Station. It's a good idea to pick a station that matches your travel plans, and booking your train tickets early can help make your trip smoother.

【3% Off】How to Book Hangzhou Train Tickets

Hangzhou Train Station Ticket

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Book Train Ticket Online

Booking train tickets online through Trip.com is not only convenient but also cost-effective, especially when you book in advance to avoid last-minute rushes at the station. Here’s how you can secure your ticket in six easy steps:

  • Access the Site or App: Start by visiting the Trip.com website or launching the app, and navigate to the train section.
  • Enter Your Travel Details: Fill in your departure and destination cities, select your travel date, and then click on the "Search" button to explore available trains.
  • Select Your Train: Check the available departure times, trip duration, and seat types, then choose the train that best fits your schedule and preferences.
  • Input Passenger Information: Enter all required passenger details, including ID type, ID number, and contact information, and then proceed to booking.
  • Payment: Choose your preferred payment method—credit/debit card, PayPal, etc.—and provide the necessary payment details to complete your purchase.
  • Confirmation: After your payment is processed, you'll receive a booking confirmation with all the details of your trip.

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Book Train Ticket at the Station

Booking train tickets offline at a station can be more troublesome and may require you to wait in queue. Here’s how you can purchase tickets at Hangzhou Station:

  • Arrive Early: Given that stations can be busy, especially during peak travel times, it’s wise to arrive early to avoid any last-minute hassles.
  • Find the Ticket Office: Once you’re at Hangzhou Station, look for clear signage to direct you to the ticket office where you can make your purchase.
  • Prepare Your Documents: If you’re a foreign traveler, ensure you have your passport ready as it’s required for purchasing train tickets.
  • Select Your Train: Decide on your travel specifics such as destination, train number, departure date and time, and seat class. It’s helpful to know these details in advance to expedite the booking process.
  • Complete Payment: Payment can be made via cash or popular electronic methods like WeChat Pay and Alipay, catering to both local and international travelers.

Tip: If you are not fluent in Chinese, consider using a translation app or carrying a written note of your travel details in Chinese to facilitate communication at the ticket counter. This is particularly useful in ensuring that your booking details are accurately captured.

Hangzhou High Speed Train Schedule

The table below provides a high speed train (G Train) schedule for popular destinations from Hangzhou, including Shanghai, Nanjing South, Suzhou, and Wuhan. To book tickets easily and get great deals on flights and hotels, consider using Trip.com. Trip.com offers 3% Off coupons on train tickets, excellent customer service and also helps you avoid the trouble of long queues in stations.

For the latest train ticket prices, please check the train schedule below. 🚄

toTrain TypesDurationOperating HoursFrequencyTicket Price
ShanghaiG Train
(G7358, G7552, G1866, etc.)
45m - 1h 58m06:10 - 22:32173 departures daily
Nanjing SouthG&D Train
(D3076, G3192, G172, G1862, etc.)
1h 1m - 4h 26m06:33 - 21:47130 departures daily
SuzhouG Train
(G1866, G7492, G7372, etc.)
1h 20m - 2h 24m07:26 - 20:4341 departures daily
WuhanG&D Train
(D3076, G1544, G3242, G2389, etc.)
4h 15m - 6h 34m06:33 - 18:3824 departures daily

Hangzhou Station Train Types

Hangzhou Station Train Types

Source from Chinaairlinetravel

Hangzhou train types varies across its different stations. Hangzhou East Railway Station predominantly operates high-speed G and D trains, designed for long distances and faster travel between major cities. Hangzhou Railway Station offers a mix of high speed trains and regular trains, with a greater number of D and C trains, suited for both intercity and shorter routes. On the other hand, Hangzhou South Railway Station primarily services D and C trains, and for certain routes, it also provides Z, T, and K trains, which are regular trains catering to various speeds and distances.

Train TypeSpeedUseMajor Routes
G TrainsUp to 400 km/h (248 mph)High-speed train for intercity travelHangzhou to Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou
D TrainsUp to 250 km/h (155 mph)Long and medium-distance, including overnight servicesHangzhou to Qingdao, Xi'an (overnight)
C TrainsUp to 200 km/h (124 mph)Short-distance intercity travelHangzhou to Ningbo, Huzhou
Z TrainsUp to 160 km/h (99 mph)Non-stop or limited-stop long-distance travelHangzhou to Guangzhou, Kunming
T TrainsUp to 140 km/h (87 mph)Long-distance with limited stopsHangzhou to Beijing, Xi'an
K TrainsUp to 120 km/h (75 mph)Slower long-distance with more frequent stopsHangzhou to Guilin

Hangzhou Train Station Facilities

Hangzhou Train Station Facilities

Hangzhou East Railway Station is equipped with various facilities to ensure travelers have a smooth and comfortable experience. Below is a simplified overview of what the station offers:

Layout of the Station

Hangzhou East Railway Station has five levels packed with useful amenities for travelers. It connects to downtown Hangzhou via Metro Line 1 and Line 4. You'll find plenty of places to eat, buy tickets, and even check in for a flight at the station's airport city terminal. From catching a train to getting a bus to the airport, everything you need is right there at the station.

LevelFacilities and Services
B3Metro Line 1 and Line 4 Platforms: Access to subway platforms for Metro Line 1 and Line 4.
B2Metro Station: Station area for Metro Line 1 and Line 4, connecting the station to downtown Hangzhou.
B1Arrival Hall, Exits, Taxi Pick-Up Areas, Ticket Office, West and East Squares, Hangzhou Airport City Terminal, Airport Bus Station.
1FTrain Platforms and Tracks: Contains all the train platforms and railway tracks for boarding and transfers.
2FFour Entrances, South Ticket Office, North 1 Ticket Office, North 2 Ticket Office, Departures Hall, Waiting Lounge, Business Lounge, Taxi Drop-Off Area.
Mezzanine of 2FCommercial Area and Restaurants: Dining options include Chinese foods, KFC, McDonald's, and Starbucks.

Ticket Offices

You can find several ticket offices at different parts of the station:

  • East Side on 1F: Open all day, this office has 35 windows where you can buy, pick up, change, or get refunds for tickets.
  • West Side on -1F: This area has 4 windows and is open from 8 AM to 7 PM for ticket purchases and pickup.
  • South Side on 2F: Here, you’ll find machines and a few windows specifically for ticket changes and refunds, available from 8 AM to 7 PM.
  • North Side on 2F: Open 24 hours, this spot offers machines for ticket buying and pickup but only if you have a Chinese ID card.

Waiting Hall

The waiting hall on the second floor (2F) has a variety of amenities:

  • Seats arranged by ticket info for easy finding.
  • Facilities like hot water, bathrooms, places to eat, and shops.
  • Accessibility features for those who need them.
  • 28 checkpoints for entering train platforms, numbered for convenience.

Luggage Services

If you have bags with you, the station can help:

  • Lockers for storing luggage are located at several checkpoints. Small lockers cost CNY 5 and large ones CNY 8 for every 12 hours.
  • Porters are available to help carry luggage to the train for CNY 10 per item.

Information Desk

Located in the center of the waiting hall, the information desk can help you with:

  • Getting refunds or help if you lose your ticket.
  • Checking train times and other travel details.
  • Finding out where to leave your luggage.

How to Get to Hangzhou Train Station?

How to Get to Hangzhou Train Station?

Source from Chinaairlinetravel

By Subway

Getting to Hangzhou East Railway Station from the downtown area is highly convenient by subway. Metro Lines 1 and 4 both make stops at the station. Metro Line 1 offers a direct route to several important destinations. For instance, it takes about 20 minutes to reach the scenic West Lake, about 30 minutes to get to Hangzhou Railway Station, and around an hour to travel to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Metro Line 4 provides a quick 15-minute connection to downtown Hangzhou.

LineStationIntervalFirst TrainLast TrainTicket Fare
1B2 floor6 minutes06:0423:35RMB 3 - RMB 8
4B2 floor6 minutes06:0222:53RMB 3 - RMB 8

By Taxi

Taxis provide a direct and hassle-free option to reach Hangzhou East Railway Station. Passengers are dropped off at the 2F elevated drop-off area outside the main entrances.

Here's a table detailing taxi fees from Hangzhou East Railway Station, with costs converted to USD:

Time of DayDistanceDay Rate (5:00-23:00)Night Rate (23:00-5:00)
Initial Fare0 - 3 kmRMB 13 (~$1.83 USD)RMB 14 (~$1.97 USD)
Per Kilometer3.1 km - 10 kmRMB 2.5 per km (~$0.35 USD per km)RMB 3.25 per km (~$0.46 USD per km)
Per Kilometerabove 10 kmRMB 3.75 per km (~$0.53 USD per km)RMB 4.8 per km (~$0.68 USD per km)

Here are the taxi travel details from Hangzhou East Railway Station to various destinations👇👇

  • To Xiaoshan International Airport: Travel time is 40 minutes, costing approximately $12.67 (90 CNY).
  • To West Lake (Broken Bridge): Travel time is 35 minutes, costing approximately $4.93 (35 CNY).

By Bus

Buses are another effective way to reach Hangzhou East Railway Station. Numerous bus lines serve the station, arriving at different parts of the station.

Arrival LocationBus Numbers
Station West Square20, 28, 31, 31 (inter-zone), 33, 43, 105, 106, 179, 200, 215, 224, 227, 228, 297, B4, B4 (Zhongtai Line), B3 (branch line), B3 (branch inter-zone line), B5 (branch line)
Station East Square9, 48, 93, 107, 108, 123, 320, 391
Dongning Road near the Station48, 93, 107, 123, 304

3 Major Train Stations in Hangzhou

3 Major Train Stations in Hangzhou

Source from Chinadiscovery

Hangzhou has five main railway stations: Hangzhou East Railway Station, Hangzhou Railway Station, Hangzhou South Railway Station, Hangzhou West Railway Station, and Yuhang Railway Station. Here we gonna introduce the top 3 train stations in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou East Railway Station - The Busiest

Hangzhou East Railway Station, opened on July 1, 2013, is located at No. 1 Tiancheng Road, Jianggan District, 8 km northeast of downtown Hangzhou. Covering 400,000 square meters, this high-speed rail hub is the busiest in Hangzhou, with 15 platforms and 30 tracks, serving over 600 trains daily. It connects Hangzhou with major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Huangshan, Ningbo, and Nanjing.

  • Location: 8 km northeast of downtown Hangzhou, 30 km northwest of Hangzhou Airport
  • Connections: High-speed trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, etc.
  • Amenities: Restaurants, commercial area, ticket offices, business lounge, and metro lines 1 and 4

Distance and Travel Time:

DestinationDistanceTravel Time
Hangzhou downtown8 km30 minutes
Hangzhou West Lake12 km30 minutes
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport30 km1 hour
3 Major Train Stations in Hangzhou

Hangzhou East Railway Station (Source from Wikipedia)

Hangzhou Railway Station - The Closest to Downtown

Opened in 1907 and renovated in 2014, Hangzhou Railway Station is located at No. 1 Huancheng East Road, Shangcheng District, 2 km southeast of downtown Hangzhou. This station covers 51,000 square meters and has 5 platforms and 9 tracks, handling 86 high-speed trains daily.

  • Location: 2 km southeast of downtown Hangzhou, 27 km west of Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport
  • Connections: High-speed and ordinary trains to Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, etc.
  • Amenities: Restaurants, waiting hall, ticket offices, taxi and bus services, metro lines 1 and 5
DestinationDistanceTravel Time
Hangzhou downtown2 km15 minutes
Hangzhou West Lake5.6 km30 minutes
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport27 km1 hour
3 Major Train Stations in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Railway Station (Source from Chinaairlinetravel)

Hangzhou South Railway Station - The Closest to Xiaoshan International Airport

Hangzhou South Railway Station, located at No. 1 Zhanqian Road, Xiaoshan District, is 24 km southeast of downtown Hangzhou. This station is slightly closer to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport compared to the other stations.

  • Location: 24 km southeast of downtown Hangzhou, 23 km to West Lake, closer to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
  • Connections: High-speed trains to Shanghai, Suzhou, Huangshan
  • Amenities: Standard station amenities including ticket offices, taxi and bus services
DestinationDistanceTravel Time
Hangzhou downtown24 km40 minutes
Hangzhou West Lake23 km1 hour
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport30 km30 minutes

12306 vs. Trip.com

When booking train tickets in China, travelers can choose between 12306, the official site of China Railway Corporation, and Trip.com, a reliable international travel agency. While 12306 allows users to book directly, it often experiences technical issues and offers support only in Chinese during limited hours. Conversely, Trip.com provides a user-friendly interface, multilingual 24/7 customer support, and accepts various payment methods, making it cheaper and more accessible for international travelers.

Booking SourceOfficial China Railway websiteBest International travel agency
Additional FeesNo extra feesPossible extra fees
Service Hours5 AM to 1 AM (11:30 PM on Thursdays)24/7
Website ReliabilityOccasional errors and crashesStable and user-friendly
Customer ServiceChinese only, limited hoursMultilingual, available 24/7
Payment OptionsLimited to local methodsInternational credit cards, AliPay, WeChat Pay
Additional ServicesNoneHotels, flights, tours

FAQs about Hangzhou Train Station

  • How many railway stations are there in Hangzhou?

    Hangzhou is served by 5 railway stations, with Hangzhou East Railway Station and Hangzhou Railway Station being the most prominent.
  • How long is the high speed train from Hangzhou to Shanghai?

    The high-speed train from Hangzhou to Shanghai usually takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour, providing a quick connection between the two cities.
  • How do you get to Hangzhou China?

    To reach Hangzhou, travelers can fly into Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, take high-speed trains from major cities like Shanghai and Nanjing, or access the city via major highways if traveling by car.
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